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Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG) / rudeness at pseg

1 80 Park Plaza, Newark, NJ, United States Review updated:
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I am having a nightmare dealing with pseg customer service. I needed my gas service discontinued - for lack of use, since I have moved out of the home and the heat is not gas but electric. I called about 4 times to request this before finally being told that after my request date, my name had been removed from the account and I was not going to be responsible for any bills after january 7, 2008. I got a bill today february 11, 2008 for over $300... I called to find out why and a rude customer service rep. Called mr. Perera rudely told me that I would get a revised bill, with no explanation about what is going on. This is crazy!!! I am just tired of rude so-called customer service people who are not adequately trained and are obviously in the wrong industry disrespecting me. It is our money that holds this company together. Law makers need to hold companies accountable to their customers - it is ridiculous to get this kind of treatment and still be paying an arm and a leg for a service I do no need. Someone please address this rudeness at pseg.

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  • Ba
      3rd of Jun, 2008

    June 2 2008 2PM-June 3-8AM-Thank God I don't use PSEG for my home service-have been trying to a straight answer on getting service turned ON in new apartment for son.Different info with every call-HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE-and I have to pay for this and waste my time on numerous phone calls, hold times etc!!!depending on where you live you have no choice in utility company, so the customer doesn't ever have to be right.

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  • Ju
      22nd of Mar, 2009

    Customer service representatives are incapable of preforming the talk which they are charged. PSEG is clearly unconcerned about the treatment of their customers and does NOT follow up with any complaints. It is a very sad fact that their is really no recourse.

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  • Ju
      1st of May, 2009

    PSEG's customer service-stinks, they are extremely rude to customers having trouble with their bill, i have a handicappe in law and a 17 month old. They shut off my service and was extremely cold, and heartless, when we called to figure out any options we had, she was such an ### if in could slap her through the phone i would have. she asked us to make a payment of 450 dollars, we tried to have it cut down to half of the 450 and she refused. hey ### its obvious we have trouble pating the bill, anyway we paid the 450, now mind you it was 6 pm she said whe will put it in the system and would have some one come and restore the power before midnight. it is 2 oclock in the afternoon the nezt aday amd i was still waiting for someone. thats ###ed up my food is gone bad in the fridge, i cannot heat up my sons milk, and my almost completely blind father in law is running into things. oh and my water is freezing...screw pseg, are there any other services available besides PSEG

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  • Am
      4th of May, 2009

    i have tried to contact their customer ervice line & can't get anyone, it tells me they have a higher than normal call volume & disconnects. Their credit & collection CSR's are HORRIBLE!! They aren't willing to work with people at all & don't even act like they care. I wish there was another energy provider i could use. They can get away with it because they are the only game in town.

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  • Je
      22nd of May, 2009

    I am also having similar problems with PSE&G. I moved out of my home on 3/1/09 and used their online "Moving Out" form to cancel my service. I filled out the sections with my new mailing address and was promised that the final bill would be sent to the new address. It has been three months and still no bill. I have called five times, each time requesting a bill for my records and each time leaving the appropriate forwarding address.

    I am afraid that the ###s will ruin my credit by sending this bill to a collection agency while I have been making numerous good faith efforts to pay it.

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  • Ps
      3rd of Jun, 2009

    Worst Customer service Life Time Award goes to PSEG

    I have not seen any such service provider . PSEG is the role model for any customer service in the world for how not to treat the customer. If we call them no number is answered. I have got my name wrong on my bill from day one. almost 3 years now... call multiple times still not correct. Unable to register online bcoz of that...
    Only customer service center with default hold time of 10to15 mins...
    Bill dont have any reilable information. it always grows month by month.. my house is closed for 45 days for that also got bill for $170... no where to compalaint... No emails replied no phone call answered... as well as mails...
    Monopoly in NJ area and make people to suffer like anything.

    Please is there any alternative for PSEG... Post it and let me change there right away.

    A PSEG victim

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  • Ne
      5th of Aug, 2009

    I have a similar complaint as everyone else. I purchased a home in april 2007 my monthly bill was about 135 a month not bad for the size of my house, then all of a sudden around christmas the bill shot up to 406 per month. I called to find out why my bill sky rocketed I was told it was because there hasnt been an accurate reading of my meter and that they've been estimating. They sent someone out to read the meter and four times the person sat in front my house (yes i watched him)for about 5 mins made a call and attempted to drive off, I then walked out the door and shouted and asked where he was going. The two times after that i allowed them to leave and the last time being the fourth time, i called pse&g while i watched him and then asked him to read the meter i waited about 30 mins to speak with someone to complain they did nothing. Long Story short my bill went from 406 to 983 and then 7523(total from march 2009 to current) never missing a bill or partial payment . They later told me its because the previous owner reported to them that the line was switched form gas to oil and they didnt know that it had been switched back. Mind you these people swear they havent had a reading since june of 2006 witch is a lie because they've had accurate readings since 2008 and switched the meters to assure accuracy and i had i known about the fumble with the oil heating i would have let them know, this company is full of lazy idiots who are incompetent and dont care about others because they happy its not their ### paying these ###ed bills. Where i live makes my case even more fukd' becasue i use pse&g by forced monopoly and my about 5 blocks down they have a alternative company called Dominion energy. This is a really lame game they playing i cant wait for a competitor or this clean air and natural energy program to take off and leave there ### in the back somewhere.

