Qatar Airways / insect bite on flight qr1368 (business class)

Johannesburg, South Africa

My name is Ismail Khan, myself & my family flew from South Africa on the above flight on a 3 week vacation we left Johannesburg on the 24 September to Doha & onwards to Istanbul on the flight from South Africa to Doha my wife was bitten by something on the flight on her ear, when we landed we went to the medical center a Dr examined her gave an antibiotic, & that was it . We then carried to our connecting flight to Istanbul where the holiday became so miserable as my wife had fever up & down wasn't well & didn't join us on most of the tours & sightseeing etc, now we have to go to a specialist & draw all the fluid in her ear due to the incompetency on the flight so what is Qatar Airways going to do to make this right as if this was the case where you think business class is all luxurious we had another experience totally in mind, please could someone get back to me.
My no is [protected] ( South Africa)
E mail add [protected]

Oct 16, 2018

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