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Virginia, MN, United States

As that was my first journey with Qatar on 20th June, 2017 from IAD to DOHA, had many expectations from the airline. Unfortunately my son(Devanshu Sharna - 7yr old) & I had a sad beginning as the flight was delayed for 5 hrs and my son was ill too. And realized we had spend $1200 only for rescheduling the journey for that baddest day ever.

Finally we had boarded the flight after 4:30hrs. As my kid was not well I asked for warm water carrying my kid's school bottle to the pantry, immediately after everyone settled down, and so Ms.Nelita(i remember her name as the total incident is around her) provided us the 'perfect warm water' and also mentioned to check the heat before giving it to the Kid. I am so impressed to have such caring crew. All well so far.

In the middle of night, I again went to pantry for the same reason carrying the same school water bottle. This time another lady served me. Fortunately I had a sip before giving it to my Kid, and goddamned it was hot boiling water and burned my tongue & lips, I still have my whole journey left 😢.

I went back to the pantry & complained the same. She came to me and apologized sincerely. The actual problem began when the manager of the crew Ms.Nelita came into picture. Neither her voice nor attitude sounded she is really concerned about the matter. For the courtesy, she said calm down, don't cry( I actually was) and that too, too louder standing in the aisle making me feel even more embarrassed. And I said we had already waited too long in the airport as flight delayed and my kid was not well, this incident lower my mood even more worse, before even starting the journey .Nelita replied, crew had worked for a long day and tired, why the hell is she explaining all about her job grieviances to me. I don't care how long they are working, after all every employee has their working hrs as per some rules. And attempting to divert the topic, asking me ' Did you report on the ground about your son's health?' It's my business dear Nelita. The other lady who had given me hot water later came to me asking for any medical assistance, I checked with her how can they help me when the bruise is internal (tongue) and partially external(on lips). She replied, she has to call the doctor and I said OK. After few minutes she came back to me saying "anything applied on those areas can make things more worse". True, I myself asked for ice and she got me exactly what I asked for the first time😜.

Then again in the morning hrs Ms.Nelita came to me and asked to read a paper(refusal of any medical assistance aboard) and sign on it, also mentioned to return the pen back, so silly, who the hell worried about keeping the pen back. I am so surprised about the crew expecting me to sign on the refusal paper when I clearly asked for assistance. Imagine, if mistake is on my side, and I din't ask for assistance, why did she say the words "anything applied over those areas can make things more worse ". Did the Crew started treating the passengers on their own😳?

The worst is yet to be heard. After a while in the morning during breakfast hrs, I saw Nelita standing infront of washroom and said to me ' M'am why are feeling so bad about this small incident. Even deaths happened on air in few cases'😱. May be she is wishing to be part of such flight. And also said 'by the way, mam you should be responsible and should take first sip before giving to your child'. Go to hell Nelita, I took the first sip and hence burned was my mouth not anyone else's. And when I returned to my seat, I saw my breakfast/brunch not served. Hmmm. I am not patient enough to ask for it now, no one had even bothered to serve till end. Actually not interested to face the disfavor crew.

After all, at the end, already announced the flight descend, Nelita insisted me either to sign or to discuss the whole issue. I chose the later one and went to the pantry where I saw three ladies standing for me including Nelita & the lady who brought hot water. We talked about whole sequence but she objected me saying I din't ask for any medical assistance and awkwardly argued she din't even utter any harsh words like being responsible, deaths happened over flights. And she said 'Mam, please finally I would like to say, no one is perfect in the world. I believe am not perfect, I know these two ladies are not, and you are also not perfect😨😱' How rude in choosing her words to a passenger over renowned airlines. Pff. 'Many times happens with the passengers, when coffee/tea is served. They burn mouths by mistake' Hell with you Nelita, she totally out of her mind. Is that really comparable with the openly served beverages? Really? Finally, I lost for an unprofessional Manager. She said she would write whatever happened as she had to record the incident.

As expected we missed our connecting flight from Doha to Chennai and opted to stay back to catch other day's same flight, as their alternatives are not workable. Robert helped us a lot. In the second flight, we saw the headset socket is failed & not fixed. I wished to reach home anyhow, but the crew of this flight is very pleasing & kind.

Qatar, I would sincerely request to think twice to select the professional manager of the crew and please keep in mind we are paying for every single service you provide. Nothing is given out of charity. Don't spoil our wonderful journeys with kids travelling so long to meet our family / friends.

I am damn scared to travel again with Qatar on my return way. Please consider this and hope you get back to me & I need your answer to the whole sequence.
I can send the itinerary if you want to check.

Find details below in brief:

Passengers names :

First flight :
20 June 2017 Washington DC Dulles to Doha
Second flight :
22 June 2017. Doha to Chennai

Jul 28, 2017

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