Proflowers UsaBeware

I can't believe that all I did was order a bouquet of flowers for my mom before Mother's day through and applied (through a 3rd party website) to get a rebate on my shipping, then to find out all of a sudden I'm in this "club" charging me $14.95 every month!

This has gone on since May 08 and it's Sept and I just realized they are doing this behind my back.

I have also rec'd overdrafts from my bank at $35.00 a pop!

I just composed a stern, but professional letter to Easy Saver customer service and plan on doing a follow up call tomorrow morning. They WILL cancel this "membership" immediately and the WILL give me all my money back - period.

I can't believe this - I am shaking my head that this has happened to a lot of other innocent people too. Unbelieveable.

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