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Reliance Broadband / pathetic service and cheating

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Its been over a month since I applied for a Reliance Broadband in Mohali(Punjab). My cash has been encashed yet no sign of any connection. There is no number on the receipt or any reference number because of which the Customer service cannot find the status. They ask to call the local executive who contacted for the sale. He either does not respond or makes one excuse or the other. They are not even refunding the money. Its outrageous and fraud and cheating the public.can anyone advise where to get justice from?

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  • Sh
      19th of Jun, 2007
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    Reliance Broadband - phone surrendered but bill generated & demand note is sent

    I had a reliance FWP, I surrendered it as they had consistently hiking the charges, reducing the facilities and coverage not so good at my apartment. I switched Reliance broadband services.

    Though I surrendered my phone on 7th april, the next bills have been generated. I am actually supposed to receive money (the difference of bill payable and my deposit). But to my surprise i have been sent a demand note and the company is trying to defame me by sending the copies to police station and other operators.

    The call centres are not giving any information and I have been asked to contact the web worlds.

    Is this the way a customer to be treated who had been giving business of above 1000/- consistently over 2 years.

    I have lodged a complaint with customer care!

    I have to see their reply. I am yet to talk to web world. but what about the loss of pride!

    Will reliance pay the damages?

  • Ar
      6th of Jan, 2008
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    i had taken a Reliance broadband connection on the 5th of Jan, 2017 and starting having problems since day one. The reliance broadband(so called secure) has a password authentication to access internet, however, if you do not logoff or get logged off accidently(system reboot) and try to login again, it will not accept your username and password. The screen has a section called " Forgot Password" but that does not work. It says to call Customer Care. When you call the customer care, they would never answer on time, when they do, they will reset your password and ask you to wait for 6 hours (this is the default time the system takes on the backend to flush out all inactive sessions). Isnt this frustrating. The customer care guy will never transfer the call to the manager neither would give out his full name. PATHETIC TECHNOLOGY AND SERVICE

  • Sh
      15th of Jan, 2008
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    Reliance Broadband - has not provided me the internet service after taking desposit
    Reliance communications

    An sales officer from Reliance communication named Arun came home and took a desposit of Rs:563 promising for an internet service. I have the reciept details of it as well. After many days, when i called him every alternative days, he said that he has resigned from that job in very rude manner. He asked me to call to 080-32417118/119 where people never responded. Then i called to the reliance customer care-3033 7777 where they said that they would forward my complaint to higher authority. Every time i call i have to explain them whole situation again and again and i get the same answer.

    For the proof, i have the reciept which was issued on 25-070-7 for Rs:563. How can i get back my deposit?
    Please do the needful.

  • Su
      29th of Mar, 2008
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    Reliance Broadband - very poor customer service
    Reliance Broadband

    Hi all,
    if any one is even THINKING of taking a reliance broadband connection i'd strongly recommend not to cause i made the mistake of trusting reliance even though i'd read so many complaints about it. I'm experiencing it REAL TIME now,
    I have an 750 unlimited plan, i'd called the customer care as the connection was getting timed out very frequently, and there i got the shock of my life, the agents talking so rude, i felt like more than they giving me service i'm begging for it.
    the agents name is " Mr Jaspal". He dint even transfer the call to the supervisor and told me straight on my face that nothing can be done about it, so people how are thinkin of unlimited broadband connection with reliance "JUST FORGET IT" cause reliance expects us to sit in front of the computer and browse the net all the time that v need free download,
    and If u make a mistake of taking a broadband connection and want to get out of it, people for your information it takes 15 business days for reliance to disconnect your connection and they will charge you for all those days whether you use the connection or not.

    I'd strongly recommend nobody to take a reliance broadband connection.

    thank you.

