Quest Diagnostics / unethical behavior/double billing

Oxnard, CA, United States

Went to my appointment and waited over an hour and finally was told they did not have any orders from my doctor. I went home and called my doctor who immediately faxed over the order so I would be good the next day. I went back and the next day and told them the doctor had faxed the order over and I need to add an additional test from my onocologist Dr Mortazavi. He want a special test that he didnt think my primary would have on his order. He wanted to piggy back on Dr Zwolak's orders. When I checked in I told them that this request was to be added to Dr Zwolak's order. Again I waited over an hour and when the technician came he pull one small tube of blood and said ok you good to go. I said no I am not you only did the test I brought in to be added to Dr Zwolak's orders you need to find the orders. He went looking for them and said he found them miss filled under the day before. To make a long story short he did the original order and sent me on my way. They had all my billing info they made copies of both my medicare and my blue cross addn'l insurance. Now months later they are billing me for two separate visits when I should only be billed for one. I should be billing them for wasting my time.

Nov 16, 2018

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