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Portfolio Recovery Associates


Fraudulent Debt Collection

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Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC
United States
Portfolio Recovery Associates contacted me in 2007 to collect a debt for a utility bill I don't owe (from apparent ID theft). The bill is from 2006 at an address I moved from back in 2004. In other words, I was not there to run up the utilities. I have been at my current residence since 2004.

I cooperated initially, thinking this would be easily cleared up--the landlord confirms we left in 2004, the deed for our house closed in 2004 and is available at the courthouse. We provided copies, and all documentation they asked for. In retrospect, my faith that a collection agency would be willing to clear up a mistake was pretty naive, but I'd never had any dealings with collection agencies before.

As it turns out, they have screamed at me, called me names, called me a deadbeat--all this is against state law: West Virginia Fair Debt Collection Practices Act § 46A-2-125, Oppression and abuse.They even told me to pay the money even though it is not my debt because it will be the only way they will leave me alone. I don't know if this is strictly against the law or not, but it probably made me madder than anything else they have done. Pay money I don't owe?!! I am far more likely to sprout wings and poo on their heads.

They have threatened to garnish my wages (I don't get wages, so this would indeed be a trick.) Also, that threat is against state law, as well: West Virginia Fair Debt Collection Practices Act § 46A-2-124.

In addition, they frequently refuse to identify themselves when they call--this is also against state law: West Virginia Fair Debt Collection Practices Act § 46A-2-127, Fraudulent, deceptive or misleading representations. They call, but won't state where they're calling from--they only give a name and number, but not a business. They insist, "It's personal!" The number, naturally, Googles as Portfolio Recovery Associates.

They have also threatened to come to my house and take things. They have threatened to sue me. And so on. Keep in mind, that all this would be very, very illegal even if I actually owed the money, which I DO NOT.

I had an attorney write a cease communication letter to them in January 2008, and they STILL continue to contact me, against state law. After that, they did stop calling until October 2009--I thought it was over-- but for some unknown reason have begun again. I have not spoken with them for this go around: they have instructions to contact my attorney, and they can do that. I don't need to be abused again.

Currently I have complaints pending at the VA BBB and with the WV state Attorney General. (I am in WV, and they are in VA.) Our attorney General in WV doesn't seem to have patience for this sort of thing, so I have hopes that this will finally be resolved for me. If this is happening to you, please contact your state Attorney General's office. It was hard to get anyone else to listen.

Ironically, their motto is "Giving debt collection a good name."

Portfolio Recovery Associates operates illegally, and they can't be forced to stop if your attorney general doesn't get reports from abused people like you. Even if you do actually owe the money they are trying to collect, there are laws they have to follow, and this outfit does NOT follow them.

Find your state's Fair Collection Statutes here:


Call your state AG!!!
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N  10th of Nov, 2009 by    +6 Votes
BTW, the Minnesota Attorney General is currently investigating them:


Hopefully, my attorney general will be investigating them soon, too.

Call your attorney general to make a complaint so this company will have to follow the law. Find your state attorney general here:


Your attorney general can make them stop illegally abusing not only YOU, but others like you: elderly people they like to intimidate, single mothers, veterans, anyone. Even when you owe a debt, there are laws they have to follow, and this company does not follow them. Report abuses to your attorney general!!!
A  24th of Nov, 2009 by    +6 Votes
As an update--and more reason to ALWAYS report issues like this to your Attorney General--I got a letter from the office of the WV attorney General last week, letting me know they had already assigned someone to advocate for me. That in itself was somewhat surprising to me, just because the response came so quickly, about a week after I had submitted the official report and sent my documentation. I had the impression that it would take them time to evaluate my complaint, even though it is quite straightforward. But they responded right away. Who would have guessed government could work so fast? I love West Virginia.

A week after that, I had a call from the gas company, the "original creditor." Mind you, I had spoken with them originally in 2007 about this issue, and was told they had no record of my having called to turn off the gas. That they didn't show a record didn't surprise me terribly. The natural presumption was that if they'd had a record of my request, it would have been turned off properly. Portfolio Recovery Associates was meant to have "investigated" my dispute, so presumably Hope Dominion Gas would have checked again (but I don't believe PRA did any sort of a real investigation with the gas company). Then I spoke to the gas company again recently, asking them for a record of the account. Always pleasant and polite (unlike the abusive PRA), still they said again they had no record of the request. I simply thought it somehow hadn't been recorded or saved when I called to have the gas shut off.

