Qatar Airwaysqatar airways ruined my holidays...

This is what I had experienced:

"For our holidays, we planned to visit any two destinations, we opted for Dubai as one destination, and then saw an advert from Qatar Airways saying if you travel with Qatar Airways then you can get free transit visa for of up to 96 hours for touring Qatar. We decided to make Doha as our second destination. Even though the tickets were available at a cheaper rate from other service providers, we purchased our tickets at higher rate from Qatar Airways so that we obtain the free transit visas for Qatar. We fulfilled all conditions for the Qatar transit visa, this includes paid air tickets on Qatar Airways, confirmed hotel booking in Doha, stay duration in Doha from Entry to Exit not exceeding 96 hours, and we went to Qatar Airways offices in Dar-es-salaam with all original documents including passports and hotel booking vouchers and they are the ones who submitted the visa applications. Thereafter it took almost three weeks for them to reply, and the reply which came after that long time of processing visas was that our transit visas were not approved. We got so disappointed not because they did not approve our visas but because they took three whole weeks to reply and their visa rejection came when it was nearing our travel date and thus we were remaining with no time for applying visit visas for other destinations such as Oman (via Oman Air) or Turkey (via Turkish). We visited Qatar Airways offices in Dar-es-salaam and asked them to atleast let us know the reason for the rejection of our visas and why it took so long for them to reply, but they were just tongue-tied and not helpful at all, did not receive any kind of support from their Dar-es-salaam office. So, we decided to get our tickets changed and remove the Doha route and visit Dubai only, they changed the tickets as we requested them and then there was extra amount which we had initially paid because of Doha route which they were supposed to refund us, they were not ready to refund cash or return the refund amount back to my credit card, they wanted to provide me with their discount vouchers for the flights which we will book with Qatar Airways in future, we told them we have no plans to ever travel again with Qatar Airways and thus cannot accept these vouchers, they were not bothered at all about the problems/difficulties faced by their clients because of them, so we just left their office without collecting their discount vouchers."

May 19, 2017

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