Medical Reception College Ltd Complaints & Reviews

Medical Reception College Ltd / Jhina

Mar 15, 2017

This school is horrible, absolute scam. I do not recommend anyone to waste your time. I cannot find a job cause no one knows the college. Its all so fishy. Jhina is horrible and has no respect towards anyone and will put anyone down, I wish I would've have known it was this horrible. The...

Medical Reception College Ltd / School

Sep 03, 2016

This school is just in it for the money. I don't even think this school is recognized . I took this course a year ago and still can't find work. They won't even try to help you find work. They have about 40-50 people looking for work and every 12 weeks there is a another class looking for...

Alberta Medical Reception College Lmtd. / Poor teaching skills


The course is a 7 weeks for a Medical Receptionist. The instructor's capability and knowledge is out of date to what is happening in the medical field.A very argumentative and condescending instructor is what we got in our class. Just a note, she will try to make you do your practicum...