SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Excessive Charges

HI, United States is an excellent example of slick marketing and dishonest business practices. They entice you with bold advertising claiming rose flower arrangements for $19.99...a total lie!!!

I recently began to purchase a rose arrangement for Valentines Day for $29.99. The total cost after shipping charges, delivery charges, care and handling charges, more delivery charges was 0ver $65.00...absolutely ridiculous!!! An increase of over 100% from the cost bodly stated in the flower pic! In addition you dont see all the charges till you get ready to click the "pay" button. I canceled the order!

I intend to send a complaint and request for investigation to the Attorneys General of all 50 States. This is a deceptive and dishonest business practice and should be forced to stop or face criminal charges. is what is wrong with many large corporations in our country. Deception and slick advertising to take your money!!

I hope others will not purchase from proflowers as well...if enough people stop purchasing from them then their house of cards will fall!!


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