Blooms Today Complaints & Reviews

Blooms Today / unreceived flower delivery for a surprise 60th birthday

Aug 11, 2018

Terrible experience ! I ordered online over a week ago, a special $70 bouquet for my mother-in-laws surprise 60th birthday, I had it all planned out to arrive the day she arrived. I ended up receiving an email at 6 pm that evening ‘claiming' they had arrived, but they hadn't, I was at that...

Blooms Today / too expensive

Aug 28, 2017

Extremely disappointed. Overpriced service. They've got ridiculous fees for everything. I bought an ordinary bouquet of flowers for 20 dollars. They included all of their weird fees and the total bill was already 60 dollars. I didn't pay for anything else. I wanted flowers only. Nothing...

Blooms Today / product not delivered!

Mar 04, 2017

Blooms TodayOmg. The flowers for my Grandfathers funeral did not arrive AT ALL. I followed and got the link for this company through the Monterey Herald Newspaper. There's no excuse for this. The one day. The flowers were paid and promised to be delivered March 4, 2017 at the elks lodge in Monterey...

Blooms Today / floral delivery

Dec 22, 2016

blooms today shriveled and eeked responsibility for delivering a paid living plant arrangement to a funeral for a friend . what else could I say, the feeling . Resolution? I am sure there are reasons for everything, and i will seek the repose to release from this contriteness, although not ever...

Blooms Today / failure to deliver funeral flowers

May 23, 2015

My brother died in Colorado. The only representative I could have of myself there with the rest of my family was the flowers I ordered from Blooms Today. I couldn't fly out there. They guarantee same day delivery. I ordered the flowers on the 16th to arrive before the wake or "viewing" on...

Blooms Today / unauthorized charge

Apr 13, 2013

I just found an auto payment on my charge card. This apparently happened when I had received a REFUND check from Blooms Today (for flowers not delivered). It looks like when I cashed the REFUND check, somehow my credit card was charged for a roadside service insurance. Are you kidding me? This company, BLOOMS TODAY, is horrendous.

Blooms Today / no delivery, lying


I ordered flowers from Blooms Today for Valentine's Day 2012. Blooms Today did not deliver the flowers. I got in soooo much trouble. Blooms Today did not apologize, make an attempt to right their wrong but had the gall to offer me $10 off on my next order. Mother's Day 2012, I...

Blooms Today / unauthorized charges, false advertisement&bad customer service, scam company


I ordered from bloomstoday cause their false advertisement of 50%off...i thoight I was getting a deal for motjers day then when I go to order cone to find out I only get 50% off if I agree to membership for9.99a I did being dumb I guess...anyhow mothers day comes around¬hing...

Blooms Today / charge for something I didn't order


I ordered flowers from Blooms Today in April 2010. Supposedly I saved 50% on the price of the flowers which were $74.00, and I was also charged a second time that day for 20 some dollars, PLUS $9.95 the same day and every month since then. I didnt realize it until I received my Credit card...

Blooms Today / unauthorized fees


My wife purchased a dozen roses for me on 10/6/2011. This was a one-time purchase via the phone to celebrate an event. One month later, I noticed a charge from Blooms Rewards on our bank statement. When I called them, they said that we were enrolled in a rewards program at $9.99 per month...

Blooms Today / misleading advertising


Well, I must say that I am glad that I did not actually place my intended order on this time! Part of the process of ordering flowers with the “50% off” discount is agreeing to trial memberships with Blooms Rewards and As everyone should...

Blooms Today / beware


I also ordered from this disreputable company, I am embarassed that I did not research this company before purchasing their product. This company automatically enrolled me in its awards program for $9.95 and charged me $15.00 more than the authorized price. Bloomstoday charged me $57.23...

Blooms Today / rippoff, scam, unauthorize charge


Ordered flowers for funeral from California to Michigan and signed up for the $9.99 rewards program to get the discount. Without any notice verbal or written I have an unfamiliar charge from Identityworldwidecom with no phone number, so I google it and find out it is a scam that is linked...

Blooms Today / unreliable


I ordered flowers to be delivered to a funeral home on Saturday, June 9, 2011. Upon arrival to the funeral home on Sunday, June 10th, the order was not there. I called and spoke to a representative that was kind and said that she would track the order to see why it was not delivered. I...

Blooms Today / Identity Worldwide / scammed from money/identity


First they were offering 50% off flower purchases for "registering, " but they didn't tell me that by registering my name, email address and phone number (the essential information you need when stealing someone's identity), that I would be automatically enrolled in their...

Blooms Today / poor service


Yesterday, April 12, 2011, at 11am, I ordered flowers for my wife from Blooms Today 's. I was gauranteed delivery the sameday before 5pm. I was charged and sent a confirmation number. This morning around 8:30 am, April 13, 2011, I called them because the flowers were never delivered...

Blooms Today / 9.99 monthly charge-watch this


Read this and watch this about on-libuying flowers online could cost more than you get : Wral. commay 7, 2009... here's one indicator: the national retail federation estimates that americans will spend nearly $2 billion on flowers for mother's day this... - cached florist...

Blooms Today / order flowers/montly 9.99 charge


I have never ordered on the internet where my order comes in as three transactions on the credit card. they have one entry for the flowers (debit). then one entry for the savings (credit). then one entry for the recurring monthly charge (monthly debit). when you place your first order the...

Blooms Today / charges


I called and emailed Blooms today 9-2010 to cancel my subscription. I also tried their online cancellation with no luck. They however contine to charge me that $9.95 every month. I call my cc and filed a complaint with them and that was no help. After spending 10+ mintes on hold today I...

Blooms Today / cancellation of order without contacting me and leaving me with nothing.


