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I've already placed several orders with pottery barn kids and pb teen online for this coming Christmas and already regret ever spending my money on them since they obviously show no care or interest with my issues and concerns. As soon as I submitted my order with pb teen I changed my mind on a fabric choice for the mani pedi lapdesk. I immediately called customer service and asked if I could change it for the other fabric (exact same price) she said I needed to allow time for the order to appear in their system and call them back in 15 minutes or so. So I called later and the next lady told me it was too late to make any changes. Wait, what?? So I have no choice but to stick with the initial selection I made. Any other company would've gladly obliged. Next, on my pb kids order I placed the email confirmation of my order showed a higher price one of the items I purchased. Lucky for me I had a screenshot of the item I texted to my sister. So I called customer service and she first denied anything could be done since the order was submitted and supposedly the item in question was set for the higher price and that's what the price is. I told her I had the screenshot of the day prior showing the lower price of when I added it to my cart. She asked my to email it to her of which I did. Then she said she couldn't do anything because the picture didn't have a date. I have an iPhone so at the top of the picture for the date take it said Yesterday 6:21pm. I tried explaining to her that the date would be yesterday's date because that is how my phone will show it being that it was only a day ago. Maybe I'm the i###t and there must be a way to pull the on the picture but I'm not very tech savvy. Anyway, she's the bigger i###t for not understanding the concept of yesterday's date from the day we were on the phone. It was very irritating and frustrating. I honestly feel like it's a losing battle every which way. So not worth the $20 difference in that item price for my time to deal with them and the stress. But I think that's what they want is for us to give up they just robbed me of $20 I can only imagine how much they've robbed from customers to date.

Dec 09, 2016

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