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outgoing barred inspite of payment

I have a mobile number [protected].

This number was earlier as [protected]. I have changed the number some time in Jan/Feb. My bill was raised and I as usual have paid through ICICI bank internet banking for Rs. 750 on Feb 11, 2010.
Upon checking with the Bank I got to know that payment has already been done to Reliance Communications. I have logged two complaints with the contact centre 3033333 vide number [protected] dated Feb 24, 2010.

My outgoing services have been barred again and again. Even today it has been barred. Upon calling the contact centre I get to know that payment has not been received. Where as I also have the transaction id from the bank number [protected].

I have been asked to visit Reliance Web world with the proof of payment. I am attaching the same here in this e-mail. I am working hence it is difficult to keep going to reliance web world just to prove that payment has been made.

Attachment: Bank Statement.

I have provided all the possible details you would need. I do not know what additional you would need to restore my services. I am extremely unhappy with the way this has been dealt.

Would appreciate an early response

transfer of ownership of broadband connection

Sir, I applied for change of ownership from ms. Sunita negi to mr. Nagesh chandra (My husband) of the broadband connection [protected] vide reg. No.[protected] on 17.02.2010 and also submitted by fax the relevant documents as advised by customer care. Still it is pending, please expedite it as my husband can get reimbursement of bill after transfer of ownership only.
Sunita negi

not providing services

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that, M/s Security & Intelligence Services (I) Ltd, having a corporate connection of Land Line - No. - [protected].

1.Though the Landline connection is having a problem of discharging, being put in charge of 24 hrs.after the alteration of Battery, the same problem is being recognised till date.
2. After given a complain your engineer told us to take the phone with them which will take to repair for atleast 4 to 5 days as well as they refused us to give a substitute.
3.Though it is a corporate connection we cannot give our phone for more then 2 hours.

Kindly Acknowledge it as soon as possible.

Thanks & Regards

Sweta Naidu
cell no. - +91 [protected]
SIS (I) Ltd.

  • Aj
    ajeesh Feb 27, 2010

    respected sir,

    i am ajeesh v paul..i am from bangalore, my Landline connection is having a problem of discharging, being put in charge of 24 hrs.after the alteration of Battery, the same problem is being recognised till date.we complied so many times..can you please provide new phone for us..bcoz we are using this phone last 4 number is 080-32416570..if you have any doubt you just check it..i think one phone warranty is maximum 2-3 years..if you can please take immediatly action ...

    yours faithfully

    Ajeesh v paul
    [email protected]

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charge more money in pulse rate than the offer

I am mr. Ashok kumar pahil. My mobile no [protected]. Actually I am recharge a rs 18 rupees voucher in august 2009 last year which validity upto august 2010. In that voucher there is a offer per minute 10paisa in10pm to 6am but today when I call a friend at 10.11pm the company will charges 30paisa. The call duration is 36minute so according to company offer the company will charge 3.60paisa but the company will deducted 10.80paisa.
So kindly see my complain and give me some solution as soon as possible.

cheating of reliance

Having a Cellular connection No.[protected] The Reliance Infocomm have deducted approx. Rs.1100/- by activating unwanted services in my Cellular Phone so far….

Whenever I contact Customer Care to ask about the services they say “ You have activated all services”. The Well Trained ( Trickster) call Centre’s personnel’s promised me several times to give back the deducted money. But Its never happened.
I also requested them NOT TO ACTIVATE ANY SERVICE without a WRITTEN NOTE from my side. But…… they can’t.

But continuously and intentionally they are after my balance. I think Reliance has made a policy to “deduct money from all the pre-paid customer by activating various unwanted services” .

I am completely dissatisfy with the company's policy of “ DEDUCTING MONEY BY ACTIVATING UNWANTED SERVICES” and waiting for TRAI’s new policy to change the Cellular operator.

Forwarding a copy of this message o TRAI and CONSUMER

Mohammed Irfan ( Journalist)

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Installation of reliance tower

Respected Sir,

There has been a Reliance Tower Installation on our land without our Permission or Approval.Its been installed from all most a year now and we request you to look forward and please do get in touch with us in regards to this.I am forwarding you the address and my phone number so that you can contact me.


