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Rent-A-Center / fraud and cheating!

1 Lex Springmill RdMansfield, OH, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 419-5298675

I work for RAC in ohio. recently transferred to another store due to an opening that took place. I was placed on a route that had been doing horribly over the past 8 months. it had 4 different account reps on it. including one who was promoted to a 'credit manager'. In the 8 weeks i have been on that route i have managed to get it to close (company standard 5.9%, our dm standard 4.9%) 5 out of 8 times. my opens, although high in the eyes of my DM... have varied from the low to mid 20's. The route was unmanageable before i took it over, and i have gotten it to hit almost all the numbers and grow. but. I was informed that due to my lack of hitting ALL numbers i was being placed on a 4 week action plan. 2 of those four weeks are holiday weeks. Apparently the so called credt manager told our DM that i was a dream to work with and i was oh-so-consistent with my numbers and i always maintained my routes. Which is true. Never a problem. but this guy. my store manager is so far up his but it's not funny. our jobs are constantly being threatened. I've been cussed at, yelled at, called names... treated like a royal sh** bag and this is just by my superiors. I have been with this company since august of 06. I know how to do my job. but i am being treated like i am a rookie that just got done with training. bets of all. My manager so enjoys taking advantage of the company. he drives the trucks home at night. Leaving march on them that could easily get stolen. but as we all know it would be the fault of the account reps. not his.

So what should be done, besides looking for another job? I'm tired of working with people that don't hold their own. our credit manager will not, i repeat, will not leave the store for anything. he does not run. he does not do money picks. He just sits in the store. thats all.

The only one worth a damn in our management staff is the sales manager.but he is constantly getting ### from our dm and the store manager regarding sales even though we average 25 deliveries a week. HELP! Stuck in a rut!

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  • Al
      17th of Feb, 2009
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    heres a tip!!! QUIT RENT-A-CENTER!!! they suck ### and are crazy stalkers...and the merchandise is not that great

  • Un
      30th of Oct, 2010
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    I can only give the same advice, quit. I understand how that may not be an option as I too work for RAC. It's not the 48 hour per week schedule, it's the wacky hours!! Go in at 9am and don't get off until 8pm, who has time to look for another job. It's a catch 22 that keeps one "trapped" in a shi#@y work environment. Never a full weekend off unless your sick or use vacation time. When I was asked if I was willing to work weekends I NEVER imagined that would mean EVERY weekend of the year. Friday, Saturday and Monday are MANDATORY for all employees so not even two days off back to back without being sick or on vacation. There is no real reason why somebody couldn't be off one Saturday a month on rotation. Be off Saturday and work the "normal" day off. Just that little "give" would improve moral. I understand "give and take" but where is the "give" from headquarters? Did anybody other than SM's or higher get Christmas bonuses last year? I know all I received was a cheesey (not even truely signed) christmas card. If anyone at "home office" is reviewing this, keep the stamp this year aparently RAC needs the money and the card is really just a "slap in the face", hell, even my dogs got a better gift, they each got HUGE "meaty bones", maybey I should have given them the RAC card too add a little fiber to their diets.
    Credit down but BOR and SMR up. We pick-up merchandise and it stays "on the books" and delinquent until the SM HAS TO take it off because the DM or some other upper management personel is about to visit. Keeping it on the books keeps the appearance of high BOR and/or SMR, but it prevents routs from "closing" so credit takes the hit. How about the so called "good customers"? Ever had a customer/customers that you were not permitted to call because they have a good history, with no regaurd given to how old the good part might be? I've cureently got 8 BOR out of 12 in the 7+ catagory that I am not permitted to even call. I have been instructed to mark it as if I called it but am not to actually call. These customers will "charge off" eventually but my rout gets to look as if I'm not doing my job until it does. I would love to leave this job, but I am a single mother and mine is the only household income. I want to leave but can't afford to, but I am deffinately trying to get out.

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