  • Ma
      4th of Apr, 2008
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    Reliance Broadband - broadband not working since 2 months

    We are a small and neglected customer of you having morethan 280 Mobile connections all over india,
    E1 PRI Line
    More than 20 Landline connections
    and a Broadband connection

    Our Broadband connection is not working due to the modem problem, since 2 Months. Couple of Complaints given at Customer care were closed without attending the issue.
    Customer care people say that they made a call to the contact number given by us (i.e., 9848432440), whereas we did not receive any call at all. We can provide you the
    Received calls List from the Service Provider if required, as a proof.

    The Recent Complaint Booked on 02-03-2017 was not attended till now and when I enquired the customer care, they say it is just now closed stating that they made a confirmation call
    the our given contact number. But in fact Nobody turned up from your side during the last one month and literally we have been following up daily once to the customer care.

    We have already taken another connection from another ISP. So, even you can disconnect the connection, but I am surprised, you may take months together for disconnecting also.
    I request you to solve this issue immediately or else we may need to look for an alternative.

    Madhusudhan Rao
    Manager - Administration
    Laticrete India Pvt Ltd.,
    Ph : +91 40 3041 3100 (30 Lines)
    Website :

  • Dr
      26th of Apr, 2008
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    I am very upset with your reliance Technical Support Team
    I made several complaints but no action. Please help me out.
    Reliance Broadband sent two different people but they are not able to solve the issue.
    One person came to check the fault. He said there is no fault from inside house and there is some issue outside my house.
    Our family members were waiting for him but he never came back.
    But I am still waiting for that person but no call from Reliance .

    Please please help me out . This is really frustrating

    No Signal
    Problem:- Home page is not opening
    PPPOE light is not working in Modem

    They even dont reply even a single email. Technical Team really sucks

    I am waiting my problem to fixed but I am waiting since last 1 Month

    Customer care executives they have only 2 dialogies

    1. problem will be solved as soon as possible
    2. we are forwarding your request to urgent priority basis.

    Looks like they dont have even a single qualified engineer in UP

    Thanks & Regards

  • Dr
      26th of Apr, 2008
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    Hello All

    I will not recommend Reliance broadband to anyone not even a single friends. Reliace customer care and Technicl team really sucks.
    I am waiting since last 1 month that my internet problem will be fixed soon
    I sent them 15 emails they have not replied even a single email.
    I have not seen such unprofessional and unethical company

  • Ma
      27th of Apr, 2008
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    Reliance Broadband - pathetic service and lies
    Reliance Broadband

    Pathetic Customer Support and Lies::

    This event is in addition to their pathetic service. Their collection department is very efficient. They want to collect money even without giving service ! Sometime back they called and asked for payment, I asked them for what ? They told broadband service. Its non existent; I told. You want me to pay you for no service, is it a donation ?? They told you complain to customer care, we only collect money, service is the headache of custome care. I asked that even if there is no service should I pay ? They disconnected the phone.

    1. On 15/3/08 22:35p.m. I raised a request (No 65472827) with reliance customer care to shift my
    broadband to a new address. I was told that somebody will cal shortly and the shifting will be done within 7 working days as per SLA. I told them about the urgency and requested to do it soon as I was about to travel.

    2. I followed up in between with customer care and they informed me that it will be done soon.
    3. Nobody called within 7 working days and I started my travel as per schedule. I received a call(roaming) on 28th (around 10th working day) from some one called Praveen of Reliance( Mobile

    Number 984******* ). I asked him what was the reason for the delay. He told that he is sorry and he had some personal problems. I told him that I am travelling and he needs to wait for me to come back. He agreed.

    4. Couple of days after I come back from travel I enquired to find out the status of my complaint( 13 Apr 2017). I was shocked to hear that my request has been closed as I told him that I don't want to shift ! When I confronted the the customer support that this is a lie, they told that this is the status mentioned while closing the call.

    5. Frustated I asked reliance customer support for service disconnection. 13 -Apr 2017 Req No
    66964224. They told me that this will happen within 15 days. I also told that I'm not going to pay for the non-service period. Someone called the next day and asked me if I wanted to disconnect and I told yes. They asked why, I told isn't the reason obvious.