My Contact Address : H.NO 11-5-168, REDHILLS, HYDERABAD, 500004.

My Contact Number : [protected], 040-[protected]

Thanks & Regards,
Malik Amanullah khan.

  • Mo
    mohd wazib Mar 01, 2014

    Respected Sir,

    There has been a Reliance Tower Installation on our land without our Permission or Approval.Its been installed from all most a year now and we request you to look forward and please do get in touch with us in regards to this.I am forwarding you the address and my phone number so that you can contact me.
    vill bawla po+teh, tauru distt.nuh mewat haryana pin code 122103

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  • Reliance_Mobile Mar 03, 2014

    Dear Customer,

    We have noted your complaint and the same has been forwarded to our customer service team. They will get in touch with you directly to resolve your concerns.

    Reliance Communications

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  • Reliance_Mobile Mar 05, 2014

    Dear Customer,

    We tried reaching out to you on the number provided to us but we were unable to get in touch with you. If the issue still persists, do provide us with an alternate number so that we can successfully contact you.

    Reliance Communications

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automatic subscription to crbt service

Hi I am Lalit from Bangalore India. bearing mobile number [protected]. From last 2 months I have been...

mentally & physically harassment

To Date25jan2010
The manager
Reliance Hr Services private Ltd
Respected sir,
With due respect & humble submission i Himanshu Agrawal want to state my problem for your consideration. I am a employee of Reliance Hr Services private Limited work in a Reliance communication Limited in broadband process consultancy I am working with your company from OCT 28, 2009 to Till Now as a SA Jaipur, but today Mr Jugal Kishor Sharma pushed me on my chest and pulled me out from the office .from the cabin to out side of the gate of the office by using the abusing language, because I said to resign from the company
Please tell me that mr jugal kishor Sharma have authority to pushed on the chest and pulled out from the company any kind of employee and abusing language and viewing the way of outside .at time I told all the matter Kamana madam (HR)She suggest me to go mr Vishal sir (HR) after that I told to mr Girja Raman Jha (CSM) all the matter but he said to me that he is the performer n u are the failer Plz improve your performance, But sir it is the issue of pushed me on chest and pulled me out from the office using abuse words it is not a metter performer And failer,
There are many people who saw all matter name of the following employee
Mr Jugal Kishor Sharma team members
Mr Vijay Singh (ASM) team members
Mr Bhadur Singh
Guard on the Reception
I am really feeling bad, , mentally harassment and physically harassment about it, being honest this is the return what i got from your organization. Please make a suitable arrangement such type of activates, . I am waiting for response from your side as soon as possible. Otherwise I will go I in Human Rights commission.
Expecting very kind favour
Now I m going to tell whole story in details
Today I went office in the morning and pradeep sir meet me in the parking after that I signed on the register jugal sir called me and said that you will report to me, I said ok, I said to sir today I want leave for 2 hours, jugal sir made a call to pradeep sir cellphone I requested to leave but he said me that tu gisi piti jindgi jiyega I said n sir main ghisi piti jindgi nahi jiuga mughe age badana hai predeep sir said that I m Brahmin mari badua laggi tughe I said if u are not happy my work I reign, all the conversation s goning on a cell phone, immediately jugal sir pushed me on my chest and pulled me out from the office using the abuse words .
With Trust
Himanshu Agrawal ( S.A) Employee code: vaps 39959 (Rajasthan circle)

  • Vi
    vineeshthottinkara Jul 25, 2016

    Reliance communication LTD

    vineesh V.A
    ananda bhavan, paramugal, nanniyode, palode, pacha.p.o
    mob, 9847736665
    your castomer care executive told me that they will came to home for repair my reliance land line connection(04723240626) sir but they didnt even attand for several days and after 4 days i have contacted them again but that day told me that they wont come to home for repair they told to take it to service centre and later they if we want. themto come to home we need to wait longto come to home we need to wait long. iresponsibility and they are not solving our probling. So i request you look into this matter and solve our problem as soon as possible. Orelse we are ready to disconnect your land phone connection
    vineesh V.A

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  • Rc
    RCOMcare Jul 25, 2016

    Dear Customer,

    We have noted your complaint. The matter has been escalated to our customer service team who will get in touch with you directly to resolve your concerns.



