PSI Examsunethical behavior

I've written a NJ Real Estate salesperson conbo exam on 3Feb. 2016 at one of the PSI exam center in North Brunswick, NJ. During the exam, the fire alarm rang and we were asked to vacate the build which we did. we were outside in sub-freezing temperature for over 35 mins. when came back we were an option given that we can wave the exam and come back some other day. I decided to carry on with writing my exam. After getting my bearing back and almost 3/4 my way of the exam the fire alarm rang again. This time I decided to carry on and complete the remaining exam while high pitch alarm kept ringing.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Las Vegas, NV I was not asked for the waiver the second time not I signed any waiver the second time. Making story short I end up failing the exam by two points. I am asking the PSI center to refund my fee due to not providing services for a quality and quite an atmosphere to complete my exam as per paid services. I escalated the issues to the PSI Manager but he insisted not to refund. The point I am making is not passing and failing of my exam. what I am saying is that if I had the liberty of writing my exam under the normal circumstances I might/could have passed the exam but that was not the case. Under the benefit of the doubt, I am sure any other normal exam facility would have refund the fee.

Feb 06, 2017

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