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Publix / rotten service

1 Hollywood, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 305-940-0442

Where do u go to complain, if the mgr doesn't care? Publix at Hollywood Mall must be the worst place to shop: employees ignore u or send u in the wrong direction. At the produce the green apples were black. So i tell the employee if she can take a damp cloth and wipe them. She said it's up to the customer to do that. I said sure but what if i walk out the door and want to eat one or my kid wants to bite in one. I tell u the Granny Smith were covered with black foam that seemed to have been pulled off it at random. She said U should see what some ppl do with the cherries and grapes. They sample them in large quantities. I said if ppl steal u have a security guard standing at the door chatting up good looking blondes. Tell him to do his job and arrest the robbers.

So i called the mgr. I asked him if he wanted to buy those apples. He realized they looked bad enough and took the amount i wanted and went himself to wipe them. The rest stayed black. At the cash register i was shocked to see the oldest bagger in the world throw my apples with a loud thumb into the paper bag on top of my peaches. I told him to go easy on them that they are not made of plastic. He continued to bag as sloppy as he could and treat my groceries worse than i treat my trash. He clearly never got training. I can go on with incidents at the fish counter where foreign customers were treated like second class citizens and bumped their turn or hours i have to wait for bread that no one knows what it is called nor what the ingredients of it are. Once an employee did not know what whole wheat meant.

When i showed the same manager -chatting with the security guard- how my bags had been folded like trash bags, he simply mumbled, showing how little he cared. I have a feeling Publix does not train their employees nor managers properly and wonder what's behind the hiring of these ignorants.

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  • Ma
      8th of Aug, 2008
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    The complainant may go to the malls customer service and submit to them an incident report. If the complainant can take a photo of them or a cam of them mumbling and not helping their customers, that is much better. They can show those photos or video to the public and report it the proper authority like Department of Trade and Industry for questioning. As an employee to a service oriented company, this rotten services is a big no no to me. I would really get their names and submit a proper complaint in black and white as they really need proper training on how to handle quality customer service. I will put an ad on newspapers and magazines not to threat them but to let the public know about the incident and check out for themselves.

  • Da
      6th of Sep, 2008
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    Publix says that their employees are the company and that we are the back bone of their industry. What ###! My store manager is so selfish he will never promote anyone because he is under trained, has not delt with his own fears and insecurities and is so afraid someone is smarter than him, which is not hard to do that he will not promote anyone. Everyone hates him and no one will say anything but they will talk behind his back like they have a backbone. I intend to make a formal complaint to corporate about him and the manager staff. Watch! I'll be fire to make the problem go away.

  • Pa
      22nd of Dec, 2009
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    I agree. I can only judge my store but you are right. I have been in customer service for 25 years. I have worked for 4 seperate companies and i believe in the core values of publix . Not one of my managers uphold the publix values. They dont show any respect for employees . They hide in office during peak times ..when a customer needs them they are mad because they got interupted and i have even been yelled at for calling a manager to the front to speak with the customer(when the customer asked to speak to a manager). I was yelled at and when i actually started to cry because i was so frustrated i was laughed at by this manager. I actually think that publix is a great company and i will stay with publix but i also believe with all my heart that (my managment) are the biggest waste of space and are useless human beings. They are mean, rude and poor excuses for managers.

  • El
      10th of Apr, 2010
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    Most of your complaints are a little unrealistic. Do you have any idea the man hours it would take to individually whip down every fruit before it was put on the sales floor. I think most people buying produce realize that it should be washed and cleaned properly before consuming. If you wanted to eat right away, there is already cut fruit.

    Then your problem with the bagger is questionable. You asked for paper bags which makes in difficult to not "drop" or as you said "throw" your apples into the bag on top of your peaches. I doubt he actually bruised your fruit.

    "He clearly never got training." You clearly never properly took an English class.

    And finally, you complain that your bags where folded like trash bags? What does this even mean? He probably didn't care because you complained about something nonsensical. A paper grocery bag does not resemble a trash bag in any way, so how might one be folded like the other? Your complaint makes no sense, so maybe you should stop bad mouthing a company that was doing its best to help your irrational expectations for a super market. You wouldn't get half the help your received at any other grocery store, especially Wal-Mart.

    And the to other complainers on this space, do better at your job, and don't be so concerned with your managers and just maybe you'll have a better shot at getting promoted.

  • Ge
      1st of Aug, 2010
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    Could not agree more with Costello. I worked 2 years in produce at a Safeway. the Wet rack items we do wash off for the customer. but to scrub down every peice of questionable fruit is a bit outrageous. And im not lazy in the slightest, i take customer service to the next level when needed, and am very personable.

    Why did you have to include insulting the security guard, telling him to "Do his job" to someone who isnt in charge of supervising other employees. and you also had to throw in the age of the bagger, maybe just to insult him. I started as a courtesy clerk, and no a days there isnt bagging training, but he probably should have been a little bit careful with your produce. I love you said "I might want to eat one when i get out to my car". i seriously doubt you did, but you probably just wanted to boss someone around because as the customer you feel superior, like the people who are employed at grocery stores work directly for you. this is the wrong attitude to have, and i seriously suggest a change in attitude before shopping in a grocery store again.

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