Qatar Airways / 21 hours without hotel, without also giving me a transit visa that I will pay for because I am egyptian (Racist)

My QR booking Number is (2V487D) I Was flying from boston to Alexandria on March 12, and i have 21 hours and 50 minutes layover.I called them before for a hotel and they told me that they will reply after three days.Then, They told that On your particular booking, complimentary accommodation cannot be offered as the directional value is less than USD400 and i should pay 125 $.I called them the day after and asked if i can get a transit visa as i have my sister in qatar working there so she can host me.The customer service told me that i can get a transit visa in the airport with a 55 $.I arranged someone to pick me up according the "reliable " information from the customer service .Then, when i got to the transfer desk they told me "we sont offer this service to EGYPTIANS" and asked me before do you have visa for any other gulf country and i have a way better visa "the american visa" and then he told me sorry we cannot offer you the visa. I will not forget this, staying 21 hours in the airport.being lying at from their customer service offfice and being racist by preventing me to get the visa just because i am Egyptian.I will not use qatar racist liar airway again and i will also lead a campaign against it.totally inhumane service

Mar 13, 2017

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