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over priced/ partner fraud

I don't remember everything the way I did when I was younger, or I would have remembered using 1-800-Flowers before, not realizing the extra charges and high bottom line. I thought their prices would be in line with FDS, but they weren't. What started out to be something like a $60 purchase of a bouquet in a vase ended up costing over $100; matter of fact I just checked and don't remember why the two charges, but I was charged $57.33 on Feb. 11 and $102.76 on Feb. 16th. They were purchased for my girlfriend and I know that I ordered the flowers prior to Feb. 11, because they were to be delivered on Feb. 12. They actually were delivered on time, but I expected them to have a local florist deliver them. Nope, that's not what happened; they were shipped from Florida with vase and flowers in different packages, with instructions on how cut off the ends of the flowers and make her own bouquet. That was embarrassing. They actually sent the recipient a flower kit!?

They promised free shipping, but it worked like a rebate and I have not had good luck with rebates. They made it a complicated procedure and you had to get all your proof of the purchase and mail it to Connecticut, I seem to remember. Okay that's not going to happen because too many businesses like to ignore those things and not return to you what you expect.

Somewhere in the purchase process I signed up for Easy Saver and I knew it at the time, unlike so many who are complaining here. However I seem to recall that I thought it was necessary to get the free shipping. When I actually got into it, I realized that it had nothing to do with the free shipping, but they gave me 30 days to cancel without it costing me. I'll never know if they would have honored my request to decline, because I waited too long and they already had the first month's payment before I found time to call and cancel it. I really didn't have time to visit the web site after my first initial scan of it and I decided that I couldn't use anything they offered the day I signed up.

When I did call to cancel it, I explained that I had just goofed in waiting too long, but I would take responsibility for that first month's payment. However, I wanted to cancel and stop any further debits from my account. The lady was very personable and cooperative and assured me that they would not only comply, but informed me that I could still visit the website and use it for the remainder of the month. I never found the time to do that and didn't discover until after last month's debit (May's) that they were still debiting my account. I then went to the website and discovered that there is a page that they say you can use to cancel your subscription. I wrote them that it should already have been closed and that I needed a positive response to this later request to close my account. Unfortunately, that page left me no copy of what I had said to them, but I'm not sure printing out a screen print would have gotten the job done, either. I threatened to visit my bank to keep them from debiting me any more, but I have an extremely hard time getting to the bank during business hours, because I work shifts from 5 pm to 6 am. I get home close to 7:00 am and I have to get up at 1:30 pm to get my normal chores done and get to work by five. Consequently, I just spotted still another debit in pending status, which means they ignored that request as well as my first request.

It doesn't look like I'll get much sleep today, as I need to stay up until the bank opens at 9:00.

I admonish ProFlowers for costing so much for so little service, and also for associating themselves with crooks like Easy Saver.

As for Easy Saver, they have REALLY gotten under my skin now. As a man of 66, drawing Social Security, and working a minimum wage job to make ends meet, I really don't need this.

Maybe I have proof of something, somewhere, but I would need to search through a very tall stack of papers to find it. It never occurred to me that a company like this would be so fraudulent.

Resolved not as advertised/incomplete delivery

If you are planning to order from this place, there are some things you should know. You will not be receiving anything resembling the picture you see on the website. What you will receive is a bundle of tightly wrapped flowers with instructions on how to assemble your own arrangement. I ordered a "100 Rose Bud" or 30 stem arrangement. The instructions informed me that I should trim 2 inches off of each stem and peel off the "protective petals" from EACH bud. So, the message I sent my wife was "Happy Mothers Day, now get to work!". What was I paying for?

You pay for a "delivery" charge, which I believed to be from a florist. It was "delivered" in a box by UPS after riding all day in a hot truck. Then, after unwrapping and assembling this thing, I had actually received 65 buds and 16 stems that were nearly all dead within 5 days.

I will say that they replaced the order and got it right, but, it kinda lessens the surprise when the order is so screwed up to begin with.

