Qatar Airways / bad customer service and charged $250 for my carry on bag

Doha, Qatar, Qatar
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My flight was on 3rd June and route was Baton Rouge (American airlines 2826)-Dallas (Qatar Airways 730)-Qatar (Qatar Airways 640) - Dhaka. My last name is Khan and my reference number was OKNLFE. I had 2 extra luggage and I paid the charge ($400) to American Airlines. From Baton Rouge to Dallas, the flight was delayed and I was maybe the 2nd last passenger of Qatar 730 flight. A person who on the desk ask me that, are you pay extra luggage fee? I answered yes. He wants the receipt and I gave him. After checking that he suddenly wants to take weight my carry-on bag and it was more than 7kg and he charged $250 for that. I want some time to throw out something from my bag but he replied we do not have time; either you left the bag or pay 250. I have one questions about this incident:
1. Why only my carry-on bag only weighed?? There are also another passengers beside me but their carry-on was not weighed. I also asked at least 20 people about their carry-on bag weight of the same flight and their bag weight was similar to mine (I had portable weight scale in my backpack).
I think as I paid extra luggage fee to American Airlines so they just charged me to earn some money. That person behave was not good and he was rude. His attitude was not welcoming. How can he say that ” either you left the bag or pay 250”?
Everybody knows, carry-on bag always has more extra weight and it is an open secret. People try to take more in carry-on luggage. I also did that. If they maintain the rules for everyone, I do not have any complaint. But they only weighed my carry-on bag. Why? As a passenger, this is my right to ask. If they check my luggage more for security reason, I would not have any complaint. They can do that. But how it is possible for taking only one passenger luggage weight only????
I want the explanation for this unusual behavior. And I hope Qatar Airways refund the money and ask for an apology for their bad attitude.

Jun 11, 2017

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