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We planned a trip two months ago from DFW airport to Goa, India for a wedding ceremony April 17th & April 18th 2018. We asked several businesses if we needed a Visa and they all said no. If we would have none we needed a Visa that would have no problem getting a Visa. We contacted your reservation customer service line and we were told more than two times that we DO NOT NEED A VISA. We traveled to the airport early today. Four hours before our flight. We stood in line 45 minutes to check our luggage then your ticket customer service told us we need a VISA. We were told that it takes at least 48 hours to get a VISA and we were told to reschedule it would cost us an additional $2, 000.00 This is our first trip going out of the country with a horrible experience. We are on a fixed income and we don't like to throw away money. Please help. We want our money back since we could not change the date of our travel due to the rediculous additonal charges.

Flight - Qr 730
Departing 4-12-18 @ 17:50
Booking Reference - NSUURL
Departure from DFW
Arrival GOA, IN

Our contact # :
Phelp Benjamin [protected]
RogerMae Benjamin [protected]

Resevation Confirmation email from: Travel Document itinerary

Apr 12, 2018
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      30th of Apr, 2018

    The nessesaty of a visa depends upon the citizenship and the exact duration of travel, which are not cler from the message.
    It is a responsibility of the passneger to have valid travel documents before the registration for the exact flight, which is not shown.
    The air carrier is entitled to refuse boarding, if the passenger does not have valid travel documents (passport or visa).
    The anonymous explanations over the phone are not a valid prove for refund.
    There are very little chances of win over the court, even you have valid documents (ticket, boaring, passport, written reply of the carrier).

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      30th of Apr, 2018

    P.S. And there is no resevation : NSUURL

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      14th of Apr, 2019

    To the author RogerMae Green-Benjamin,

    1. Nobody has a duty to respond or to examine the anonymous complaint,
    or purely indefinite complaint,
    or the complaint, which does not disclose the evidences (receipts), such as:-

    - e-ticket,
    - boarding pass

    2. There are no evidence of the flight related to anyone in the complaint.

    3. If the author does not know,
    - when,
    - where
    - the way of the submission of the complaint, the author can hire the profesila in reelated field.

    4. We can provide such legal service for the complainant for a small charge,
    starting from USD 55, paybale online againt invoice.

    Time limit for the legal action before the authority / court: 1 year,
    following the last flight or the last complaint.


    sr manager for ICAO / IATA irregulations matters (Asia and Europe)
    Aryan engineers Ltd UK
    email for request with documents to
    substitute {at}[email protected] in email field .

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