When I got the call from Hope Dominion Gas this past Friday, though, they told me the AG had already been in contact with them. (How's that for fast work?) They added this nugget: they did, after all, have a record of my order to shut off the gas. They found the record on a work order when they did an investigation. Apparently, someone had gone to the rental house to turn off the gas, but couldn't get in (internal meter) to take a final reading. So, inexplicably, it was left in my name. They don't have an explanation as to why that happened rather than, say, making an estimate for the last bill or something else reasonable. Nor do they have any explanation as to why this would have been let go to run a bill in my name for two years. I am also not clear as to why they couldn't find the record of this earlier... and I'm not sure they are, either. However, there you have it: that's how it began.

This was not illegal on the part of the gas company (so far as I know), but it was certainly sloppy and bad practice. The person I spoke to at the gas company--Tammy--commented that this was the second time they had discovered something like this in the last 6 months. I think I understood her to say that they are going to try to pursue the bill with the people who actually did run it up, although I'm not sure how easy that will be. I wish them luck. They did tell me that they were "recalling" the debt from the collection agency, and that it would be removed from my credit report. (However, PRA reported it a second time to my credit report, so they will have to remove it as well.)

As to Portfolio Recovery Associates, I presume the AG's office is now investigating the way they repeatedly broke the law by contacting me after they had been directed not to, threatening me, refusing to identify themselves and on and on. That remains. I think reporting a single debt twice is also illegal, but I could be wrong about that. Again, the thing that makes me probably maddest is when they told me that they believed me that the debt wasn't mine (after having seen my documents), but they wanted me to pay, anyway. Isn't that simply admitting you're a fraud? Isn't that some terrible sort of hubris, suggesting that they can simply force people to pay them money via intimidation, threats of wage garnishment and other strong arm tactics too bountiful to ennumerate here? Outrageous.

PRA's response to my complaint at the BBB was this: "Given that this matter is the subject to multiple complaints with other regulatory bodies, for the purposes of this complaint, I will simply confirm that PRA's collection attempts on this account will cease." They missed the first deadline to respond, but did barely make the extended deadline (after the AG was on the case).

I "did not accept" this response, since they must also agree to remove it from my credit report AND they must agree not to resell the debt. I presume this will be an easy thing to agree to since the gas company is recalling the debt. I also hope they are required to pay fines for having broken the law. In fact, I hope the AG can put them out of business in our state. This wasn't a simple case of a (bad) error, as it was at the gas company. This wasn't just one jerk, or two or three. This wasn't sloppiness. It was pervasive abuse, criminal behavior, by everyone I dealt with at that company. Shameful, shameful!

Report abuses like this to your attorney general so companies like this are put on notice that they can't simply ignore the law to collect, not even if the debt is real. NO ONE deserves to be screamed at, called names and terrorized by these bottom feeders.
A  3rd of Dec, 2009 by    +6 Votes
We have had TWO bad experiences with PRA, totally different cases.

My fiancee' was harassed by PRA a couple of years back. My fiancee was willing to pay the debt off at first. However, they would not accept a monthly check through the mail. They wanted his bank information so that they could automatically take out the "agreed" monthly fee. When he refused to do this, they showed us their true colors. They swore at him and me, threatened us with going to jail, getting our home taken away, etc. They called at all hours of the day, several time a day. I couldn't even believe they were treating us the way they were. They also gave me his personal information, without his knowledge, which is against the law. So many laws they broke.

We reported their behavior to the FTC. Calls and letters came to a halt. That is until we received a letter from the magistrate court several months later informing us that my fiancee was being sued in our home town by PRA for the debt they bought for pennies on the dollar! At the court hearing, my fiancee explained to the judge that we were harassed, threatened and sworn at by these people and that he tried working them, but they wouldn't unless he forked over bank account info. The judge didn't even care! He ruled in their favor and ordered my fiancee to get in touch with the PRA and arrange a payment plan.

We hadn't contacted them after a few weeks, so without our knowledge they had another court date and the judge garnished our entire bank account and paid those criminals $2500! $500 of which bounced causing several hundred dollars in over draft fees. It financially hurt us for a long time afterwards, considering we're a small business struggling in this horrible economy!

