Regions Bankoverdraft fees

I understand that overdraft fees are necessary for Banks to make money but I have been charged an EXCESS of fees within the past few months and most of these fees appear to be intentional. I was told that ATM and checks are processed first but all of my small charges that could be covered with the money I have in my account are over drafting causing hundreds of dollars in fees. Their customer service "people" some with nasty attitudes are all giving information that is different on the same situation.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Birmingham, ALAfter being on hold for 30minutes AFTER Being transferred Twice, One MANAGER picked up my call with an attitude and accused me of transferring money from an overdrawn account into another account. I asked her how and why would I do that for $10 and she lied and said she didn't say it or she was sorry if she said it once I asked her to re-play the "RECORDED CONVERSATION" I am so done with this bank and their practices that change daily according to how they are feeling and their inconsistent information their sorry ### customer service agents are providing to their customers.

May 16, 2017

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