RaceTracsubcontract work done for racetrac

I would like to know who I can email in Corporate to let them know that the company, Walker Property Services LLC that handles maintenance calls for Racetrac in Florida does NOT pay their contractors who do the work for them. My husband being one of them...See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Casselberry, FL

They owe him invoices coming since August for work he did on some of your stations/stores and we are getting ready to file a lien against them which may involve Racetrac, unless someone of authority can get with these folks and get a check for what is owed him ASAP, we are only talking a few hundred you pay them, they should pay us !!!

We deal with Michelle Riggs in the Palm Beach Garden, FL site and they do not reply anymore to his emails or answer his calls

That is pretty sad you have people like this working and representing you, I will be going on social media also if this is not dealt with...

Dec 05, 2018

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