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Factory Outlet Store Complaints & Reviews

Factory Outlet Store / I couldn't make an order

Chelsea on May 24, 2017
I had nothing but trouble with Factory Outlet Store! Bought a cell phone from them and paid for my order, but later received a message stating that there was something wrong with my card and they asked me to contact them as soon as possible. Well, I did and heard only how sorry they were for...

Factory Outlet Store / False advertisement

Racquel Barkley on May 1, 2017
I ordered a Uniden UDR780HD Security System from the website, when I got the product it was a lower grade model UDR777HD and would not connect properly. I contacted the customer service who charged me $200 to resend a new order until I sent in the old one. They told me the order was sent...

Factory Outlet Store / Uniden cordless phone batteries - beware of overcharges/ripoffs

Tee Holl on Apr 16, 2017
I placed an order with a live CSR at 1-866-537-7072 for a 3 pack of batteries and was charged $35.95, I later looked online when I realized my order receipt had a different model number, only to realized the 3 pack was only $16.35. Although I was refunded the difference, I am under the...

Factoryoutletstore.com / I was scammed by Factoryoutletstore!

Greg on Mar 30, 2017
My experience with Factoryoutletstore was terrible and my case still remains unresolved. I have purchased a battery from Factoryoutletstore and had many issues with my order. First they said that my order will be here within 5-7 business days but in reality it took 23 days to get my...

Factory Outlet Store / No support

Kamijjo on Mar 10, 2017
I am very disappointed with Factory Outlet Store!! I bought a laptop from them and they assured me that I can call if anything happens and they'll provide all the necessary help. Well, that was just a lie and when I actually contacted them they refused to help me. They gave me a run around and...

Uniden Factory Outlet Store / Surveillance camera system udr780hd

Steerclear on Dec 30, 2016
Dear Factory Outlet Store: The products received under order #FOS6851500E are unfortunately defective. The survellaince system was purchased on 10/28/16 as a Christmas gift for my son. The product was back ordered and arrived on 11/16/16. Upon receipt of the product, I put the item away...

Factory Outlet Store / Policy/customer service

BarbieLee on Dec 19, 2016
I called the factory outlet store the other day to talk about Bluetooth headsets. I explain to the guy that my coworkers had the AT&T TL 7610 I believe which allows you to plug the phone line directly into the base of the charger in other words they're needed not be any actual phone in...

Factoryoutletstore.com / Samsung battery availability

Fred5254 on Dec 17, 2016
Ordered the battery on 12/15/2016 and paid an extra $30.63 for overnight shipping. Web site listed it as "in stock." As of 12/17 there was no tracking number issued so I called customer service. The representative stated that the battery was on back order even though their site still list...

Factory Outlet Store / Jabra a headset 900 series

Dorothy Buckner on Dec 17, 2016
I ordered the Jabra A headset and when it arrived I found that there are too many missing 9arts I can not use this item as it is everything is missing all i have is one piece can you please tell what im supposed to now i wanted this gift in 5ime for Christmas the outlet store walmart gave...

Factory Outlet Store / Sam/filter-da29-00003g/wf29

Tad Foster on Dec 6, 2016
Purchase Order FOS6277733E dated 4/26/2016. Prior filter from you worked fine. But two new ones with this shipment do not. I just sought to install both and both leaked heavily around the top. Is the o ring too small? It looks smaller than the one on the filter to be replaced. I have...

The Factory Outlet Store / I ordered 20 handheld radios

Sunrise1 on Oct 14, 2016
I ordered the radios on 9-15-16. I have still not received the radios. They told me that it was at the local UPS store. I called the UPS store and they told me that had already paid the outlet store for the missing product. I called back again and they told me that I would have to wait...

Factory Outlet Store / Garmin 600 gps bicycle mount

Lionel Twain on Oct 11, 2016
I received the wrong product. When I called to get the return information they sent me a form that I had to sign indicating that I agree to the terms of the return policy which included a 15% handling fee, the cost returning the product was on me and they are going to charge me a fee for...

Factory Outlet Store / Phone

ZukkO on Aug 30, 2016
Ordered a phone from www.factoryoutletstore.com and when I placed my order it was said on their website that it was in stock and was available. I even contacted customer service to be sure that it was 100% in stock and they said yes. So I made an order and received all the necessary...

Factoryoutletstore.com / Will not match current sale price when I made my purchase 2 weeks earlier

Fai Mok on Jul 25, 2016
After talking to the customer service rep. to price match the Garmin Edge 1000 I brought 2 weeks ago at a higher price, she would not offer me the price match their current sale price of $50 lower. Any stores I brought items from (ex: Best Buy, Radioshack) would be glad to adjust the...

Factory Outlet Store / Defective phone

Sam on Jul 18, 2016
Ordered a phone from www.factoryoutletstore.com and when it arrived it looked fine, I did not find any damages. But about a month later it just stopped working! I took it to the local repair shop and was told that my phone was defective. Then I went online and contacted FactoryOutletStore customer...

Factory Outlet Store / Frustrating experience

Deni on Jun 14, 2016
Ordered from FactoryOutletStore and after I paid I did not received a payment confirmation and my tracking number. So I called the company and asked them to provide all the details regarding my order. Then they finally sent me a confirmation email but there was still no tracking number. When I...

Factory Outlet Store / Will never use or recommend this company!

JoJo on May 10, 2016
I have ordered an item from FactoryOutletStore and when I placed my order it was in stock. I maid a payment but did not get a confirmation email and my tracking number. The next day I contacted the company and was told that my order was cancelled because my item was not in stock. I went to...

Factoryoutletstore.com / Refused to replace the defective product

Anderson on Apr 7, 2016
I was planning a vacation with camping and all that stuff, so I really needed to buy a compass, so I ordered one from www.factoryoutletstore.com. When it arrived it was not working correctly, in other words it was not useful. I contacted customer care and asked for a replacement, but they...

Factoryoutletstore.com / Unprofessional

Sam on Mar 1, 2016
This company is horrible! I purchased some items and never received anything. When I contact customer care I hear only lies. They lie about everything! They say that my items will be delivered in no time, but their website states my items are no more in stock. They said that I would...

Factoryoutletstore.com / Ripped Me Off! Thieves! Crooked Company!

Reviewer33126 on Feb 5, 2016
I ordered a battery for my laptop from Factory Outlet. I called the order desk to ask if a signature would be required at the time of delivery and was told no. I was urged to place my order at that time because it would be delivered sooner than if I ordered on line. My order number i...

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