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Publishers Clearing House / received a package I never ordered!

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I want to complain about the package I received from Publishers Clearing House - # [protected] - I did not order this. I do not want this and I do not want to pay postage to send this back. I will never order from Publishers Clearing House again if I am going to be sent packages that I did not order.

Beware people!

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  • Ka
      10th of Apr, 2007
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    I also received an item from Publisher's Clearing House that I did not order, along with a bill for $30.00. Last month, I entered their sweepstakes with no order enclosed. I have entered their sweepstakes before and have never placed any orders from them, but never encountered any problems. On Apr. 6, I received an envelope from them with a small cell phone charger and their bill. I tried to call them concerning this unordered, unwanted item and I was placed on "terminal hold". Next, I e-mailed my complaint to them and told them I'd be happy to mail it back to them if they sent a pre-paid shipping label. They answered my e-mail telling me they were sorry that I "did not remember ordering" and that I would have to pay to have it sent back or pay their bill. I may be considered a senior citizen but there is nothing wrong with my memory, not when it comes to spending my money, and I am offended by their condescending reply. I have told them to remove my name from their mailing list, but my nephew who works at the post office, told me "good luck", that I will probably keep receiving their mailings. Such a waste, as soon as it comes in the house, it is going in the shredder.

  • Vi
      27th of Aug, 2007
    +2 Votes

    I entered the sweepstakes for publishers clearing house and placed an order for cd's that were supposed to be 4.99 and i ordered 2 of them. When i got the box the invoice said i owe 42.00. I will send this back and never order again if this is how its going to be.

  • Ke
      9th of Mar, 2017
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    @vickey ramsey This is FRAUD. PCH contends I ordered something and I did not. If this continues, I will file suit. I also believe that on 4.28.2017, the Sweepstakes will not be paid out.

  • Li
      10th of May, 2008
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    On april 9, 2008, I received an email thanking me for ordering a sante fe style bag, I went on line to cancel this order that I did not place and they told me it was too late, that it may have already been shipped. today may 10, I received a postcard dated may 5, 2008 notifying me that it was backordered. I thought to myself "great, i'll call and cancel it" I called the 800-521-4727 phone number and spoke with a woman who had informed me that my account showed no such order... then why are they sending me mail & email pertaining to it???

    Dear lia xxxxxx,

    Your order

    At this time, we would like to thank you for your merchandise order! your
    Order is being processed. the invoice for the total amount of your order will arrive
    By mail in approximately 2 weeks.

    Order details:

    Date: 09-apr-08

    Santa fe style


    Items are shipped via the united states postal service and normally arrive
    In 3 to 6 weeks from the day you placed your order. if for any reason we are
    Unable to fulfill your order in a timely manner, we will notify you of the delay.

    You may return any merchandise item ordered through publishers clearing house up
    To 120 days from receipt of shipment, if not completely satisfied, for any reason.
    You will receive a full refund (including any shipping and handling) on any product
    Returned within 14 days of receipt. merchandise returns after 14 days will receive
    Full credit towards a future order. for your benefit, we will first apply this
    Refund/credit to any balance you may have with us.

    Remember, you can play pchlotto for a chance to win $1, 000, 000 every day!
    It's fast. it's fun and it's free!

    Also, don't forget to come back tomorrow and every day for another chance to

    Please do not reply to this email. responses to this email will not be answered
    By customer service. for all inquiries please visit our info center or
    Faq by clicking on the link below:

    Http:// shtml

    Thank you,
    Customer service

    (c) 2007 publishers clearing house
    101 winners circle
    Port washington, ny 11050

  • Sh
      4th of Jun, 2008
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    Cancel my order, I did not order merchandise
    order number: 103323294724

  • Ka
      16th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    Can you please give me customer service email address or telephone number?
    I order a suprize for my husband for father day. have not heard anything only
    To be shipped two weeks nothins since.
    Thank you for you help,
    Karen bachelor

  • Mr
      26th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    Refer to your e-mails of 6-23-08, 6-24-08 and 6-26-08. I have NOT ordered the magazine "Soap Opera Digest" as listed in these 3 e-mails. Do NOT send any magazines, since as I mentioned above, I did NOT order the mazazine. Please confirm you have received this notice.

  • Vi
      17th of Jul, 2008
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    Publishers' Clearing House - Did not order anything
    Publishers' Clearing House
    2 Sleepy Hollow
    Carmel Valley
    United States

    I have not ordered anything from you, yet you persist in bombarding me with emails and mail to the contrary. I do not, nor will I ever, order from you. Take my name off your list, and do not contact me again. EVER!!

    Victoria Andrews.

  • Dj
      14th of Aug, 2008
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    Free laptop bait and switch scam! cough up the macintosh laptop promised and get me off your shared e-mail list! sincerely!

  • Do
      25th of Aug, 2008
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    Ordered 2 packages, they have not arrived yet. it has been 2
    Months for 1 package & 1 month & no word for the other. is
    There a way 2 check on the accounts? when will they arrive?

