Red Lobster Hospitalityworst customer service known to man!!!

I got a text message earlier today about a free lobster pizza when you make a purchase of two adult entrees. I hot online and ordered an Ultimate feast and the new stuffed shrimp and salmon.

First... My coupon wouldn't take.
Second... My order wouldn't go through online. so I had to call the restaurant.

I called the location on 296 N University Dr, Pembroke Pines, FL 33024 and explained what happened. I was told to hold while the person went ask a manager what they could do for me.

I was kept on hold for over thirty minutes when someone else came on the line that didn't know what was going on. I explained again what happened and this person said they would get a manager. they waited a few minutes then hung up.

I am extremely disappointed with the customer service at Red Lobster. I no longer want anymore texts from your restaurant and will no longer be a customer. The service is no longer what it used to be and your online service is CRAP!

Jul 24, 2018

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