Resolved fraudulent practices

I had ordered a jacket from Appleseeds on line and after the transaction was completed a web page followed (pop-up I suppose) telling me that I was entitled to free shipping on my order. My shipping cost was only $5 so I decided not to pursue that. I was also offered a $15 coupon on my next order which I did pursue until I realized I would be signing up for some membership thing I didn't want. So I closed the website without signing up for anything. I didn't notice that my credit card was being charged $14.95 a monthright away, but when I did I hit the roof. Nowhere on the charge was the name Encore Marketing - I found out the name when I called to complain. I complained so vigorously that they offered to refund 12 months of charges to my credit card. That may have been a promise just to get me off the phone.

Then I called Appleseeds to complain about their affiliation with Encore Marketing and got a big runaround from them too. Like it was all my fault that I apparently didn't read every bit of the small print or uncheck some box or other and that I thought I was still dealing with Appleseeds. Appleseeds is complicit in this fraud as is Drapers and Damons. I got hoodwinked by Encore Marketing through Drapers and Damons a couple years ago.

I will pursue this.

  • Kr
    krispix318 May 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You act like it's a big deal to "read every bit of the small print" - do you do this when you sign a contract? Any time you put your credit card information on the internet, if a pop up with the associated website appears, you have to read everything. Or you could just close it. I wouldn't count on that 12 month refund if you were only charged for 1. While they may be dishonest, it's by no means fraudulent or in any way illegal if their terms are on there - regardless of how small the print is. Good luck with your pursuit.

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  • Sa
    saviour_emi Nov 06, 2010

    Guys if u want ur refunds back just called the emi guys, some indian will pickup and ask him for full refunds he'll provide two first then transfer the call to some consumer guy who is also a indian, and dont give up ask for more refunds, he might offer you till a year and if u ask for more he would transfer the call to another supervisor who can give you your full refunds... during the call dont forget to threaten them with attorney, BBB, and mention that u'll take legal action on them cause thats the magic word. belive me it works 100% !!..

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bait and switch

I was online and an add came up for Sharri's Berries, close to Mother's Day, so I thought, what a cute gift, Chocolate covered & decorated Strawberries that would be a unique and sweet gift. I proceeded to make a purchase, for 6 berries... $19.99 .. a little steep, but hey it was a gift so, whatever. Then I am asked if I want to pay an additional $7.99 for quicker delivery. Ok, Sure a few days before Mother's Day, it would be nice for my gift to be received by then, so I selected it. Then I get to the end, and I am told there is a $12.99 standard shipping fee, in addition to the $7.99 I selected that was never told to me. So on top of the $19.95 + 12.99+7.99= $40.97 for 6 berries. Ok now that is a little much, but then I see a link saying once i secure my payment, I will receive a $15.00 shipping rebate, so that would mean it was only $25.97 for this order. Now that is more reasonable. So I hit the confirm button, which auto charged my credit card and proceeded to the window to receive my $15.00 shipping rebate. Oh but you have to pay $2.00 for a service that could auto charge your account some $30.00 in the future if not canceled and oh yeah the $15.00 if off your NEXT purchase! What a deceitful rip off! So I emailed right back after I ordered and requested them to cancel my order. I was told they could not cancel it. I could not receive a refund, but they are sorry for the inconvenience. And THEN had the audacity to tell me, their shipping fees were listed when I ordered!!! I was like yes they were but they were WRONG!

MY RECOMMENDATION, much better to do it yourself. You can melt down Ghirdali chocolate yourself and get your own strawberries for that. Gees. What HORRIBLE customer service and shady business.

Very Disappointed and Feeling Ripped Off... Happy Mother's Day,

  • Fs
    FSanchez May 01, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You're right. I does work that way. The first time I spent a lot more than I expected, so I read the small print and realized they were right. The standard shipping fee is about $9.99, BUT if you want it to arrive earlier or on a certain high traffic date, it'll cost you extra (in addition to the $9.99). I ordered again (this Mother's Day) and took advantage of a 20% discount they offered me (and I had it delivered on a date that cost a standard delivery charge). So in the end, it cost me around $35.00 (total) for 12 chocolate covered strawberries delivered to mom. That comes out to be around $2.92 each. Godiva chocolate covered strawberries at the mall cost aroung $7.00 each, so I think it was well worth it. When I called, the agent gave me great customer service. FS

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Resolved misleading price

I just ordered flowers and chose the deal of the day for 19.99. The flowers are for mother's day but I...

