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Publix is the absolute worst place to work for. The managers are all super anal about everything... yet they don't help with anything. My assistant grocery manager literally spends half his days on instagram posting selfies in his work clothes. They have a million customer service employees but then only 2 or 3 guys to work the entire grocery department. Like can they not do math???? wtf. They never are satisfied or gracious for the work you have done they always want MORE MORE MORE. They pay really crappy... and everyone is always like "publix retirement is soooooo great." bull ### it is... yes they give you stuck big freakin deal. the hell you have to go through there they should be giving you a damn pension. This place is so unorganized and they are absolutely never prepared for anything... like inventory coming up... lets wait till the last minute and then act like dicks cuz its not done. Then if there is a night a huge truck comes in they are not prepared for that either. THE MANAGERS put in long hours but they are lazy as hell. GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR ###!
never work for publix. trust me.

Jan 29, 2015
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      5th of May, 2015

    I've only had about 2 or 3 Managers that were awesome! Mr Culbreath who was at my St Petersburg store years ago, was awesome! So, was Mr Gibbs an Assistant Manager in St Petersburg, not sure where he is now. The Assistant Manager at the Publix in Auburndale near Winter Haven is also a great guy, unfortunately I've forgotten his name. Trying to be positive with my response because most of the stores are negative.

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