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  • Rc
    RCOMcare Jul 25, 2016

    Dear Customer,

    We have tried calling you on the given number but we were unable to reach you, Please provide with any of your alternet number if issue still persist.



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bills despite disconnection

Follow-up e-mail 1 -

Can someone respond to this please? I have been receiving calls for payment of the dues which does not exist.

Mr. Pawan Kumar - Please respond to this e-mail before sending any further notices.

Mr. Babu Ranjan (CyberMedia) - This is the actual plight of Reliance customers as opposed to the excellent picture that is painted by your articles.

Mr. Chairman - Can you please have someone respond to this please?

Mr. Gopalan/Ms. Chandrashekaran - Can we expect a response? Alternatively, please direct to me someone who actually assists customers at Reliance.


Shiv Kumar

On Thu, Jan 14, 2010 at 2:01 PM, shiv Kumar <[protected]> wrote:

Account No.[protected]

It is surprising to see this e-mail. It clearly proves the dismal condition of billing at Reliance ADA.

I had called up the Reliance call center on Sep 27, 2009 to have my broadband connection disconnected. They took the case and after 15 days I received a call from them asking me as to why i want to disconnect. Then i received another call apologizing for the delay in disconnectng the line. Finally, after one month of continous follow-up the line was disconnected on Oct 27, 2009.

Since then despite the termination of the line I have been receiving bills till date. I have been religiously calling up the call center and following up on this issue and I am assured everytime that the bill will not be generated and the same story starts next month.

Cherry on the cake is this legal notice. I wonder how the whole thing works? or is it just the way Reliance ADA works? or is it some new strategy that one is trying to implement?

Whatever the case, it makes a good case of customer harassment. Wonder how things work with this place.

Can someone find a resolution or suggest how one can file a case with the consumer forum?

After going through this link I am convinced that I made the right decision of disconnecting the line -



P.S. I just got off a call with Harish or Satish (Apparently TL with the call center, for sure he needs help!), he mentioned that the outstanding is 900 INR (approx). This Notice mentions 1122.53/-.. Do your systems speak to each other?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <Panducherrybabu.[protected]>
Date: Wed, Jan 13, 2010 at 2:41 PM
To: [protected]

Ref No: RCL/BB/Jan-10DN/001 Date: 13.1.2010Demand Notice

Under instructions from and on behalf of our client M/s. Reliance
Communications Limited, having their office at 5th Floor, Lakeshore
Towers, Raj Bhavan Road, Somajiguda, Hyderabad, we address you as under:

Our Clients states that you have approached our client for providing basic
Telephone services and accordingly you have completed all the formalities
and obtained a Telephone connection with Account No.100000110568085In this
regard you have also executed a service agreement accepting the terms and
conditions therein.

Our client Sent you the billing statement, which was duly received by you.
Our client states that as on 01-05-2009, there is an outstanding amount of
Rs 1122.53/-. in your Account No 100000110568085in respect of the Tele
Phone services availed by you. Though our client has made several
reminders you had not heed to the requests of our client and thereby failed
to clear the outstanding amount. In view of the above stated
circumstances, please be informed that you have grossly and deliberately
violated the terms and conditions of the Agreement, as such our client has
instructed us to initiate/take stringent legal proceedings against you for
recovery of the amount outstanding in your Account.

Our client also states that they have provided the Phone Services to you on
the assurances given by you that you would pay the Monthly Bill mount as
per the schedule and on such representations, our client was induced in
extending the services as requested by you, however, you have failed in
making the payments as per the payment schedule as committed by you. That
your action of availing the Phone Services provided by our client on
inducement by misrepresentation and your further action of non payment of
the outstanding payable to our clients amounts to an offence of Criminal
Breach of Trust and Cheating punishable U/s 406 & 420 of Indian Penal Code.

Therefore, we hereby call upon to pay the outstanding dues of Rs1122.53/-,
Within 3 days from the receipt of this notice, failing which, we have been
peremptorily instructed by our client to institute such Civil and Criminal
proceedings as may be advised against you in recovering the said
outstanding at your risk, costs and consequences.

For any further clarification with respect to your aforesaid account you
may contact On : [protected]/[protected] between 10 Am to 5 Pm

Please ignore the notice if you have already made the payment.


