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7:10 am EDT
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Buyer Beware! This company does not take responsibility for their mistakes and will leave you out to dry! We purchased a passion fruit concentrate for a new gummy line, went through R+D and shelf life testing, and printed packaging, at a total cost of over $10,000. Then when we tried to start production they sent a drastically different product with the...

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7:25 pm EDT

Natures Flavors Never received refund for order that was cancelled during pandemic due to extra long wait time for shipping

I placed an order during the Covid pandemic, which was not shipped even after several weeks so I contacted them to cancel the order. They sent me a notification that they cancelled the order, however several months later while doing my taxes I went back through and saw I was never refunded for the order. I contacted my bank who went back through my account and confirmed no refund was ever given, I then contacted Natures Flavors and let them know I was never refunded and all they did was resend that same confirmation email to me (which my bank again fully confirmed was never placed back in my account). Beware they will keep your money if you cancel an order and just send you a screenshot saying you were refunded even when you weren't.

Desired outcome: I would like an actual refund for the order I placed that was cancelled.

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11:00 am EDT

Natures Flavors Everything I ordered

Waited 3 months on an order only to discover it wasn't a natural flavoring, but flavored dextrose which I can not use. Requested to return the day I opened the package and still have not been given an RMA.

The customer service was not helpful and did not bother with follow through. In fact, they did not even know that the products contained dextrose much less was dextrose with hardly any flavor added and was bitter and disgusting. Will not buy from again... ever and recommend no one else does either.

Desired outcome: FULL refund

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7:30 pm EST

Natures Flavors Never Recieved Order

I placed an order with this company on 10/07 for $200+ worth of product. I ordered early to try to work with what their site says, namely that they are taking 2 weeks to produce their product. It has been 3+ months and I havent received an update, any information regarding my product or a shipping #. They have dodged my calls and emails simply saying they are thankful for my patience. I have lost thousands of dollars in sales because this company has yet to honor a shipment, which they had no problem taking my money for. They are an untrustworthy, ill-reputable company who doesnt care about their customers in any way.

I've spent literally thousands of dollars with this company and to find that my product, my business and my value as a customer is 0 is incredibly difficult and problematic for me to understand.
My order # was [protected]. I was told in NOV to keep waiting and that they were 2 weeks backed up. Here it is almost a month since that conversation and I cant get an update from anyone in their company. I honestly don't know if there is an appropriate resolution unless they severely discount my order to accommodate the loss of sales I've experienced from their failure to deliver or inform.

Desired outcome: I get my product in NOV. Its too late for that so I leave it up to the company, if they care, to make this right.

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3:08 pm EST
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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I placed an order with nature's flavors on the web in august of 2008. I never received a confirmation from them that they received the order so a week later i placed the order again from memory (Slightly different as i couldn't remember exactly what i tried to order the first time) . That time i received a confirmation by email. $160 worth of merchandise...

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Natures Flavors reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Feb 14, 2009. The latest review Passion fruit concentrate was posted on Jun 28, 2024. The latest complaint Fraud and cheating was resolved on Feb 14, 2009. Natures Flavors has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 5 reviews. Natures Flavors has resolved 1 complaints.
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    (714) 744-3700
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    833 N. Elm Street Orange, CA 92867, United States
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    Jul 01, 2024

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