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Resolved shipping rebate scam

Beware of Proflowers' offer that your current order qualifies you for a $15.00 mail-in rebate. The rebate does NOT apply to your current order and requires you to sign up with a third-party vendor and pay an annual fee. If you even visit the third-party website from the Proflowers website, your billing information will be automatically transferred and you might get signed up with the annual fee automatically. BEWARE!

Resolved unethical practices and unapproved charges

I am another victim of poor business practices and scamming. My purchase through, a supposed ethical flower delivery company, led me to be unknowingly and unwillingly enrolled in the Easy Saver Rewards program. This program charges you $1.95 for "becoming a member" and then $14.95 every month. Do not use Businesses like these should be shut down for unethical business practices, selling credit card information, and taking advantage of their customers. If you see charges from Easy Saver Rewards on you account, call the number listed next to the charge and cancel your "membership" immediately. Do not let them hang up until they guarantee you that all of the charges will be reversed and your money refunded. Then send a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, "[protected]". We need to get enough complaints to them that they take some form of action. Reliable internet companies should never let their customers be taken advantage of. Help to put a ban and shut down Easy Saver Rewards.

  • Ca
    Caroline Apr 22, 2010

    My name is Caroline and I am the Special Programs Associate here at ProFlowers. I would like to sincerely apologize for any confusion you experienced regarding our partner program. I would be more than happy to discuss your concerns, assist you with anything I can and receive any additional feedback to improve our service. Please contact me directly to discuss, my phone number is (858) 909-3785. I would like to assist you in any way that I can.

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Resolved frauduloent?

Is proflowers fraudulent?
I ordered flowers for Valentine's day and had a guaranteed delivery by friday the 12th. They did not arrive, due to the strom on the East coast I was told, which backed-up everything. OK, fine. They arrived Saturday to my recipient's office. She had to drive 40 minutes one-way to get them. They were dead. OK, fine, due to the other problems they likely sat unwatered too long on a truck or dock in the cold. Called Proflowers, nice woman in customer service; apologized, offered a replacement, I said it was too late, I wanted a refund, she said of course. OK, fine.
I recently got an email from Proflowers saying I could get an ADDITINAL 20% off my next order of anything on their site (including specials). They did not give me a coupon code or number to apply; I had to follow the link in the email to get the discount rather than being able to search their website through the homepage or other emails I had recieved (this tactic by Proflowers is crucial to the issue at on). OK, fine. My dad's 85th B-day is coming up, thought I'd give Proflowers the benefit of the doubt and send Dad some flowers. So I followed the link in question, saw a good price on a dozen roses + a dozen free. I figured I'd get these and then apply the 20% "We're Sorry" discount. So when I click on the "Buy" botton, it goes to the webpage that gives you options on the order. Generally these offers include a free vase. There was no free vase there though; the one that was usually free was $6. OK, fine? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Why? Bear with me. A couple of days before this "We're Sorry" email I received a reminder email from Proflowers that my Dad's b-day was coming up (they have a program; if you enter the dates of which you want to be reminded, you get an email reminder). This email had a "special" offer for flowers for Dad. I checked it out through the link in the email. I then again checked the pricing in the "We're Sorry" email and compared. Same flowers, same picture of the flowers, same discount. OK, fine? NOPE. The thing is, the Dad's reminder email include a free vase. But it did not have the extra 20% discount that the "We're Sorry" deal had. Here is the math. $29.99 (call it $30) for the flowers, plus 20% "We're Sorry" discount, thus $24. Thank you Proflowers? Oh, that's right, I have to pay $6 for the vase. So we are back to $30. Same flowers for Dad's b-day reminder email, $29.99 (call it $30), plus free vase (same vase), so the price is $30 for each offer; in other words, there really wasn't an extra 20% apology.
So, instead of refund + we'll send more flowers to replace the original ones that were dead (I didn't request this by the way, just a refund...but it would have beeh nice?), Proflowers sends me the "We're Sorry" email that says they are giving me a 20% ADDITIONAL discount that was, in reality, not a reduction in cost over what I could get by simply going to the homepage. So I guess "We're Sorry" really means "Hey, here's an offer no better than what you would norally get but you probably won't figure it out and mabe we can make the extra six bucks off of you because you are stupid." So OK, fine? Or is it fraudulent to suggest to someone that you are giving them an extra discount when indeed you PURPOSEFULLY are not?

