publishers clearing housescam?

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I'm actually impressed with all these negative reviews about Publishers Clearing House. This site is horrible and I'm really tired of it. I was a PCH member for many years now and it was not so bad in the past. I played some games, tried to win something, but I never won anything. Is this site real?
Seeing all these reviews I'm starting to think that PCH is just cheat site, you waste your precious time there trying to get something, but in the end you get nothing but headache. Does anyone know somebody who actually won something on PCH?


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    Christie Adams Jun 24, 2019

    I have played for years and years and I have never won. I even saw in an email that they had me down as playing or entering for about 8 years. That's not true. As an adult I started playing in 1974 when I was 1st married. I have now played in various addresses where I lived. And for about 16 years I have been married to my 2nd husband. And once again with several moves. Several years ago I even made a comment to one of the executives that they should have a contest for people who have been playing for a while. They could have 3 levels of prizes. She said that she would pass on the information to other executives but nothing was ever done. I mean I would even be happy with the 500. a week prize, but I am so tired of the scratch offs for those and Never winning, just getting tokens. I mean $500. would sure help with retirement. Has anyone else had these same problems?

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    Helen Y Williams Jul 21, 2019

    Once I get token and you ask me to cash in my token and I do so, have been put in over a hundred token but I have won anything, what going on! why? have I redeem a prize from my entires, I have been playing for 35 years now what is up with these games am I or have I been hacked [email protected]

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