This is Computer raised generated signature not required

The information contained in this e-mail message is intended only for the use of the individual or entity to which it is addressed. If you are not the intended recipient, you should return it to the sender immediately. Please note that while we scan all e-mails for viruses we cannot guarantee that any e-mail is virus-free and accept no liability for any damage caused by any virus transmitted by this email.


Shiv Kumar


Shiv Kumar

  • Sp
    speakergr Feb 15, 2010

    Ignore kar yaar...!
    This rascal "[email protected]" has no other jobs it seems.
    I also am receiving regular emails of this person...
    They want money for no service...ha ha...

    Don.t worry...let them worry...
    you be a happy man...!

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  • Ta
    tayeb Apr 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    you guys are right, im opposed to the reliance network team.

    they charged me Rs. 11, 000. My tarriff was Rs.1200 per month. They said unlimited usage but after billing they say that unlimited means 10 GB. WTF...x-(

    and i never downloaded anything except songs which must be around 50 MB.
    and i watched some 2 online movies on
    Do they charge for online movies??
    reliance network, SHAME ON YOU
    people please help me? tell me if they charge for online movies? or watching youtube videos?

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  • Sg
    sgg_btech May 07, 2010

    Hi guys,

    The reliance people are really stupid and disturbing guys. They really harassed me very much. On an effect i suggested more than 1000 people to not to take reliance. After disconnecting the services in sep 2008, they didn't even taken the modem and phone back. finally one day i returned them on april 2009. Today i got the similar mail from them and i responded like this. I am ready to go to any end with this people.


    Thanks for the mail.

    Please confirm whether your client or you is in drunken state while sending this mail.

    I have cleared all the bills (for data and Phone) in Feb 2009 (i guess) towards the silly Reliance communications though they failed to provide the services as in their terms & conditions.

    The amount you have mentioned is towards the physical phone and modem i think, which you have again failed to collect from me after giving 22 requests (17 though phone and 5 directly). I have submitted them manually at the reliance center located opposite the Passport office, secunderabad and recieved the clear letter from them that there are no dues from me.

    After 9 months u r again sending some thing else. Although you have added a note that 'please ignore the notice if you have already made the payment', it is very irritating to me .

    If you send mails like these again, i won't give 3 days time to you, directly put this in the consumer forum you already aware.

    Thanks & Regards
    Ganesh SG

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unable to change handset

dear sir,
i bought a handset reliance ZTE C321 (IMEI:RZTHS([protected]) for Rs 799/- on 15 Jan 10 from a shop called "Future Mobile & Accessories Ltd, E-2167, Rajajipuram, Lucknow. It is a very simple & basic model set with minimum features. Immediately on purchase i realised i need a better model & went to get it upgraded by paying more. Unfortunately, the salesman is not prepared to entertain stating that company rules forbid him to make such changes. i request that this shop be allowed to replace my set for a better model as i see no problem in doing such a thing. one can understand if the set was used for a few days & then one went for a change, it would certainly not be in order. hence, please advise what is needed to be done in this case. please reply on priority.
m majumdar

silent genset being installed in ganes tower, berhampur, orissa

One genset( silence) has been installed just below my flat G.F-6, sri ganes tower, komapally, Berhampur, Ganjam, Orissais giving sound whichis untolerable and in nighttime also it is running . By which we are also unable to sleep, A LOT OF NOISE AND VIBRATION is also comingalongwith mist. The authority have been requested by the
society to shift the position of genset to upstair by providing anew silent genset which should have vibration and sound within the limit
as per pollution control board standard.

r del / paper rcv

complaints for reliance communication aligarh clustar from sudhir trading company aliganj
COMPLAINTS- Dear sir aligarh clustar in mere 200... r del doa set jama hain and paper rcv jiske bare me koi sunbai nahi ho rahi hai

my contect no. [protected]

  • As
    ashaha Apr 22, 2013


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deactivation of unwanted deduction schemes