Now they're after me. I have an almost 7 year old debt with certain company. They sold it to PRA 3-2008. They tried calling me about a year ago, but I told them I'd only talk with them if they'd let me record the conversation. They cussed me out telling me that I didn't know who I was messing with, and hung up. I haven't received the first letter or phone called. So 3 days ago I pull up my record report. Under my debt with them, they have stated that I made a payment (it didn't say when) to PRA in the amount of $199! I've NEVER made a payment to them!

It's obvious that they're trying to restart the statute of limitations so they have more time to collect that debt from me! It should be up by now in my state of WV! I've reported it to the FTC and called the Attorney General about it as well.

This evil dirty company needs stopped! We attempted paying off what we could afford monthly, but it wasn't good enough for them. If you research them online, you read hundreds of stories saying the same things about them. Why haven't they been stopped??

If anyone has more info on them, or if there are any class action lawsuits against them, please contact me ASAP. I'm contacting an attorney about them tomorrow. UNTILSUNRISE23 (AT SYMBOL) AIM.COM
N  30th of Jan, 2010 by    -7 Votes
Boo Hoo...Cry me a river...Everyone wants to complain when a debt collector is trying to collect on a loan that you the consumer defaulted on...All of this could be avoided if you would just pay your damn bills...A creditor shouldn't have to SELL the debt to someone else because the account is delinquent because you the debtor refuse to pay it...If you had any intentions on paying the bill, it wouldn't have been written off by the original creditor...It's pretty sad that someone has to try & track you down to pay off a bill that YOU AGREED TO PAY originally...Stop being deadbeats & pay your bills!
N  26th of Feb, 2010 by    +7 Votes
I called Portfolio Recovery Associates, at their (local)# 757-519-9300 and asked for their fax number and they wouldn't give it to me. I called back and asked for a rep, I told her that I was a debt collector trying to recover some money that she owes for a sears credit card. Isn't your name, she said I don't have a sears account. So I said I'm only an employee here at BRP and it shows here that you owe $1255 to sears and it shows on your credit report as no payment has been made. She freaked out and said that she works for a collection agency and she knows all the little tricks that these companies play. I said so your familiar with the process and that Portfolio Recovery Associates reports to the credit bureau when they shouldn't be doing so. She stayed quiet told me to remove that immediately from her credit report. So I said, let me have your fax number and I will fax you the information right of away so you can see for yourself. So she said Fax number is (757) 321-2504.

A  5th of Mar, 2010 by    +9 Votes
Response to complaints

Re. Portfolio Recovery Associates
1. Has for some time been investigating due to complaints about the inappropriate behaviors of this supposed “business.”
3. Stated that if one has paid anything to them or they have done something else to you may be ELIGIBLE FOR MONETARY COMPENSATION BY THE COURTS when the case (and Portfolio Recovery) is done.
5. If you don’t want to be contacted YOU CAN RESPONSD ANONYMOUSLY.
6. Follow the case online at: http://myfloridalegal.com/ and type in Portfolio Recovery in the search box.


1. I have NO OUTSTANDING DEBTS at all; This “collection agency” has and never had any basis for contacting me,
2. It appears that I fall into their category of being a target selected with the intent to harass and threaten in order to illegally obtain unwarranted payments.

This company attempts to collect money from a private citizen in an instance where there is no foundation and since there is no money owed nor any past debt they take it a step further to obtain payments that are they are employing techniques of harassment and threats to bully their target into paying.

I have been receiving these unwarranted calls from this company for over a year with coming in at least twice a day from different phone numbers and beginning before 8 am with the last call of the day just after 10 pm. There is no cessation of calls despite that debt collection is unwarranted and inappropriate in my situation.

It is clear that their "business" policy is to get people to pay them just to go away. Given such illicit methods it is clear that who report that after paying Portfolio Recovery continues to harass and threaten in order to obtain additional money from someone who they consider to be an intimated "sucker."

Portfolio Recovery Associates utilizes additional numbers and calls have come from their other numbers, and these numbers including these and others:



Is this a takeoff on what has been known as the "Mafia" publicly ... now accepted as a legitimate business?

Is this also a means of targeting the elderly and those who are not in a position to defend themselves? Are techniques involving the creation of mental distress now considered to be appropriate business practices?

It would appear that this the new face of the debt collection industry and one is no doubt a lucrative "business." Will the courts allow this "business" to find some loophole and continue to conduct their "business" (dirty business ... which Recovery Associates apparently feels is condoned by our legal system ... and which would be the case if they are allowed to continue to function in any capacity.)

