Qatar Airwaysspelling amendment

We bought a return ticket from IZMIR to KUALA LUMPUR from QATAR AIRWAYS website. The connecting flight from Istanbul-Izmir was a different airline, a local airline. The ticket cost USD605. We later realised there was a 2 alphabet mistake in the surname and we requested QATAR AIRWAYS to amend the surname. We were shocked when QA told us we had to pay a cancellation fee of USD460!!! Almost the price of the entire ticket and to buy a new ticket . The reason being they are unable to amend the spelling because other airlines are involved . How is it that the airline is unable to amend the spelling if we bought everything from QA website??? Is it our choice that other airlines are involved.? It is the agreement between QA and the local airlines. When we purchase a ticket from QA website we only deal with QA... This is really really ridiculous .

Dec 01, 2018

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