Raymour And Flanigan / cheaply made furniture.

Staten Island, NY, United States

I purchased a complete bedroom set for $1800. Salesman was knowledgeable and friendly. Delivery was on time. One problem: two weeks after receiving the furniture; the bed frame completely collapsed. The frame was held together with tiny wooden pegs and a plastic t-bar. I weigh 150 lbs soaking wet and simply sat on the bed when in broke. The other problem was that after several phone calls to managers and customer care; nobody could help me. I wanted a full refund. Why should I have to pay for a piece of garbage? No refunds. They will send somebody out in 2 weeks mind you to glue the frame back together again. The set is less than a month old. UUUUUUUGGGGGH. Why should it be glued back together? It is an inferior piece of furniture. I am so angry and frustrated. What ever happened to if your not completely satisfied; we will refund you the total price of your purchase? Poor business practices. Shame on Raymour and Flanigan. I went there solely based on their name. Big mistake. Now I am stuck with a bed that will never hold me.

Apr 01, 2013

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