Public Service Electric & Gass [PSEG]pse&g worry free home appliance warranty

I was warned, I didn't believe them and am I sorry for doubting my neighbors.
Like a fool I cancelled my manufacturer extended warranties on all my appliances and for no real savings I signed up for pse&g 24/7 worry free warranty. Big mistake. First go was with my washer, fist tech didn't order what was actually needed, so 4 weeks and three visits and it's finally fixed.
This trip wasn't as smooth (if you think it takes 3 different people to fix a washer is smooth). First there not open 24hrs a day, yes the utility is but not service, repair especially warranty. There 24 is for exploded boilers, gas leaks not any house hold appliances.
After finally getting a human we get an appointment for the dryer for just two days away, only to be told 4 hours later that we will have to wait two weeks before the first tech can come to look at the unit and that our problem was being put on the back burner.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Teaneck, NJ Two weeks go bye we have our appointment, only to have the tech confirm what was expected and place the order for the part. 10 days no part no contact from the service department, 3 additional days of calling and be promised a return call from a supervisor to look into were our repair stands, never once did anyone know what was going on.
Just excuses that the repair parts department contact was handled via email internally. Excuses that a supervisor from worry free would call, and of coarse never a call back.
Ultimately worry free with pse&g new Jersey is a fraud, were it not a utility I'm sure that they would have wound up in court by now.
The 24/7 statement is fauls, the prioritizing repairs is not disclosed anywhere, and when ever we have had to call your wait time is upwards of 45 minutes. Also (not that I have had personal experience with it) if they decide that they don't want to fix it they flat out refuse, and cancel your policy( The person claimed to be refunded only for 6 months of the 24 paid to cover the appliance. Just getting a partial refund).

Dec 04, 2018

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