Resolved scam and unprofessional

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. The flowers I oedered has a delivery charge of 19.99 which was free after the rebate. However, when the bill was charged I found an additional 19.99 for a weekend delivery. The rebate is for FreeShipping, com
where you have to sign up and pay a fee. How is that free?
To add insult to injury, when the flowers came they had insertrd a card for another person. This basically ruined my Valentine's Day surprise. I wonder if the CEO Bill Strauss uses his own company. My guess is he uses FTD so he gets it done right.
I have contacted the company regarding the card error and the extra fees. Do I have to tell you how I made out?

Resolved ezsavers

I had charges against my credit card from EZSavers for several months for 14.95. I traced this to flowers bought from PROFLOWERS. The owner is Bill Strauss, someone I trusted because I used to work with him at a previous company. I have stopped purchasing from PROFLOWERS because the flowers they delivered last year was nothing like the picture on the website. But the EZSAvers kept deducting 14.95 from my bank account.

  • Ca
    Caroline Mar 01, 2010

    My name is Caroline and I am the Special Programs Associate here at ProFlowers. I would like to sincerely apologize for any confusion you experienced regarding our partner program. I would be more than happy to discuss your concerns, assist you with anything I can and receive any additional feedback to improve our service. Please contact me directly to discuss, my phone number is (858) 909-3785. I would like to assist you in any way that I can.

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  • Ma
    Man On The Moon Dec 25, 2012

    Hi Caroline,

    We just experienced the same problem. How does someone sign up for a partnership program without knowing it. We have a $9.99 monthly charge for the last year. Funny thing is my wife noticed the charges, but thought it was something I was paying to send her flowers. After she didn't get any flowers from me for a few months (I know, something I need to work on), she brought it to my attention. Whoever set this up in your company is genius and a scam artist. I'm sorry you work for this person. I would hop on with a different employer ASAP. Unless you are a relative, then I would get as much ow as you can before entering the slammer. Good luck Caroline.

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  • Ve
    venessa29 May 05, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered flowers today original price was 59, my card gets billed 85. Ask for a refund sure takes 3 to 5 business days?! So it takes two seconds for you to build my credit card but three to five days to give it back? Ridiculous! I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and possibly the Attorney General

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Resolved website offer not fulfilled

I ordered a special offer from and the offer was buy onse dozen roses
get one free. The delivery date was [protected] to have on time for valentines days
sun [protected]. I recieved the order today [protected] and I only recieved one dozen
roses instead of 2. I both emailed and called the co. and I talked to a customer rep that said they would deliver the flowers next week. I informed the person I would no longer need the flowers after valentine days and if they could not deliver the flowers on the date promised I would want a refund of my credit card. The person informed me the only thing they could do for me would be deliver the flowers on a future date after valentines day or only refund $10.00 dollars of the order. I paid $49.48 for the order for only recieving 12 roses not arranged no babies breath or leaves and very small buds. This was the worst flower deal ever. Do I have a right to ship the dozen roses back and get a full refund of $49.49 from my credit card? I sent two emails to the co. today and they gave me no response. Thanks for your input. Sincerly,

Jim Myzel

Resolved hidden, unadvertised fees

checked email for billing details, advertised @ 29.95, total fee on bill 62.99 after 20.00 in shipping charges, 3.99 handling fee, and 10.00 extra on the website price that didn't match the scott van pelt advertised price on the espn site. Never Again...big rip off...Oh and they tried to scam me with the free shipping thing, but I checked the ultra fine print and saw there was a monthly charge for the service of 14.95. They even emailed me and said, hey you didn't get your free shipping.