I HAVE INFORTUNATELY BEEN USING A RELIANCE CELL PHONE FORM THE PAST THREE YEARS, they have been deducting my valuable money unwantedly by activating so many plans like cricket, news, mobile tunes, without even taking my consent, and when i call the customer care i always get a response that it will be deactivated, which has never been done, despite lodging ten or more complaints, i even have the complaint no, eveytime 30 R s is getting detecting for every pack and like this per month i am losing around 200 rs, just tired of complaining, if action is not taken, i will shortly be going to the consumer court and sue this company, , which is cheating innocent constumers, this should not happen to everyone and i strongly recommend not to go for reliance connection, as this is just cheating . my mobile no is [protected], my last complaint no is [protected] dated 31 . 12 2009, if no action has been taken, i will directly come to the office with the police for justice for cheating people, and the company will have to pay a heavy price for this

  • Ch
    Chandrashekhar R Kasarle Sep 26, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been trying to pay my cell phone bill online for the last 1 year. The system does not process my card. It accepts all the information and then at the end of the transaction, displays a message that I have entered incorrect information. I have been paying my bill online using my US credit card for more than 2 years. Since last year it has suddenly stopped.

    I went to the Reliance Web world office close to my house (Cembur. Mumbai) the last week when I visited India. I was surprised by the terrible customer service. No one had any information. They made me wait for almost an hour without giving me any information. I asked to talk to their branch manager. They were not ready to disclose the manager's information and said that the manager was not in office. I dont understand what kind of system these people are running. This is really frustrating and a perfect example of improper service to customers.

    I hope someone takes notice of this.

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Reliance Netconnect Broadband data card

I had Purchased Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ data card and subscribed for their monthly post paid service from Pune. My billing cycle was 14 of a month to 13 of next month. On September 2nd I paid my previous bill (14 July 2009 to 13 August 2009) at Reliance Web World at F.C. Road Pune and also placed a request to unsubscribe the service. I was asked to fill a form to unsubscribe the service and photocopy of Photo ID which I submitted.

Next month I received full cycle bill for period 14 August 2009 to 13 September 2009. I made several calls to customer care and also visited Web World and informed them that I will pay the bill only after I receive corrected bill but did not receive any satisfactory answer other that “We have logged a complaint to billing department”. In October I received another bill for Period 14 September 2009 to 13 October 2009 for two months (balance from last month carried forward) and late payment charges. I met the Web World manager and again he promised me to look into it. But nothing happened.

On 17 November 2009 I received legal notice from Reliance Advocate for Non-payment of bills.

Please let me know what can be done in such situation.

Look forward to a favorable response from your end.

  • Ar
    arindamchamp1 Apr 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Reliance netconnect Broadband+ being one of the biggest fraud in India is an information proved now. I recharged my Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ account for a sum of 1200 INR on 02-04-2011. They send me the recharge receipt wherein it was mentioned that 1200 INR has been deducted from my netbanking account. I checked my bank account to confirm it. 1200 was indeed deducted. But the recharge wasnt successfull. I called up customer care centre and lodged a complaint on 03-04-2011. They told me refund would occur within 3 days. After 3 days, I called them up. They asked me to wait for 7 days at max for the successfull refund. Today is the 7th day. When I called them back they told me that, their servers are down (some technical glitch) so they cannot refund me today. I want my 1200 rupees back as soon as possible. Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ is the biggest fraud company i have ever seen. Pls help me how to get my money back from these Thieves and Cheaters (Reliance).

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  • Rc
    RCOMcare Apr 14, 2011

    Hi Arindam,

    This is to inform you that your concern has been noted and our team is eager to resolve it. Please provide us with your phone number on which we can reach you. You may also write to us at with all the details.



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wrong management

sir i am umesh yadav i have purchase a reliance moblie with post paid scheme in march 2009. sir customer care executive of ujjain office has told me that i can change the scheme of my mob (post paid to prepaid) in 5 month at the time of purchase.
but after 5 month they told me that u can change the scheme/plan after 7 month.
but when i ask to the customer care no. *333 then he told me there is no rule or condition for changing the post paid connection to perpaid connection. you can change plan any time, just after purchase the mobile.
but sir today is 19 december and i have completed 10 month and i have given the application at 9 december to change the paln with extra payment. but ujjain customer care are not forwording my requiest fot changing the plan. and i am bearing heavy bill amount scince last 9 monht.and they are not give attention of my problem.
so please take action against the customer care office in ujjain.
bcoz like me many people are suffering by this proble . if you will take some action then many people can feel relex from this problem.