Is this what we need in our country particularly in these dire economic times when so many people and our economy are hurting?

It is imperative that a company operating on such a low level (and others like them) be stopped from functioning altogether as they will only move on to finding another way to express their criminal skills in the business setting ... or we might as well consider this a joke and give them a medal for making fools of our entire legal system and every citizen in this country who will then be at their mercy.

An example needs to be set, our citizens supported and not put in harms way with impunity, and our country's reputation and legal system be accorded some degree of respect.
N  27th of Mar, 2010 by    -13 Votes
Boo Hoo...Cry me a river...I'm not even going to waste much time responding to your pity party. What I will say is that you should've received a letter in the mail informing you that PRA now owns the debt (if there is a good address on file) & you would've had an option to dispute the validity of the debt. Furthermore, if you've spoken w/ various representatives from that company & this isn't "your debt", you can dispute the debt & send the forms back to the company so they have something to substantiate the "claims" that it isn't "your debt". It always amazes me to see how people react in situations where there is money owed to company A, but they fail to pay & now they feel that they are being "harrassed" by company B or company C. In your case, if it's not your account & you've never had the account, then dispute it genious!
N  2nd of Apr, 2010 by    +7 Votes
Question; TiredOfCrybabies Have you ever lost your job and as a result having more bills than income becouse your unemployment benifits have run out, or are not enough to cover your bills? It happens. Not everyone is a crybaby or a deadbeat. If this has never happened to you; I'd like to see how you feel about the situation if it dose, especially if you can not find employment for some time. I'll agree there are deadbeats out there but not all. Some just fall victim to hard times. How about sitting down and thinking about the situation I explained and put yourself in the other persons roll before you asign the name deadbeat or crybaby to someone. I have read your comments; seems to me that you are some upper class jerk who had everything done and handed to them, including their ### wiped. You most likely do not know what it is like to work hard for peanuts and loose everything. So unless you can reverse the rolls in some of these situations and think of how others feel, quit acting like a total ###. Your comments have already spoke enough as to your character. Unfortunately there are alot of asshloes like you out there also.
N  6th of Apr, 2010 by    +8 Votes
whoever left the last comment for "tiredOfCrybabies; YOU ARE 100% CORRECT I COULDN'T HAVE SAID IT ANY BETTER MYSELF.
A  6th of Apr, 2010 by    +8 Votes
While I agree with the last two comments, I must point out that in this case, it's beside the point, and in many cases it's beside the point. The debt was not mine. This isn't a matter of getting in over my head due to either miscalculation on my part or to the tragedy of losing a job, or to having someone in my family get ill. Portfolio Recovery Associates doesn't care of the debt is legitimate or not. That's the point.

As to "Crybabies, " it is certainly illustrative that this poster would write the exact same post twice, nearly 60 days apart. Folks, this is either just a troll or someone Portfolio Recovery Associates has employed to obfuscate the real issue. The issue (in this case) is that it wasn't my debt to begin with, AND that I was unable to clear it up in the normal way of things, by following the process and disputing the debt. Notice that Crybabies suggests that I didn't do that, when clearly I did. Feel free to browse some other complaints on this board, and you will see that comment posted several times in other threads, too.

If Portfolio Recovery Associates was an ethical business, certainly it would be possible to clear up a legitimate dispute, with legal documentation to back it up such as I had, quickly and easily. However, it required the attorney general of my state to get involved to clear this up in the end. When the AG wrote them, they were happy to clear it up as fast as they could.

Please reread my original post and follow up. Of course there are laws about fair Debt Collection that should be followed, even when it *is* actually your debt. People are not bad just because something bad has happened to them. However, this wasn't a case like that. Crybabies is most likely paid to post here so people who don't read these things carefully (but just skin to get the gist) will see at the bottom of the page "gee, why don't deadbeats just pay their debts?" implying that the debt was actually legitimate when it was not. This should also tell you something about the way Portfolio Recovery Associates operates and what the corporate culture is like there.
N  6th of May, 2010 by    -10 Votes
People, really? Understand that it is not the collectors fault that the loan was opened, the collectors understand its not your fault that you got laid off, but if you quit or got fired, then you need to rethink your life.

