RCA DVD/ VCR Player/Recorderdrc8335 dvd/vcr player


My husband bought from Walmart an RCA DVD/VCR Player/Recorder with the capability of bleeping out the bad language in movies and regular television in 2007 for me for Christmas. I was so excited that I would be able to take my old VHS movies and transfer them to a DVD with this unit. About 6 to 8 months after purchase, the VCR part of the unit suddenly stopped working and ate our VHS movie. It was stuck in there with no way of getting it out. We tried all the things that we were told to do to get the thing to work again and spit out our VHS but it wouldn't respond. I got on the internet and wrote a letter to RCA in the companie's web complaint section and never recieved a response to it! I went to Walmart to ask them what to do and they said they don't carry it anymore and did not send any of them for repair!! So after months of frustration and wondering what to do I went back to Walmart and ask another person and she gave me a phone number that they had for their store. I called it and it was a very, very, frustrating conversation, or maybe I should say one way conversation! The people didn't seem to understand me and no matter what I said they were determined to say " It is out of warranty, so we cannot do anything about it! I couldn't make them understand that it wasn't out of warranty when I first tried and continued to try to get someone to help me get it fixed or replaced. I ended up talking to supposedly three people, all having the same communication problem and saying the same thing! Also, the wait time between the three was terrible! I almost hung up twice but was determined to try to get someone to listen to me! The last one said there was no evidencde of me ever calling or going on the internet to contact them before today! Oh, My Gosh! What kind of company is this??? By the Grace and Help of God I will do my best to tell everyone I can to definitely, "DON'T BUY ANY RCA PRODUCTS !!! SAVE YOURSELF A TERRIBLE AMOUNT OF AGGRIVATION AND THE MONEY YOU PAY FOR THEIR PRODUCT!!!

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