subscription of caller tune whitout activation

The reliance mobile (Service provider) has been activating caller tunes on my connection on their own...

outgoing sms problem

Respected sir,
my name is amit bhosle. my cell number is [protected]. i am stay in gujarat in baroda...last 8 to 9 days there were the out going sms problem..daily i have do 2 calls in the customer care.. but they do not give proper answer..
They always given the same answer ur problem should be solved after 11'o clock.. i know ur problem, but i cant do this.. there is network problem .. i cant do the help.. atleast their supervisor also not given proper answer..
i am also call the customer care round abut 15 to 16 times same problem, , like the out going sms problem.. i am also write the complain..or ..even i have the send the e-mail to the customer care but they do not given the proper solution.. atlest they have not given proper we have to take the dicision..
we have do the lots of try to short out the problem but who r not be call to the customer care centre they cant know what's going on .. so i am the request to u pls take necessary action against to the RELIACE MOBILE SERVICE (CDMA)

MY CELL NO...[protected]

  • An
    Anuj Vijayvargiya Dec 27, 2009

    Myself Anuj Vijayvargiya.. from d same city, baroda.. n i totally agree wid Amit.. Reliance has got a horrible sms facility.. n all my friends with reliance have same complaints.. the new sms scheme is proving quite useless with such network facilities..

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  • Ab
    abcdme Feb 28, 2010

    This problem occurred in AP in the beginning of december and it was sorted out in a week or so. But since yesterday I'm facing the problem again. I can't even contact customer care because i'm getting a network busy message. I've been trying to contact them for a few hours but the problem persists.

    This network is really useless compared to others like Airtel, but call rates are better for reliance to reliance calls...i make many std calls so what to do? i'm stuck with reliance if i don't want to get extremely high bills from airtel.

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  • Be
    beinggorav Sep 25, 2011

    MY name is gaurav n my cell no is 9098935525 .i m stay in MP in distric DHAR.last 3 to 4 days there were the out going sms problem. plsss chck the prblm .

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unsolicited deductions

Dear sir/madam,

My name is nirmal kumar & my phone no. Is [protected].

I would like to draw your attention to the uncalled tensions that I have been subjected to by your marketing exercises and subsequent unwarrented deductions from my prepaid balance.

I had complained about this earlier also ref:-service request no [protected] dated 22-7-09. Reply mobile no-[protected]. Which was subsequently solved by you. But pls try and understand that I do not have time to do the same exercise again and again, going through that harrowing experience of complaining and resolving problems that are unwarrented. I have better things to do. If u do not care for your customers peace and money pls refund the balance in my prepaid account and terminate my connection.

On 4-11-09 I received a message saying "you are already subscribed for this health pack". What is rediculous is that I have never subscribed for any of your packs. A wrong deduction of rs. 30 was made. Yesterday again i. E. On 27-11-09 at 1.08.07 am I received a message saying "your subscription to health service has been renewed on nov 27 2009 for rs. 30 for 30 days... "

A total of rs. 60 has been wrongfully deducted from my prepaid balance.

I had requested u to pls register me into the dnd registry for which u had send me a message saying it will be activated soon, but till now I am continiously receiving unwarrented marketing calls. My regn no is-dnd9832668729.

Pls rectify the problem and credit the amount (Rs.60) to my balance as soon as possible.

Pls consider this as my last complain to you and solve the problems immediately.


  • Sa
    sankar ghosh Oct 08, 2013

    deduction of talk value from recharge amount of Rs 150/- on 5th oct and Rs 50/- on 6th oct on the mobile no9861372842 of orissa circle

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I Am Using wireline Reliance Broadband For Last 5-6 months at my home. i use at my laptop which i arry at my oofice in the morning. I have an unlimited connection and login on the net for aunthetication.
My Problem is that once i use the net in the night next day again after 24 hrs when i want to login my account the message came AUNTHENTICATION FAILED,