a Debtor needs to pay the bills, when not able to, dont just hang up on a collector, its one thing that collectors hate more than anything...take the time to say We will have a civilized conversation about my situation and when i am done explaining it, tell me what we have to work with...LISTEN TO THE OPTIONS PRESENTED TO YOU!
D  17th of May, 2010 by     Best Advice +9 Votes
Draven2010 and Tired of Crybabies:

It appears that you guys are trolls, possibly employed by Portfolio Recovery Associates to muddy up the waters, as has already been opined. The point here is that PRA routinely breaks the law, that PRA routinely attempts to intimidate people into giving them money, that PRA doesn't care if the bill is valid, if the bill is yours - whatever. They just want money. If PRA was truly interested in "giving collections a good name" they would work with these people to get legitimate bills paid and to identify cases of mistaken identity. They certainly wouldn't admit they know a bill isn't yours but demand you pay it anyway or we're going to harrass you forever. I had PRA calling me repeatedly for someone I never heard of. They not only refused to stop calling, they told me they were debt collectors and had the "right" to call me twice a day! When I explained to them they had the right to call their debtor twice a day but not a wrong number, they told me they would continue to call me until I told them where to reach this person. First, impossible since I didn't know the person they were looking for, and second illegal. Apparantly not only does PRA demand money they don't deserve, they expect people to work for them for free. HELLO - it isn't my job to do your skip tracing for you!!
You say collectors will work with you. This is also not true. Many times people have attempted to "work with" these bottom feeders and they do not cooperate. How do you explain PRA's refusal to accept payments unless it's the amount they demand the way they demand it? It's only logic, if I can't afford to pay $100 a month, I sure as hell can't afford to pay you $200 a month. Time after time we see PRA demanding money that people simply do not have. PRA is not willing to work with these debtors. These lowlifes have been known to demand that people pay them money before they pay their rent, buy food, and otherwise take care of the basics of existence. Seriously, how do you expect anyone to pay hundreds of dollars on a debt and forgo a roof over their head or groceries? Do you honestly expect anybody to pay PRA instead of buying food for their families? Do you honestly expect that anyone should pay PRA instead of their rent? This is absurd. Many people are in financial distress in this country right now due to the economic situation. PRA would not have such a bad reputation if they were reasonable. They are not. They should be forced to operate within the law or they should be closed down.
N  22nd of May, 2010 by    +6 Votes

