Red Roof Innkicked out for pointing out problem

I am a 53 yr. old disabled man who's traveling with my caregiver. We needed a room during a week of inclement weather. On Jan 11 in Portland, OR, I bid on the last available room which was at Red Roof Inn. It was more than I wanted to spend, being on disability, but glad to have it. We went to the room and my caregiver, Travis, checked it out for my safety. Immediately we both noticed roaches on the bed and wall and the one that was a completelunch disgusting; roaches crawling on the plastic wrapped cups by the sink. He talked to the Manager and checked out another room that appeared to be fine. In the morning, I was by the sink and noticed something on the light fixture. I reached for it and recoiled in horror when I discovered a used syringe sitting on the very dusty fixture, the Mgmt insisted was cleaned daily, but refused to come look at. An argument ensued between Travis and very rude manager who told us we had to leave. I pointed out his unprofessional behavior and asked why he was being like this and why he refused to come look at what I found.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Portland, OR I have this all on a recording Travis had the wherewithal to record. I CANNOT believe that we were being put on the street in the middle of the week we paid for in advance over something so trivial . It makes no professional sense to throw a disabled man out on the street in 20 degree weather without a refund or relocation to alternative accommodations over what? I have over 30 experience in the Hospitality Industry and have never experienced such unprofessional behavior. I will contact the Better Business Bureau, the Oregon Lodging Association, local news stations, as well as my local business contacts and groups of businessmen that routinely travel and frequently stay at no frills hotels such as the Red Roof Inn. I expect to hear from you today, Jan 14 by 11:00 AM, the time we're expected to vacate the premises. You may relay this message through the same management of Red Roof Portland that set this into motion. I am very disappointed and angry my year had started off on such a sour note. Douglas P. Finnell
(Photos and Audio recording available on request)

Jan 14, 2017

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