Reliance Netconnect Data Card / Change of Plan without customer consult

Dear sir/madam,

1. I have been using Reliance Netconnect data card since Jun/Jul 2008. I am residing at Pathankot, Punjab and I had opted for Rs 700/- unlimited download plan since then and I have been paying the said amount including service taxes.

2. However, since last two three months my plan has been automatically changed without my consent to LAPTOP2MONBUNDLE plan and I have been billed for an amount of Rs 1526/- as per bill No [protected]. I was using the data card as per my earlier plan of Rs 700/- unlimited download as i was not aware of the change of plan.

3. Therefore you are requested to resolve the issue by readjusting the bill as per my previous plan as I never opted for the new plan nor was I consulted for the change of plan by any representative of reliance netconnect services.

4. Moreover, the system of credit limit in an unlimited download plan and its revision at your own end is not understood. Request respond at sm.[protected]

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