Qatar Airways / flight delay causing, delayed plans, hotels and baggage twice, broken baggage, and extra expenses incurred.

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Our flight was delayed initially, we were forced to stay in the airplane for 3 hours before we were let off, the staff on board explained that there was a technical issue with the maintenance.
Could not secure another flight until 3 hours after leaving the plane. Had to book a flight the next day. From that point all our travel plans were delayed by one day or more, including hotel bookings, not being to take the car into a resort due to not arriving on the required date.
Our baggage was also delayed (because of misplaced tags) and partially broken, which forced us to shop for temporary clothes and delayed us further more.
This also caused a visa issue at Heathrow airport (different entrance date), even though QA contacted them and informed them of the reason for delay we were forced to wait at customs for another hour.
Initial travel dates: 18th June 2017 - 5th July 2017.
Original booking references:
Passeneger 1: 6XYN9H
Passeneger 2: 6YRQN5
Original Tickets:
Pass 1: 157-[protected]
Pass 2: 157-[protected].
We have incurred several costs for the travel delays and baggage delays, we were not even compensated well at Doha airport.
Instead of going through legal channels regarding some of the mismanagement and negligence that has effected us negatively we have decided to request from QA to provide us with 2 bookings to London, business class on our preferred dates.

Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways

Nov 26, 2017
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  •   Jun 03, 2018

    For the anonymous author: the air carrier does not hold the reference after the flight is over.

    If you do not know, how to submit the complaint,
    where to submit the complaint to, what you are entitled to,
    kindly SEND and / or ATTACH
    1) full name, city, country, email, evening phone number
    2) each e-ticket in full, it must contain 13 digits 157-xxxxxxxxxx
    3) copy of the above text
    4) any reply / notification of the delay, if you have it
    5) your brief explaination in 1-2 sentances - a good reason of the refund /compenation in your favour, if you know,
    6) copy of the above invoices.
    to e-mail:

    We can start process the legal complaint on your brhalf, if the date so flight not later than 6 months for you.

    Small charges are expected via
    1.30 EUR/12KWD before the complaint submission
    2. 15+% after the compensation is issued in your favor, depending upon the complecity and length.

    If no positive result in your favor in 35-40 days,
    the complaint on your behalf can be submitted to the court in UK or elsewhere.
    If you fail to submit all requiered documents in time, your claim will be unanswered and/or your claim will not be processed, and, as a result, you will lose the opportunity to get compensation.

    for IATA/ICAO irregulations matters
    e-mail: aryan(at) / air.irregulations(at)
    Please substitue antispam protection (at)[email protected] in request

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