I ordered a plant to be deilivered the following day to a friend who lives in AZ. Bloomstoday took my order and the next day (the day they were supposed to deliver) they unilaterally cancelled my order and claimed they tried to reach me. Each rep I spoke to had a different story as to why...

Blooms Today / unauthorized charges


I was scammed when I ordered flowers from Blooms Today. I took advantage of their 50% off offer. When I received my credit card statement, I found that they had charged me an unauthorized $9.99 for membership in their Blooms Rewards program. I did not want to be a member of this program. I...

Blooms Today / they charge $9.99 every month to your credit card


BRWARE BEWARE BEWARE!!! They charge $9.99 every month to your credit card.They are extremely difficult to deal with! I have not yet checked if my flower order was delivered but I have found this charge of $9.99 on my account which I did not agree to.Their Phone lines are always busy.

Blooms Today / they scam you in every possible way


I purchased the Premium bouquet, $20 more than the Standard bouquet. When my mom received them they were not the same as the ones in the picture. Not the same flowers or colors. It basically looked like the Standard bouquet instead of having plenty of big beautiful flowers. Like the pict...

Blooms Today / scam!!!


What a scam they got going in this "family owned and operated" business. They sell you flowers at a lower price, and somewhere in the checkout process you agree to a $9.95 a month fee (don't ask me...I still can't find the fine print for that) for the rest of your life. I still...

Blooms Today / odering was a breeze, where my issues began was tracking my order


Odering was a breeze, where my issues began was tracking my order. I called several times and all I got was a number to a florist that didn't have my informaiton in their system. It was a vicious circle of miscommunication and I will tell everyone I know that my experience was not...

Blooms Today / no flowers! fraudulent charges! scammers


I am absolutely DISGUSTED with this fraudulent "company"! I ordered a bouquet of tulips to be delivered to my mother on Saturday, the day before Mothers' Day. I received a confirmation email and order number, as well as the name of the local florist that would be delivering the...

Blooms Today / unauthorized sharing of information


Apparently BLOOMS TODAY (BT) sells their customer's contact information (including credit card access) to other companies. Without my permission, BLOOMS TODAY gave my information to a company called CompleteHome - an unaffiliated company "to offer you discount and savings service...

Blooms Today / do not give them your money or your business


Prices appear to be low, but after the S&H and an automatic $10 "rewards" charge is added on it works out to at most a 10% saving over competitors. They quickly recoup that because in the very small print you've signed up for a $10 monthly charge on your credit card. Although I...

Blooms Today / automatic monthly charge


Purchased addition to the charge for the flowers was an additional 9.95 charge. I tried to call the company twice, was put on hold then the line went dead. I called boa and they told be that the 9.95 was a "recurring charge" (monthly). I had to inactivate my debit card and apply for a new card. Do not use this company you will be sorry.

Blooms Today / awewfull arrangment


Blooms TodayWe paid 65.00 for a funeral arrangement and when we showed up at the funeral home. We were dumb founded to see what we received, I went on the florist website to see this similar arrangement sell for 25.00. Spoke with them this morning he stated that when he received the order from bloom...

Blooms Today / product not as advertised


I ordered these flowers from Blooms Today because they looked very attractive in the picture they provided on their website. I needed the flowers the very next day for my mother's birthday. When I got to my mothers house about 5 or 6 days later I was totally embarrassed by the poor...

Blooms Today / told I was receiving a discount on purchase without rep explaining I was going to be billed a 9.95 debit from my credit card each month.


When ordering a florist arrangement to be delivered to another state, I was told that I would get a discount on my purchase if I signed up for bloom rewards. I was led to believe that this was a program I would get to review in the next 30 days to decide if I wanted to join. Instead, my...

Blooms Today / monthly charge on credit card


Credit Card charged $9.95 for some rewards program I never signed up for. Called customer service several times, also went to the website to cancel but this charge continued for five months to the tune of $50.00. What a scam this company is, they should be shut down.

Blooms Today / extra fees


I ordered flowers for my mother-in-law because she had just been diagnosed with breast cancer back in April 2008. It wasn't until this month (9/08) my husband notices a $14.95 fee on our credit card bill. He calls to question the charge and is told that when I ordered flowers from...

Blooms Today / Blooms Rewards / have been enrolled and charged for a program not requested


I have ordered flowers from this company on more than one occasion and been pleased with the flowers. On one order, was asked if I wanted to be in the rewards program and I answered NO. However they enrolled me in the program and began unauthorized charges to my credit card. Having some difficulty getting this enrollment canceled.

Blooms Today / monthly charge


Every month, I continue to be charged $9.95 on my credit card from, though I have never signed up for it or given them permission to charge me. I ordered flowers from Blooms Today one time in April 2008 and have continued to be charged this monthly fee ever since. And...

Blooms Today / wrong arrangement delivered


I ordered a floral basket bouquet for 59.99 then upgraded to the delux version for 69.99. I ordered from a picture online so I would know exactly what I was sending to my mother-in-laws funeral. Instead they sent a plant in a dish. Not to mention it was extremely sparse. How embarrassing!!! I would...

Blooms Today / you pay but they don't deliver & zero customer service!


I placed an order last week. I had to call 8 times to find out if the order was delivered! Finally they told me that although they charged me, they never delivered the order. They said I should receive the discount in 10 business days - yeah, i'm sure. This company has horrible customer...

Blooms Today / scam and rip off!

They say your first order will be 50% off if you answer just one question. but then send email 'congratulating' you for buying a monthly ' coupon charge'. my 45.00 order was charged full price plus a 10.00 additional charge for this 'monthly service' no half off> just big scam!!