  • Co
    cormanaz May 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just bought flowers from this company because of bad experiences with 1800flowers. After I completed the order I saw they had charged a "service fee" and "processing fee" totaling 24% of the cost of my order. Wow. How generous of them to themselves. Stay away.

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  • Es
    este3an Sep 23, 2010

    the scam customers by not disclosing the charges until the very last page; be careful!

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Resolved rebate scam site is VERY mis-leading!!! I ended up paying TWICE their advertised price! They advertise FREE shipping then as you check out tack on a $10 shipping fee. They state that you can submit a rebate claim ONLY AFTER you complete your order. They then email you a rebate offer which requires you to sign up for their "Insiders-Club"!

For all of you saying, "read this and that" and that their site spells out shipping details..bite me!

Internet shoppers BEWARE!!!

  • An
    anotherescam Feb 11, 2010

    Agreed. Go through the checkout and then you must sign up (with your credit card) for another service to get your rebate. I bailed out and won't use them again.

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Resolved excessive charges is an excellent example of slick marketing and dishonest business practices. They entice you with bold advertising claiming rose flower arrangements for $19.99...a total lie!!!

I recently began to purchase a rose arrangement for Valentines Day for $29.99. The total cost after shipping charges, delivery charges, care and handling charges, more delivery charges was 0ver $65.00...absolutely ridiculous!!! An increase of over 100% from the cost bodly stated in the flower pic! In addition you dont see all the charges till you get ready to click the "pay" button. I canceled the order!

I intend to send a complaint and request for investigation to the Attorneys General of all 50 States. This is a deceptive and dishonest business practice and should be forced to stop or face criminal charges. is what is wrong with many large corporations in our country. Deception and slick advertising to take your money!!

I hope others will not purchase from proflowers as well...if enough people stop purchasing from them then their house of cards will fall!!

Resolved chris windsor

I ordered flowers from ProFlower for Mother's Day 2009. They claim I signed up for an easy saver service by supplying an email address. I had no intention of doing so. After recurring monthly charges for 14.95 began appearing on my statement from Encore Marketing, I googled it. There is no mention of the easy saver service on my receipt which I have or the monthly emails I've been receiving from ProFlowers. I called Proflowers and complained and am challenging the credit card charges. This is bad business!!!

  • Ca
    Caroline Feb 09, 2010

    My name is Caroline and I am the Special Programs Associate here at ProFlowers. I would like to sincerely apologize for any confusion you experienced regarding our partner program. I would be more than happy to discuss your concerns, assist you with anything I can and receive any additional feedback to improve our service. Please contact me directly to discuss, my phone number is (858) 909-3785. I would like to assist you in any way that I can.

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  • De
    Denise Mc Feb 11, 2010

    I cannot believe Proflowers allowed this to happen. This is no way to treat loyal customers I will not be using Proflowers in the future. I now have to get two charges removed from my account and call Encore and be on hold forever to cancel a service I do not want and did not ask for. Shame on you Proflowers.


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Resolved steals your money

I ordered flowers from Pro Flowers. A month later I got a charge for $1.95 that was unknown to me. I checked my account online and found another $14.95 charged from EZ Savers. I never gave EZ Savers my account information nor ordered anything from them. Pro Flowers and EZ Savers are crooks and it's an online scam. Why can't the authorities, whoever that may be, do something about these scams. After researching them on the internet, I've found hundreds of complaints. Since it's obvious they are in the business of stealing people's money why are they still allowed to operate. NEVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM PRO FLOWERS. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. IT AUTOMATICALLY SIGNS YOU UP FOR THEIR SCAM OPERATION THAT TAKES MONEY OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT.

Resolved fraudulent charges

Just like everyone else, we were hit by the Easy Saver "rewards program" for $14.95/mo, even though we have no knowledge of signing up for this. Hundreds of dollars went to them before we noticed! Beware of, as they appear to be an online scam.