    Flaming Pissed

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  • St
      19th of Aug, 2009

    Firstly, I am a former customer of PSE&G who's account was CLOSED IN GOOD STANDING, due to a move where I no long
    required their services. Today, I attempted to open a new account with them as I am taking over the lease of a house I've been
    living in (without a lease) over the last 10 months. The leaseholder of the house has moved out, and I have accepted a lease on
    the house. The customer service representative in their Passaic office refused service due to the previous leaseholder having an
    outstanding balance. Besides the fact she is no longer a resident (and has filed a new address with them), they insist that I am
    responsible for her balance (which is in dispute with them), and the only way I can keep my power on is if she HAPPENS to allow
    me to be added to her account, and I take equal responsibility. If she refuses to do this, I'm out of luck, and will have no power. I
    have no contract with them, and owe them nothing. Someone else's irresponsibility should in no way affect my ability to get
    service, especially when they don't even hold a lease on this house anymore. This is unethical, and I'm pretty sure ILLEGAL. By
    this logic, if I ever drove her car, then I'm responsible for her car payments too. When I asked the CS representative if my kids
    were also responsible for this bill, he told me yes, and that since I questioned this ethic, that I had 'an attitude', and because of
    this 'attitude', this was now the policy in place. In other words, my questioning policy affected policy specific to me. This monopoly
    makes it's own rules on their opinion of people, apparently. I have no choice but to fight this because I have no alternatives for

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  • Ha
      26th of Aug, 2009

    I just moved into an apartment in Harrison, NJ. It's a 2 bedroom apartment pretty much for a couple or just 2 room mates, I was expecting my first bill from PSEG, so finally arrived 2 days ago, and just for electricity came over $500!!! and for gas like more than $80!!! so the total was over $600!!! for less than 1 month!!! I've been trying to get a hold of PSEG using the customer service numbers, and this is my second day waiting on the phone so far for more than 1 hour, I feel like I'm living in a very very poor country where all the communications are really bad and slow...
    I barely cook in the apartment since I have a full time job, and for electricity I dont think a small AC (less than 7000 BTU) will generate that kind of consume NEVER!!! since I dont even have it on for more than 9 hours every day, and that s only if is really hot

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  • Mi
      29th of Sep, 2009

    I have to agree with all of you guys...PSE&G has the worst customer service I have ever seen in my life. I too recently had problems with PSE&G. They disconnected my service and mind you the bill was paid. It took them a week to turn my service on. I was so livid that I just didn't know what to do. I tried to complain and complain until finally they sent someone out. I just cant wait until my lease is up and I move out of New Jersey and won't have to deal with this horrible company

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  • Ro
      14th of Oct, 2009

    OMG! How I sooo agree! They are the worst, last night 10-13-09 I had not 1 but 3 rude crude individuals, a Simone, another was a Tonya and she hung up on me and finally a Melinda who refussed to get a supervisor on the phone.

    This will not be tolerated! not when we the consumers pay our debts, who on Gods green earth do these people think they are??Who does the hiring @ PSE&G??My guess is that they hire anyone from the streets who needs a job and is willing to work for minimun wage and there you have it! a bunch of uneducated, inept deficient people who are so called assiting me when I call with questions...OMG! What a world...

    What because they are in collections that gives them the rights to treat others like CRAP! If they can't handle working with people, they have NO business working with people!

    Why is PSE&G the only utility company we have?? I still don't understand it! Can someone please address this!!! PLEASEEEEE...

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  • Gr
      9th of Nov, 2009

    Everyone here and on the other complaint boards need to join together and write the Chairman ofthe Board, CEO and President Ralph Izzo. I can' teven go into my complaint as it makes m yblood boil and I've been trying to get it rectified for my small grooming business for four months now after two e-mails, 11 phone calls and a personal visit to the Union City office. I am just horrified and you are right..PSE&G is a monopoly and because you have no right to choose your utility company, their customer reps CAN and DO treat you like ###.

