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Harrisburg PA, United States
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Buyers should be represented when doing business with Ryan Homes in Harrisburg PA. I'm a licensed agent with RE/MAX in Camp Hill, Harrisburg, PA area, and referred a client I’ve been working with for 8 months to them in February 2016. I made the appointment, escorted them, and went through the process of choosing the home they desired. My clients chose to go home and think about it, a reasonable decision. When they returned, Ryan Home’s builder's representative had them fill out a new form eliminating me as the referring agent.
I’ve been told that one of the initial statements given when a buyer comes in unescorted by an agent is, "If you don't have an agent you receive $5, 000 in some credit or some other questionable benefit." I don’t know how often this occurs but can verify it happened. (The credit in whatever form, if it even exists, comes to the buyer whether they have an agent or not, but the builder's representative gets the FULL commission if the buyer doesn’t tell them they are represented.) Buyers are put in the awful position of taking the perceived credit, and doing wrong by their agent that referred or represents them, and purchasing the largest investment in their live without representation. I will be bringing independent buyers who have been told this to a court hearing if it goes that far. Those who have been told this, or something similar are asked to call or email me to discuss. I have a couple already but more statements will help our profession stop this unfair practice and allow buyers to be represented by licensed Realtors who will do what's in the buyer's interest, not Ryan Homes or Ryan Homes builder's representative.
I don’t know what this particular Ryan Home’s builder’s representative’s integrity is worth, but I know it’s not a dime over the buyer’s agent’s commission of the purchase price of the home.
If Ryan Homes is practicing this unfair business practice, they may be doing other things that will not be beneficial to buyers. I strongly suggest you are represented by a licensed Realtor wherever you’re located.
Scott J. Fonner

RE/MAX Realty Assoc., Inc.

Aug 25, 2016

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