  • Ry
    Ryan Dec 17, 2008

    On my checking account statement online, I have found a charge for EZSVER RW, better known as I was charged an extra, $14.95, for what I do not know. All I know is that they have lost business with me and I hope they will be charged to the full extent.

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  • Ca
    Caroline Jan 21, 2010

    My name is Caroline and I am the Special Programs Associate here at ProFlowers. I would like to sincerely apologize for any confusion you experienced regarding our partner program. I would be more than happy to discuss your concerns, assist you with anything I can and receive any additional feedback to improve our service. Please contact me directly to discuss, my phone number is (858) 909-3785. I would like to assist you in any way that I can.

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  • Im
    impactdi Jan 27, 2011

    I noticed a $132.91 charge on my bank statement and had no idea what it was for. I looked into it and saw it was from proflowers. I never heard of the place. So...I looked it up and called to ask why I was charged. The guy was very rude and not the least bit helpful. They refused to cancel "my" order or tell me who placed it. I called the police and they will make them fess up. I'm sure it was a scam by them.

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Resolved unauthorized billing

After reading about other complaints, I took a closer look at my CC statement.. II too had also bought from Proflowers, and they pulled the same scam with me.. But after several calls to them and no awnser I turned it over to my bank a fraud SCAM... I will never but from ProFlowers.Com again...

  • Oa
    oa Jul 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It seems like this is a real rip off. I keep being charged by easy saver after "clicking" the free delivery special offer from proflowers. This is not only a problem of unauthorized credit card charging, but also unauthorized use of credit card data, and discredit for all on-line sales.

    It's outrageous and they should be put out of "business" after refunding everyone.

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  • Ja
    Jacky Mellin Dec 09, 2008

    As happened with the other reports I read, I purchased flowers from and was then charged 14.95 a month since July 2006. I never noticed the charge until my credit card was canceled because of being charged for purchases I did not make. I don't remember getting a coupon or agreeing to these charges since it was so long ago. I am filing a fraud report with my credit card provider and a complaint with the NJ Consumer Division.

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  • Su
    suckered12356 Oct 03, 2009

    As a couple of other people have noted, this company has been billing my credit card monthly and without authorization since I placed a purchase 18 months ago. Unfortunately, I just caught it. I called but they are closed on Saturday. Calling on Monday. Larceny is the word, I believe.

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  • Ca
    Caroline Jan 06, 2010

    My name is Caroline and I am the Special Programs Associate here at ProFlowers. I would like to sincerely apologize for any confusion you experienced regarding our partner program. I would be more than happy to discuss your concerns, assist you with anything I can and receive any additional feedback to improve our service. Please contact me directly to discuss, my phone number is (858) 909-3785. I would like to assist you in any way that I can.

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Resolved proflowers gives your credit card number to these companies!

On the day I ordered flowers from Proflowers, a charge of $1.00 from "Encore Marketing" showed up on my credit card account. The day after, a charge of $1.95 from "Easy Saver" showed up. It is unfortuate for the involved companies that on these days I did no other shopping, because I was home during a blizzard, and I knew I had not made any purchase on these days, other than the flowers from Proflowers.

I immediately did a search for Easy Saver online, and the first links that come up are all for complaint sites. Alarmed, I read the complaints and figured out I had just been scammed.

I went to to see what this company was. I couldn't get any information without logging in. But I never signed up! I never created a password! So, I tried to log in anyway, to see what would happen. I used my email address and password I created with Proflowers - and guess what? That was it! I got in and immediately went to "cancel" my "membership". It allowed me to cancel and stated I would not be FURTHER charged. My issue is, that I had already been charged for something I did NOT order, nor did I give them my credit card information (so they had to have gotten it from Proflowers). I wanted my money back. And, I was angry because I realized there must be millions of people paying these initial charges and then apparently monthly charges of $14.95 per month, without becoming aware of it for a while.

I called my mother-in-law, who had sent me flowers via Proflowers just a month before, and told her to look for these charges. She had them too, plus one from "Free Shipping", and had gotten her first monthly fee of $14.95. I don't think she would have been aware of it if I had not found this out.

