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Rediffmail.com / Rediffmail account is very slow

India Review updated:
I am a Free member of Rediffmail.com. And My Connection is all over India. the problem is that my Account is very slow.

Your Member,
Arif k. Lakhani.


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  17th of Jul, 2009
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since today afternoon, the rediffmail site does not get opened. Is there any problem going on?
  26th of Jul, 2009
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Dear sir/madam

when i enter the login.home page is opened .

For kind information Provide me please ...
I shall be very thank full to u.

my contact.9356633422

Jasdeep Kaur
  22nd of Aug, 2009
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rediffmail is the WORST E-MAIL EVER. Here's why

1) WORST SEARCH EVER: I have about 3000 mails and It is NOT able to search for e-mails most of the times. in case you are very lucky, you'll get your results after 5-10 minutes.

so most of the time, i have to manually look for my e-mails. This is where the second problem is.

2) WORST MAIL BROWSING: if you have to look for an e-mail that arrived an year ago, you'll have to click "next page" again and again until the page showing e-mails you desire shows up. each page has about 20 mails. so if you get a lot of mails daily, its nearly impossible to manually get your mail.

so this leads to the third problem

3) if you decide to solve your misery by forwarding your e-mails to gmail or outlook and pay extra for the premium e-mail, after paying you'll realize that rediff cannot forward your mail folders.

and this leads to the fourth problem

4) the mail from the mail folders is send to gmail/outlook without subjects and has the wrong time stamp. it is sent with the time stamp of the current day. and years of old mail from folders are shown as the latest mail. and the real new/latest mail gets burried as if it was old.

  27th of Aug, 2009
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Dear Sir/Madam,

Pl. come back in old format, I can not see my sent mail in this format, n also not save sent mail in my sent box.

D. S. Sajwan
  28th of Aug, 2009
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I just want 2 delete this useless rediffmail account...please tell me how ...?
  29th of Aug, 2009
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i am not signing out from my mailbox from computer showing error on page suggest me what to do
  14th of Sep, 2009
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Dear sir/mam,

I have forgotten my Password of rediff account, My user id is manjula_muskan@rediffmail .com,

Kindly help me out from this problem
  3rd of Nov, 2009
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try deleting some mails in inbox, sent items and draffts which are non of urs use
  8th of Nov, 2009
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Dear Sir/Madam,

Subject: Repeated receipt of fake emails

Myself is Mr. Sumanta Nandi from India. I would like to bring your attention on a fake email sent to me on Sunday, 08 Nov 2009 03:01:25 IST from "info@microsoft.co.uk" ("Microsoft Awards Promotion" so called). Several times I am getting this kind of emails in the name of Microsoft. I think this is a spam mail. Could you please verify why such fake/spam email is sending from "Microsoft Awards Promotion" so called. They are asking some personal detail. Initially I use to delete/marking spam and ignore this kind of emails. But sometimes the emails are sending from different email IDs.

I would like to verify the truth before suspecting on the party.

The sender's email ID reflects with extension of "co.uk". I think Microsoft UK have email ID with extension "com.uk" or else at least Microsoft has no official extention of "co.uk". It was observed that that the email was sent to "mr.billsonmoore@live.com", however it has redirected/directed to my email ID "sumantannd@rediffmail.com". In normal case if anybody sent me an email then my email should reflect as sent to - "sumantannd@rediffmail.com". But in this case it was different. This kind of suspected email/s can affect the image of the esteemed organization and misguide the fellow user like me.

I trust Microsoft will bother to take proper action against the party ("info@microsoft.co.uk") who is doing all nuisance in the name of an esteemed organisation; Microsoft. The party is spoiling the name of Microsoft. It will be helpful for fellow users like me if Microsoft and/or Rediff take some initiative to track this kind of emails and take proper action to stop fake/spam email.

Kindly find the below appended email and attached screenshot of that email for your reference.

I would like to request Microsoft and Rediff to track these kinds of emails closely and take proper necessary action against the party to stop the nuisance.

Please let me know if I can help you more in this regard at my level best.

Thanks and regards,

Mr. Sumanta Nandi║Clinical Research Associate│AstraZeneca Pharma India Ltd.│Mobile (P): +91 9686678202║Email (P): sumantannd@rediffmail.com or nandisumanta@gmail.com
  10th of Nov, 2009
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I have been using rediffmail since 11 years, My email id is pradeeshpl@rediffmail.com.
I have been facing a login problem since 2 days. Every time i log into my account it shows user login failed pls chk user name and password.I have typedthe correct username and password.This is the first time it is happening with me
Please look into the matter & resolve it .
Your quick response will be highly appreciated.

My alternative id is: rightsandmarks_blr@yahoo.co.in

  19th of Dec, 2009
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Dear Frineds,

I'm using Rediffmail from many years, I'm having many mails in different folder, all of sudden i can able to view those folder mails, i can able to see the mail in folder list. If i opened message box is empty.

Please help me to find those..since its very important.

Thanks for all

  9th of Mar, 2010
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Am facing a similar issue!!
  22nd of Jun, 2010
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  6th of Sep, 2010
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I have forgotten my Password of rediff account, My user id is nmehta_28@rediffmail .com. My alternative id is missnisha28@rediffmail.com.

Kindly help me out from this problem

Thanks & Regards,
Neesha Mehta
  6th of Sep, 2010
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I have forgotten my Password of rediff account, My user id is nmehta_28@rediffmail .com. Please note my alternative id missnisha28@rediffmail.com

Kindly help me out from this problem
  25th of Feb, 2011
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i cannot open my rediffmail account
  29th of Mar, 2011
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its bugginggggggg!!! unable to open the sign in page!!! rest all can be opened!!!
  1st of Apr, 2011
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Our rediffmail is very slow, when we enter the id it was not opening
the process also taking longer duration, searching is not available,
please solve this prcblem.
  15th of Apr, 2011
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Rediffmail service is not connection last 3 days. Kindly rectify the same.
  14th of May, 2011
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my rediffmail account is very slow from past 3 days, it takes very much time to login and open inbox and mails . i am long time user of rediffmail account. but i never face this type of problem before.
may login id is mbsmokes@rediffmail.com .

please do some thing as soon as possible


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