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Publix Supermarket#260 / bad managers

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Publix store#260
I am an employee at Publix Supermarket and I use to love my job. I transferred to store number 260, and that was the biggest mistake of my life. Every since the first day I started working at this store my life has been a living hell. I've had alot of jobs, and I liked them all. Now that I have been working at this store it has opened my eyes to how nasty people can be when given a little authority. The managers at this store must have been trained by other ignorant people. These people don't know the meaning of respect. They allow the employees to disrespect each other and allow the customers to disrespect the employees. There are very few of us who work at this store that still remain humble and respectable to each other and the customers, which is very hard when everyday your patience is being tried. Now it's time to give examples: one of my co-workers went into the kitchen to get something that the customer had asked for, obviously he felt like she was taking too long so he took it upon himself to walk behind the counter and into the kitchen to get her. He then said "Get your ### out here now, and slice my meat", the managers did nothing he still shops at this store. We also had a lady who was upset b/c we didn't have the meat she wanted. I slice-showed-and offered her a piece of a item that was similar to what she asked for. She agreed to take it, but when she saw the price which was only a few cents difference from the price of the meat she previously asked for she got angry and went on to say "All black people are good for nothing". I told the store manager b/c the deli manager wasn't there, he grabbed the meat off the counter and went to the front door as the lady was walking out and gave her the meat for free. In other words these managers reward the customers when they disrespect us. At one point i was trying to get into another department and i was told that they didn't need help in any other departments they had too much help, then all of a sudden you see new people being hired what is that about? I can on and on but why when it makes me angry to have to even have bring it this far, but if this is what it takes to justify the situations that takes place at this store then so be it.


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A  18th of Sep, 2009 by 
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I've been working for Publix Supermarkets for 12 months, for the same store #260, unfortunately it is very true and this situation and it's very sad, customers disrespect us and treat us like we don't have feeling and we don't count as a human being.
Yesterday a similar incident happened to me, one lady was asking for frozen apple juice, i work regular grocery, i don't work frozen but that doesn't stop of trying of helping customers in my commitment and my duties as as Publix associate, i went to the back to look for the product and never found it so i grabbed my cellphone and called one of the frozen food clerk to ask him about the product, he told me he didn't have any in the back, just in the shelf, so i returned to the shelf and looked for the product and did not find it, so what i did is told the customer that that was the only place where we have frozen juices and if it's not there then we unfortunately don't have it, so she looked at me and told to not try not lie to her, never lie to a customer, so i kept looking and found it under a lot of different juices, so instead of thanking me she completely insulted me calling me stupid, after all the efforts and the time i spent looking for her product, and she told one of the supervisor that i am stupid and lazy.
Different situations we live in that store with customer and not only them, as well as with managers, the store manager in that store promotes people to full time as he feels like it, i've been working for that store for 12 consecutive months, with open availability to anytime, since i am an immigrant, and never got offered full time, and is something i really need, and now they hired a new guy, studying with certain availability and he has only for the company for a month and a half and got offered full time, the managers does this stating that he works faster than me and i talk to much, he works pretty much at the same pace i do, ad i find completely unfair, dismissive and disrespectful i don't get offered promotion or an explanation about the situation. This store manager completely allows associate to go smoke outside every hour, and get food ON THE CLOCK and they state smoking is a condition that is not comparable, the store manager does not work directly with me, and he does not approve or support my promotion because according to him i talk to much to coworkers. It is completely unfair my situation and the fact that they approve associates to smoke and eat ON THE CLOCK stating and supporting their condition and not mine, i finish my work on time and help coworkers with theirs and get accomplishments from people on my department, my manager, people outside the department and even customers, i try everyday to deliver high standards in customer service and satisfaction and in this store my performance and my job is not being appreaciated
A  18th of Sep, 2009 by 
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and this same store manager gives customers stuff for free when they return refrigerated food when they forget to refrigerate them and come back to the store with messed up food and other articles, the same store manager allows customer to do that
A  4th of Nov, 2009 by 
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hey guys I work at a loblaws in Vaudreuil (right off of montreal island) and we deal wit the same ###. although because this is the heartland of french canada I've been told (translating here) "ge the ### out of my country" (reference to quebec being their country) because most frenchies get along quite well with anglophones, but there are some people who are extremely hostile to us, and when i say "us" I don't really include myself because i dont even have an accent while speaking french, but some of my colleagues do, but imagine adding THAT quagmire to the pot of problems. thank god my manager is great, but seriously people who buy deli meat are usually ###s, with nothing better to do but to complain,

on that note, I once had a fist fight erupt right on the other side of my counter on a busy saturday, where one guy started yelling at me that i wasnt serving the right people I told him he was being an impatient tool and showed the ladies number on the ticket was corresponding with my number board on the wall, 10 seconds later he attacks a guy and a ###ing royal rumble breaks out with the instigator backing everyone off with a knife.
N  1st of Aug, 2010 by 
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that racist story is hella [censor]ed up man. if i were you id walk out and find a job where you can be respected more, not only by customers, but by managers as well.
A  20th of Feb, 2011 by 
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I'm going to make this quick, Store 260 at South Dade Plaza 18485 South Dixie Hwy 33157 has the worst management at customer service. There is discrimination toward employees. Laura Nelson and David Eva are the current Customer Service manager and Assistant, they promote as they feel, David Eva suggest and manipulate situations to have the "pretty girls" promoted in a short length of time and so does Laura at her will while promoting "her people" (figure it out) while valuables employees don't get rewarded, appreciated and neither promoted (we are talking about the adults or Hispanic people, black, asian, yes, DISCRIMINATION!)
Not being this enough Laura Nelson has her own son Michael Linardi being privileged with the top 34 or 35 a week while valuables associates get their hours reduced under her will and her pleasure, he also gets weekends off (saturday and sunday), arranged schedule(only 2 days closing while others close everyday).
I encourage the district manager and Mister Todd Raynolds take care of this ugly situation.
Michael Linardi has a special condition called tourettes which does not hold him back from doing everyday duties, a regular guy who skates from home to work and from work to home, curses like anyone else does, TOUCHES PEOPLE, instigate situations with strong racist words like ''[censor]" toward black coworkers.
N  21st of Feb, 2011 by 
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And forgot to mention Laura Nelson has her own son working in her department

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