I Ask them Why?
the answer is that i had not logout properly yesterday, i.e. almost 20-24hrs ago and still their server is showing connected,
first let it be for there may be a chance that one or more time i might have forget to logout but everyday regularly for 1 month.
Now the only solution is To reset the Passoword, which is again a six hrs. process
that means for that night I can not use the net

now my question is
why their server is not logging out automatically once i am not diong any activity for almost more than 20hrs.
secondlly when i am using an unlimited connection then what is the fun of login authentication that too online

their answer is that this for my security [censored], are other companies who are provinding facility of always on are playing with customer security, are they not professional.
but i think it is not for constumer security but to harass customer

in whole thing i just came to conclusion that in this way either relaince just want to save their bandwidth usage or their staff is not tecnically sound, as their own system is not working properly and they are concerned with my security.

and they are call center staff they just sit their to harash customer instead of helping them. they provoke the customer by again asking the same information atleast thrice on the same call, and that too useless. again either they are not trained properly or trained in such a way to harash customer. I too Belong to service industry and the single motto is TO satisfy the customer not to Harash the customer,

now i just want That you should Talk on Behalf of me with Relaince Broadband, so that they should Improve their services and server, which logout me properly.

Poor technical and custmer service

Note sent to Roger Rossi of Reliance but the posted email fails, must have changed it to avoide all the complaints they are getting
'roger.[protected]' no longer works

Hello Roger Rossi
I have been a satisfied Reliance customer for many years, until recently.
It is unfortunate that I need to express my concerns directly to you, but I feel you should be made aware.

I have a rental property at, in Fergus On.
Not long ago I had my Reliance rental water serviced by your company.
My hot water pressure was quite low and I called your company to request a replacement tank.
The service department suggested that I have the tank de-limed, which I had agreed to.
Immediately after the tank was de-limed by one of your service technicians the hot water pressure to the shower is practically non existent.
I called your service department again to request for someone to come out the address the situation.
When your technician arrived on site he in formed my tenant that they do not fix showers as he was not a plumber and left. (please see note below as to the discussion that transpired between my tenant and your service technician, which is another reason for this letter).

I called your service department again on Dec. 1st and explained the situation to Carol (no last name) who promptly scheduled another service call for Dec. 2nd. between 04;00 – 20:00. The Technician did not show up for the scheduled appointment, but was alleged to have called my tenant and left message at 21:30.

Today I spoke to your customer service department Nancy (no last name) and her supervisor Kent Collins.

I explained my plight to Nancy and she mentioned that I may need to enlist the services of a plumber and the bill may be forwarded to them but I would need to speak to her supervisor first.

I received a call from Kent; who after much discussion tried to imply that shower blockage was due to another cause i.e. plugged pipe. I told Kent the plumbing from the water tank to the shower was all new copper plumbing (3 months old) and the blockage was only apparent directly after the tank was de-limed.

I re-iterated my request to Kent that Reliance re-send a service technician and/or a plumber at your expense to clear the blockage in the shower.

Kent offered to replace the shower head, but I explained this is not where the blockage is as the cold water is fine, only the hot water pressure is impacted.

Please note something was dislodged when the water tank was de-limed and is impeding the hot water pressure of the shower only, all other fixtures are fine.

I hope to continue this business relationship with your company and that Reliance will assume full responsibility for the damage cased after the de-liming of my rental water tank

Roger: Here is the email string of activity that has transpired; it’s the attitude of your service technician that is most disturbing.

Thank you

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    Jack Lacrooy Dec 11, 2009
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    Here's the response from Reliance (Director of Communications)
    However, I did get a call the next day from Adam the Operations manager, who told me a plumber would be contacting us, no one ever did. So i went and fixed it myself.

    From: Jennifer Garland [[email protected]]
    Sent: December 3, 2009 2:56 PM
    Subject: RE: Reliance Customer Service

    Hi Jacob -- just confirming I received your email and I will send this on to Roger. Thanks.

    Jennifer Garland
    Director, Corporate Communications
    Sent: Thursday, December 03, 2009 2:54 PM

    I sent this email to Jennifer Garland on Dec 14th, after fixing the problem myself, never did here back from Adam or Jennifer...

    Hi Jennifer/ Adam
    "...The plumber hasn’t contacted my tenant yet, so this morning I went over to the rental unit on another mater and fixed the problem. It was a clogged cartridge (hot water side only) just like I explained to your customer service amanger, preasure is fine now and my tenant is happy.

    Thanks ...

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