Qatar Airways / I have complaint about female hostess.

Hi, i have complaint about female hostess.
on 1/Feb/2017 i came from dubai at 18:40 QR 1013
the hostess was female indian i don't know her name but she was that time at same flight
she treat me very badly she was impolite when she talk to me regarding foot rest she shout to me in front every body saying ( put it up ) as if I'm her serving she was very rude
even she didn't say excuse me or please, that is happen before take off i put it up without saying any thing.. but she came back to me after 20 mint and she told me agin very badly
put it up i told her can you talk me in nice way, , , she answer me " put it up i will come back for you to see you " what is this ??? she mean to bather me. please i need action regarding her .

thank you

Feb 3, 2017

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