    There has been no further communication so far.


  • Sa
      1st of May, 2008
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    same thing happened to me i booked a new connection and waitng for a connection more than 45 days after that also there is no responce and i informed them to cancel the application and refund my money but there is no responce RELIANCE IS A REAL CHEATER

    MY APPLICATION NO : CAF NO : 13010014142800


  • Ka
      29th of May, 2008
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    I have been in touch for 4 months with Nishu Mam at the local reliance broadband Office in Industrial Area Chandigarh.

    I had a prepaid connection runing for several months. I got it changed to Post Paid and in the first bill i received that is on 11-11-2017 i saw Rs 500 extra as One Time Installation charges for a connection that was already up and running.

    I brought it to the notice of the concerned industrial area chandigarh office but to no effect. They accepted that the charges were wrong and they commited me that the charges Rs 500 will be waived off in he next bill. Since then till date every month they cut down my services and force me to pay the extra Rs 500 with a commitment that it will be waived off in the next bill.

    Even now my services are not active due to the same issue.

    I would like to convey that if the company is not able to provide the fair services and want to mint money from the customers like this then they dont have a long future in the market

    Helpless Customer
    Kapil Khaneja

  • Na
      8th of Aug, 2008
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    I also expirence same

  • Aw
      3rd of Sep, 2008
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    bill doesn't come on time. net get disconnect due to late billing. and the reliance landline phone get disconnect even if bill is paid is already. please give the bill on time so that there could not be such problems. bill is alwys 5 to 10 days. and v have to suffer disconnection again and again.

  • Ma
      14th of Nov, 2008
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    The reliance service is totally pathetic.There seems to be no communication between departments.I had terminated my reliance broadband connection on 25th of july and also paid the bill till aug 1st even though the net was not working properly and the free phone was a dead phone throughout.The service guy came after nearly a month to take back the modem and other stuff and reliance is now charging me for the modem and additional month of net usage even though i have given it back and never used internet.If there is any bad internet service along with ridiculous customer service and pathetic technical department and outrageous billing department it is Reliance Broadnet.
    Request the concerned authorities to stop sending me any more bills.
    User ID :333754336671

  • Pr
      3rd of Aug, 2009
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    I have gone through your case details, you logged the complaint on 26 May, as per policies a week's time is required for terminating the services.

    So you will be getting a waiver from 2.06.09 to 4.06.09 of Rs. 106.64 incl service tax of Rs. 9.96 for rental charges, as you have already got the reversal from 5.06.09 to 10.06.09 in the bill dated 11.07.09.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Reliance Customer Care

  • Fi
      5th of Aug, 2009
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    Reliance Broadband - double bills received

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am a reliance broadband customer. My Subscriber Id: 245595449213.

    I got this connection a few months back and have been regularly paying my bill. A month back, a reliance broadband agent once visited us and told us about a new reliance plan and told us that we could opt for the new plan. I filled in a form and he left.

    1) But instead of changing my plan, he gave me a new connection 257142454391.
    2) He did not request for the termination of my old connection, nor did he inform me that I have to get it terminated myself.
    3) I eventually realized his blunder when I got TWO bills (one for the new connection and another for the old one!) I requested for termination of connection on 04-07-2017. But it took a long time for them to actually terminate it.

    After I have sent a request for termination, why am I being charged for it? That is absolutely unacceptable. Besides, when i called up customer care, I was told that the connection has been terminated on 15-07-2017. But did not get a bill on pro-rata basis. I was charged for a period between 23-06-2017 to 22-07-2017.

    The first time I got two bills, I paid them. But I have received them again this month. I should not be charged for the old connection since I had requested for its termination. Besides, your agent neither changed my plan, nor did he terminate my connection.

    Also, I received too many calls from this agent as well as from the company for bill payment. How do I escalate the issue against this agent?

    Kindly look into the matter as I feel I have been dealt with unfairly.