After calling Proflowers, who insisted that I must have "clicked on" an ad or something and "ordered" this Easy Saver service (which I absolutely did NOT), they gave me some numbers to call for Easy Saver and I found numbers for the other two online. We called all these companies (even Free Shipping, who had charged mom, but not me yet) and demanded our money back. After going through a lot of people and talking to managers and threating to sue, we got Easy Saver to reverse the charge. I am closing my credit card account now, because so far I know at least three companies have it that I did not authorize.

Proflowers is very aware of what they are doing and what kinds of "advertising" they have on their site. It is very misleading. You think you are giving Proflowers your email address for a coupon or something...and they give your credit card number to these other companies - who sell nothing but SCAM! They are all linked together.

After this nightmare, I went to to read their Privacy Policy. It is very difficult to find and understand. It is within their "terms and conditions" and labeled as " License Granted By You"

This is the copied text of that section:
License Granted by You
By providing, submitting, uploading any communications, reviews, comments, feedback, postings, materials, or other content for use on any of our Sites (“User Content”), (a) you represent and warrant that you or the owner of all rights to such User Content and that such User Content does not violate our Acceptable Use Policy (below), and (b) you hereby grant us, and agree to grant us, an irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free, fully paid-up, worldwide license (with the right to sublicense) in all languages to use, reproduce, distribute, publicly display, publicly perform, prepare derivative works of, modify, sell and otherwise exploit all or any part of the User Content in our sole discretion by any method now existing or later developed, subject to our Privacy Policy. Subject to our Privacy Policy, any User Content will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary and may be disseminated or used by us for any purpose, including, but not limited to, developing, creating, manufacturing or marketing products or services. Notwithstanding the foregoing, User Content that is Feedback will be assigned to Provide Commerce in accordance with the Section on Feedback below.

Notice Part B of this section. If you don't understand legal-eez, basically it states that they can and will share any and all information you provide them with anyone they want in the entire world!!!

There is a class action lawsuit against them in San Diego, California, in September 2009, where the company resides. Only in San Diego can a lawsuit be brought against them, even though they "sell" nationwide. This is also in the "terms and conditions". It's an interesting read - if you find experiencing RAGE against the crimes against humanity interesting!

Read about the class action lawsuit here:

If the case is won - millions of people will likely be owed money! If you have been a victim, you will be notified if the case is won.

Resolved easy saver rewards

I ordered Flowers from, because of the free delivery option you sign up unknowingly to an EASY SAVER REWARDS program which is an affiliate of ProFlowers. I looked at my Credit card bill today and my wife asked what is that charge for $14.95 every month since June 09, well now it’s Dec 09 and you can't really tell who is charging you but look for POS PURCHASE EZSVER RW ID. They got me for $119.96 over 8 months shame on me for not researching this earlier. Be rest assured I will never buy a PRO FLOWERS product or service again and I will tell everyone I know about you little sneaky shady game. Buyer beware even with a big company like Pro Flowers. Those were the most expensive flowers I ever bought with free shipping, Nothings for free. Call 800.580.2913 and let them know how mad you are, then call Easy saver Rewards at [protected] to cancel your ripoff membership that was shoved under your nose for free shipping. Remember nothings for free.

  • Jo
    John Tai Mar 22, 2010

    I am the latest victim of the unauthorized monthly charge for 14.95$ for EASY SAVER REWARDS program affiliated with ProFlowers. The funny thing is I don’t even have any clue what that program is. I live in Taiwan and I don’t want to waste more money to make more phone calls which I did and could not reach a real person to cancel the “membership”.

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  • Mz
    mzcongeniality Jun 03, 2010

    My daughters bought me flowers for Mother's Day and everything that that these consumers have complained about has happened to my daughter's account. She was charged the $1.95 immediately after the purchase and sure enough, the next month she was charged $14.95 from Easy Saver and $12.97 from Luckily, we caught that before we wrote our check for the rent, or we would have been charged late fees for the rent and overdraft fees from the bank. We will never buy another product from ProFlowers again. This is ridiculous.

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