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Naples, FL, United States

Saturday, October 6th, I waited about an hour to get called back at the Naples Health Park location in Naples Florida. I did not have any paperwork as I had seen my doctor very late on Friday and they were to fax it. Well, that location did not have it. Not blaming Quest For that. But an employee by the name of Nerlita ( she wrote her name on one of the Quest Diagnostic business cards). Appeared to have compassion for my situation. I have had uncontrollable diarrhea for 3 weeks and I'm flying on a long trip in 3 days. The doctor needs labs in order to treat me. She told me to go to the Quest Diagnostics on Davis. I told her I teach school and must be at work by 6:30. Nerlita said, " I will be there at 6:15. " I got there at 6:15 after a 30 minute drive. There was no one there. I left a note. They called me at work and said they had no idea why I thought they would be open that early and they did not even take labs, nor did they have any idea who Nerlita was! So after school I drove like a mad woman to get back to the Naples health park Quest Diagnostic. I got there 5 minutes before they closed. The lights were out and everything was locked. They had closed before they were supposed to!!! I did get their attention as they were unlocking a door to let people out and they denied closing early. I shared that I was really getting the runaround from their company. The tall gentleman was extremely rude to me. I have to go back to THIS location again tomorrow. I will let you know if they close early again. It was a huge hardship for me to get there at 450 and to find them closed and treat me so rudely was beyond anything I can think of. I still can't figure out why the gal named Arleta sent me on a wild goose chase to a place that doesn't even take labs. They do MRIs and x-rays. What was her motivation?

Oct 08, 2018

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