  • Na
      6th of Aug, 2009
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    Reliance Broadband - someone save me from reliance goondas

    Oh horrible.
    Reliance is good for only one thing. Recovery of money.
    Even after complaining with the below mention, my problems have increased. I have Reliance goondas knocking on my door for recovery of money.
    I have been pleading with them not to call and harass and now they are knocking at my door.
    I don't know what could be next. I have file a complaint with Ministry of Telecommunication, for which the Ministry has forwarded my complaint to one Devender Singh, he hasn't replied to that yet.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I was a subscriber of Reliance Broadband, for their wimax connection with cousuner number(369314541060) in bangalore .
    For months I faced lot of difficulty with their pathetic speed and harassment from their collections department for payment of bills.
    I have following complaints against them
    1. My speed was very low. I had taken 300kbps and I used to get download speed of les than 10kpbs. I had several complaints without any result.
    2. I used to get call for payment of bills from 15 of every-month for a bill which had due date of 1 or 2 the next month.
    Fed up with their service I asked for immediate termination of service, for which they had given me complaint ids (98816104), (98747182).I had asked for termination before 21-May-2017.

    After that they didn't collect the Modem and antenna from my place for some days. After making calls to them they came and collected on 05-Jun-2017 with receipt.
    Now they are harassing me for the payment of one month of broadband charges June), without me using their services for single min during that time. I didn't even login to their services.
    Initially they said, there will not be any charges since the delay is from their side to take the Modem and antenna and now they are harassing me for payment of on full month.
    Kindly look into the matter, as I am facing harassment from their calls and mails.

  • Fi
      6th of Aug, 2009
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    This is so much believable and expected behaviour from Reliance. I am facing a similar problem.
    They take ages to terminate the connection and they charge you till the day they terminate it. It should be terminated as soon as we request for the termination.
    They have not collected my modem yet and if they charge me for it, I will also approach the consumer court and the Ministry. Kindly let me know how you approached the ministry.
    I think you should approach the consumer court as well. You can also approach the police in case they harass you too much.
    Reliance is a fraudulent company owned by a fraud.

  • Da
      28th of Aug, 2009
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    Dear Fiona I have had a very bad experience as my braodband netconnect has not even been activated - a week later
    They refuse to give me my money back (Rs3, 500) or cancel my contract The sales girl Apana even called me back laughing saying I would not get my money back and that I would be billed monthly even if the device didn't work
    I am a foreigner living here and have seen there are a lot of complaints against relaince broadband and I am sure there are masses more people out there that have not complained but are as fed up as we are
    We must all get together and complain more forcefully - people power I was cheated by a franchisee Sri Sri Associates in Karamana Trivandrum
    We need a good advocate and the PRESS
    Please email with as many others as you can
    By the way there IS an Indian law that can help us I know all about it - lets get together

  • Ka
      3rd of Sep, 2009
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    Reliance Broadband - used id being barred
    reliance broadnet

    my broadband connection was in the name of manoj gupta and even the phone connection...later we had returned the instrument and got the number changed and even got the connection in the name of smt. mamta gupta the id being the the id has been temporarily barred..and i am not able to understand the reason behind it...we are paying the monthly bills which are being payed in the name of smt. mamta gupta...we are receiving the bills from that name and when being asked at the cutomer care...they say that the connection is still in the name of manoj gupta...though we receive the bills which show that the payment is being made in the name of smt. mamta gupta..we have been paying all the bills with no due bills..but at the customer care they say that the connection is still in the name of manoj gupta and there is some due bill..which is clearly wrong...
    my user id is 276266294725...please look into this matter as asp...

  • Fi
      24th of Nov, 2009
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    reliance broadband is pure crap
    worst service ever... never go for it
    u might end up losing your 500 rs and not get connection
    u will get connection and a senseless unjustified bill of Rs 5000

    if u disagree please help yourself by searching for "reliance broadband problems" on google
    believe me...

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