    Dorothy montgomery
    315 s. price ave.
    Prichard, al. 36610

  • Cu
      4th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I was sent a wireless doorbell in the mail by publishers clearing house. I never ordered it never gave or talked to any one to give them a credit card #. I't is a wireless doorbell, I live in atownhouse that I bought in 2005 and have to electric door bells on the home. Opened package thought maybe my wife ordered something but she didn't. I am disabled and on a tight budget, need to e-mail or phone publisher's clearing house to send me a self paid package to send back merchandise. This package is out of St. cloud Mn. Thank you Curtis Cifelli

  • Gz
      28th of Mar, 2018
    +1 Votes

    @curtis cifelli Do they have your credit card information curtis

  • Ma
      17th of Sep, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I received an email confirmation that I had ordered a Muscle and Fitness magazine however I didn't order that magazine. I want to cancel the subscription. Please send me an email link to customer service that I might cancel that subscription.
    Mary england

  • Li
      24th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I ordered what I thought was a three piece rug set from PCH. The price was 39.95. When I received it, it was a very small oval rug and and hall runner. Not at all what I thought I was getting for 40.00. I want be ordering again.

  • Sh
      20th of Oct, 2008
    -1 Votes

    i ordered some tumblers with a marine emblem on them they looked like i bought them at the doller store i will never order another thing from them they are really ripping the public off.

  • Ru
      28th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have ordered some merchandice, about 4-5 weeks ago. It was a fleese blanket for my husbands birthday. I have not yet rceived it. Could you please check on this order. Thank you Ruby Faulkner

  • Va
      30th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes
    publishers clearinghouse - untimely mailing
    1511 scott street
    United States
    Phone: 580-649-2355

    well today i recieved this award notifaction letter in the mail saying i was about to be the winner of one million dollars and i need to send them $11.98 for something i know its a scam.

  • Gi
      19th of Jul, 2017
    0 Votes

    @valerie hunter I got email from PCH stating I may have won the lottery up to $450.00 depending on how many winners there were and could expect a check in 5-6 weeks... 3 weeks later I get the same post snail mail letter as the lady above... a scam letter ...identified as from someone other than PCH...with a requirement that I pay the $11.98 for shipping. This timing of this letter was too close to the time line in which PCH so acted I could expect a winnings letter. This needs to be reported to the post office inspector so if you get anything like this please google the address of the United Stats Postal Inspectors assess and pop it in the mail to them with a letter of explanation. The only people who have enough time to p, at these online games are the elderly and disabled- to extremely vulnerable populations. I am dumping Pch today after reading all of these reviews!

  • Sh
      23rd of Nov, 2008
    -1 Votes

    i want to cancelle my subscription to my magazines i have been laid off from my job and cant afford it anymore.i cant find a phone number to cancelle please i cant keep gving money off my visa for these magasines if anyone has a number to reach to cancelle i really appreciate it.

  • Sh
      11th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes
    Publishers Clearing House - Need credit for returned merchandise
    United States

    I cancelled my order for preimer's pain spray. I returned two shipments boxed taped together before christmas. I have not been credited for either shipment. I just keep getting bills for $24.93 my account no. Ps10 0012-8321 b89
    Statement r/00069
    Please send me information that you have credited my account. I would like the payments depts. Phone #. So i can clear up this matter. Shirley drum

  • Do
      6th of Jul, 2017
    0 Votes

    @SHIRLEY DRUM phone number is 1-800 459-4724 give them your customer ID or Order #

  • Ri
      5th of May, 2009
    0 Votes
    PCH - Cheats
    PCH flowers
    United States

    I ordered 2 items from PCH. i recieved items, i also paid items. now i am recieving a threat to pay for same items, plus a late fee. i am tired of this hassle. if i recieve anymore threatening letters in the mail, i will call my attorney general, i will not let you people CHEAT me. your last letter has me paying for items i paid for.customer id. 01590927sss. orderno. 103215920sss. i feel you canceled your toll free no. because you are recieving other custermers irated calls for same problems. i called 2 weeks ago and recieved no satifaction, i am irated with your tactics.

  • Do
      6th of Jul, 2017
    0 Votes

    @Rick customer service number is 1-800-459-4274. Just talked to a customer service rep at 3:46 pm on 7/6/2017

  • Ka
      14th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I received a form PPDD official entry-order document. It stated to check the envelope for instructions and enclosed silver stickersa.

    There was no envelope or sticker sheet included to return the entry form.

    It said "The Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol is prepared to award an incredible $5, 000 a week for life Prize from Giveway #1400! A cash pize of $35, 000.00 from Giveaway #1350 has also been approved and the decision regarding your eligibility for prize amounts in in your hands! See the silver sticker sheet enclosed.

    Is this how you eliminate possible winners, by not including the return envelope or the sticker sheet? I have sent everything I was supposed to up until this point. Please advise at your earliest possible time.

  • Mi
      30th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    I received many invoices, that always respond to your company, for a merchandise I dont received never up-today. I don't want this merchandise now and would not paid for a not received one.

    Please not sent more invoices and/or dont sent my name for a collection agency.

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