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I had never ordered from these people before. I wanted to get my mother something this week for Mothers day. They have advertised night and day for the last 3 months over 200-400 times a day that their flowers are ALL 19.99 and have given this special code of MOST and Savage and Michael to get a good deal on these flowers. I ordered some long stem tulips for mom and it was 19.99. The card they added on $3.00 and added on $7.00 for the vase and another $13.99 for Saturday delivery and another $5.99 for mothers day delivery. Then looked at the order again and they also had added another $4.99 for shipping and handling. The $19.99 flowers turned into a $48.97 order total. They are supposed to be to my mom delivered this weekend and hope she gets them. I got no discount at all on this order. This company must have tons of money because for the last 3 months on every radio and television station they have advertised 200-400 times a day that these flowers are Just 19.99 and that is it. They are liars and are lying to the public about their flowers. This company I know makes trillions of dollars because they would not have the money to run this commercial or series of commercials so damn much. So if you want to order from these people plan to spend ALOT and not get any kind of a deal because there are tons of added charges. They do not tell you till the end of the order and not at all in the stuff that tells you the kinds of boquets that you can order. I do not drive and have to order online because I am unable to drive a car due to poor coordination and emotional problems and issues and can no longer work any more since 1998 and am completely disabled. This company takes advantage of the simple consumer and thinks we do not know any better. That is what credit card companies do as well. This world is messed up and will never get any better due to greed. I live in Portland Oregon and since 2009 rents and living expenses have gone up 175%. They lie all the time about the unemployment rate and say it is down to 6% which is a lie. I go shopping and do errands on the city bus every day just about and see tons of people in the stores (thousands) during work days and times. If people were back to work there would not be thousands in all the stores and lines out the doors. People are not back to work and know the REAL unemployment rate has to be over 25%. Please think about ordering from these people because they are liars and are way way too high on their products.

May 7, 2014

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