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  • Si
      4th of Jan, 2010


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  • Ph
      1st of Jul, 2010

    I called PSEG 2 weeks before my move out date to let them know about it and close my account. To my horror, they billed me till the next renter moved into my apartment. On top of that, when I called about it the customer service rep tells me that I need to get a notarized letter from my landlord and take it to the PSEG office 50 miles away IN PERSON! This is crazy.. why should I take all this pain for their mistake!!! And what if noone moved into the place after me? Will they keep billing me forever? This is ridiculous

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  • Ta
      2nd of Aug, 2010

    I have to completely agree PSE&G customer service is the worst that I have dealt with recently. I moved in and got a bill more than $300. They want a deposit or i have to provide my ssn#. As I am aware of PSE&G sending incorrect bills I turned down the offer of customer service rep to waive the deposit if I agree to Automatic bill pay. then she mentioned she can set me for a equal payment plan and got my checking account details. Till now they have been unable to deduct the payment from my checking account. when I call up they are saying their system is not working. Now I have to chase the customer service again.
    My experience was very diff when i moved to connecticut and Connecticut Power and Elec set up my account it was a breeze, never had to give it another thought, billing was accurate and not even once I called customer service.
    Hope somebody is reading this and holds pse&g responsible.
    I would really like to move on to another service provider if I have a choice.

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  • Db
      3rd of Sep, 2010

    I have recently moved in to a apt. My boyfriend is trying 2 get in his name they are giving a problem at the passaic office. First they wanted a lease and bills from old apt and new one. He had service at old apt but not recent. so once again he goes down to passaic with the lease and the bills. They tell him he needs 2 bills from old apt which I dont understand why if the pseg wasnt in his name. They also said do you know theres an old balance there. So I am supposed to pay for someone else bill. I am also 3 mths pregnant and dont need this stress

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  • Fe
      3rd of Aug, 2011

    Hello ALL I have the worst PSEG nightmare ever, They shut off my services because I did not pay them what they wanted because I didn't have enough, I paid July 22, 2011 and they turned me off August 1, 2011, and I'm still in the dark and heat. So they took the payment and came back out the next week and turned me off, its was a 100 degrees outside, look at my story my electric and gas was messed up in my apartment causing me a 5000.oo dollar bill it was paid down to 200.00 and they still say I owe for a broken agreement so they turned me off again and will not turn it back on until I pay 1300.00 and they don't care that I have a two year old in the house, so lets stop complaining and get together and file a CLASS ACTIONS LAWSUIT, the only way to stop there greed and unfair tactics is to hit them in the pockets, and creating a website to fight PSEG. Enough is Enough.

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  • Fe
      3rd of Aug, 2011

    Also to add to my previous complaint the BPU AT 1800 624 0241 is a joke, they did not want to hear my legitimate excuses, they said if you have $750.oo we can get PSEG to work with you, and no one seems to understand you just dont have this type of money so they said call back when you do and hanged up on me twice, while sitting in air condition and then leaving there and going home to lights, haha what a joke.

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  • Ja
      5th of Feb, 2012

    I am receipt of your letter dated January 24, 2012 however postmarked February 2nd and received on February 3rd. I find your investigation should be reconsidered as your rotted pole caused this damage to my home. Please have PSEG's work records pulled for replacing the pole. I started calling in October regarding this issue; Fort Lee Police Department also called please have your telephone calls recordings requested as I know what I stated during the 15 to 20 telephone calls that I personally made. I specifically stated the rotted pole was pulling the siding off my house! How can your office state weather related this was a direct result of the lack of maintenance on PSEG's behalf.

    I have forwarded pictures and an estimate for the damages your rotted pole made to my home. I have made every effort to resolve this mater reasonably and your office is just going to deny taking responsibility. I find your company's position appalling and the lack of disregard to my property. I am requesting that a Supervisor in your Department review my claim as you can't blame the weather when it was your rotted pole #60074 FTL. I know for a fact your office replaced the rotted pole however I have pictures showing the extent of the damage. This response has taken another 21 days for another response from your office.

    I have spent a lot of time calling in this rotted pole and still spending time on this as a result of your office's lack of handling this claim!


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  • Sa
      27th of Dec, 2012

    PSEG customer service is horrible in Jersey City, NJ. My apt was flooded in Sandy and there was no electricity for the month of November. But they sent a $160 bill for november. I asked if they can send anyone to turn on the gas and if they can call me before they come as I was in office.
    The mechanic comes to the Apt, calls from an blocked number and says he can wait for 2 minutes. When I call back customer service, the lady says I will have to sit in my Apt the whole day because they cannot tell me the time when they will come. She says I need the service so it is my problem. Take into consideration that for every call, you have to wait for 15 minutes.

    I will be happy when they go out of business. They do not know how to service customer.

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