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After almost 40 years, I was terminated due to exceeding the allowed time period for medical leave. That's fine, since I can't do the work any more.

The problem is they didn't formally tell me I'd been terminated; no letter, no phone call, nothing. It came up in conversation, when I called the main office for some information and it was casually mentioned that I was terminated. I called human resources, twice, and wrote a letter asking for a simple letter stating my last day of employement...they never responded. I slaved for this company for many years, and had to endure numerous surgeries on my body due to repettitive motion injuries, I didn't rate the courtesy of a letter telling me Id been let go?

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      4th of Feb, 2010

    I suppose there are two sides to this coin. On the one hand, when you went out on leave you were told the max. time allowed else you would be terminated. Since I can only assume that you didn't notify your employer you would not be retuning they assumed you had already been informed of the consequences. I do see your point that after 40 Years of service you thought that you deserved a bit more communication. I can tell you my company operates the same way Ralphs does. Due to legal reasons, sadly common courtesy often gets overruled by legality & litigation prevention. I try to keep this prespective that an employer thanks you weekly with a paycheck. Beyond that, if you receive anything more, you are fortunate. Sadly, tis the world we live in. Hope you can enjoy your retirement & take solace that you helped a lot of satisfied customers that I am sure appreciated your efforts.

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