Yes; I agree it is not the collectors fault a loan was opened or a person lost their job. In most cases I'll agree with Valari collectors will not work with debetors that are willing to pay an affordable amount each month untill the debt is satisfied. If collectors would be more reasonable about the amounts they demand instead of that commission check for the collection of an account; the agency employee and the debtor would all be satified. Especially the employee for having the most accounts collected. It is true if someone dosen't have it how can they give it? Honestly answer this question: would you yourself pay a collection agency an amount you know you can not afford to pay each month before you paid for food or rent. If your answer is YES you're a liar. My point is everyone involed must be civil, realistic and reasonable to resolve the issue. Most collection agencies as well as their employees are not; nor do they want to be due to commissions and bonuses that are at risk of loss. If a person is in debt to a collector due to quiting or being fired; Yes they need to rethink what they are doing and the are deadbeats but if your comment was made to insinuate that everyone who is unemployed and can not afford to pay debts must have quit their job or got fired which is most likely what you are saying you are just as much of an asswipe as "tiredofcrybabbies" as someone has commented. Yes it is true to those who do not know employees of collection agencies are paid a commission and even bonuses over and above their hourly rate of pay for what they collect. It is the number one reason they ask debtors for such astronomical amounts. Don't deney it Dravan2010 I have worked for a number of collection agencies and that's how they operate to motivate employees to get their money for the bad paper they bought for pennies on a dollar and are going to add hundreds to the actual balance in bogus fees and expenses and even as far to report a loss to the IRS for the full value of the account not the amount they purchased it for . They even try to collect it with intrest of 18 to 20 percent; paper they already knew was bad. The new american way rip off the unfortunate. another name for it is legalized extortion. I also agree that you "dravan2010" and "tiredofcrybabies" are trolls paid by collectors to dispute the truth about collectors with lies. I must say how naive do you think people are not to see though comments made by a couple of [censor]s such as the two of you.
N  24th of May, 2010 by    -6 Votes
I bet Debt Collectors heard the phrase, "It isn't mine, " a hundred times a day. I'm truely sorry for those of you who really have been asked to pay bills that really aren't yours, or have been spoken to in an unproffessonal manner, but the truth is debtors make this business hard for other debtors. Not everyone is honest. I've been on both sides of this fence. I used to work in collections, not for PRA, and now I am dealing with a collection agency taking while taking care of a charged of debt. FYI the debtor often sets the tone of a collection call. If you answer the phone, "Who the hell are u?" or "What the f**k do you want?" as many of my debtors did, then how do expect for the conversation to go? Everyone needs to remember that we are all people dealing with people...
D  12th of Jun, 2010 by    +8 Votes
If you work for Portfolio Recovery Associates, I am sorry to tell you that you work for [censor]. They are bottom feeders interested in lining the pockets of their executives and officers. Most of the debt they are trying to collect was written off by the ORIGINAL debtor many many years ago. The law attached an SOL for the purpose to prevent this from happening. What has happen, is that companies like PRA found a loophole in the law. SOL were established to protect consumers from harassment and debtors prison that was common in 19th century. The law stated that a debtor had the right to collect the debt in a certain time period. If the debt wasn't paid, a debtor could be taken to court. But this all had to be completed in a timely manner. The problem is that collecting a debt can be more expensive then the debt itself or a judge would rule in favor of the debtor at a reduced rate or a bankruptcy. Most creditors know that they are low on the totem pole in bankruptcy. So most creditors just write off the debt and place it on a credit report. To extend credit to an individual is a serious contract and risk is involved. The company has the right to never extend credit to that person again. Credit report were designed to reward good payers and warn other companies of high risk candidates. PRA and similar debt collectors started came up with a novel idea to buy hard to collect debt. Laws were enacted and debt begins to be traded like junk bonds. That wasn't enough for these low life debt collectors, they came up with the idea to buy old debt for pennies on the dollar. Companies looking for extra revenue sold them the debt. Better to get a penny then nothing. IMHO and a growing sentiment is that ONLY the original debtor should be allowed to collect debt. They extended you the credit they should be responsible. Credit equals risk. If companies can't deal with the risk, don't extend credit. Credit isn't a right. Laws clearly state you can deny anyone credit based on credit reports. That is why not everyone owns a home or gets a mortgage. Don't ever defend PRA or an debt collector. They are [censor] and to work for them makes you [censor]. Look at the CEO and managers of this company. They care little except on how to take advantage of the people. We don't have debtor prison any longer. It is leaving bankruptcy as the only means possible for anyone to get out of debt. Yes, you can file bankruptcy and avoid these calls. At least you can answer your phone without fear of being harassed. Contact your states Attorney General and congress to pass laws to ban this practice. Let's make SOL apply again. Yes, you are responsible for your debts. Only the original creditor should be allowed to collect the debt and in a timely manner. That is why we have a civil court system. Companies and individuals have the right to collect a debt; they may take you to court. But after a certain time period the debt is forgiven and lost. When dealing with PRA, treat them as a crook. Hang up and be just a rude. Once you begin to be civil to these [censor] suckers you justify their career choice. Until then, PRA workers, get used to hearing my whistle and profanity. Welcome to my world, you call me I can be rude, you call me and be rude, I going to see you in court. Your days of collecting 25 year old debt is coming to an end. In time, Congress will pass legislation to prevent this harassment. Most states and our our beloved US has debt they may one day have to right off. The world is heading toward a great depression unless we find a way to live within our means.
N  17th of Jun, 2010 by    -10 Votes
It's sad how naive you all are...I'm not rich, nor am I debt collector of any kind...You nimrods boo hoo & pitch a fit when you get into a bad financial situation and want to blame the world...All I'm saying is don't blame the collector...It's not his/her fault that you aren't responsible enough to pay "your" bills...True, you do have people that legitimately have a valid excuse to be in debt but then you have these "geniuses" that get this great idea that; Hmmm...Let me max out a few credit cards & knowingly not pay them back nor ever have the intention of paying...As far as the [censor] comments, we're all grown. All of you [censor] up here apparently are in debt & weren't smart enough not to use the entire credit line just because you dad it...It's pretty pathetic how sad you all are...Grow up...A company shouldn't have to sue you to get money back that your dumbass agreed to pay in the 1st place...On that note, I'll let you crybabies continue moaning & groaning about why you can't pay your bills...

FYI: If you [censor]s paid your bills on time, there wouldn't be a need for so many debt collectors/debt collection agencies/debt consolidation companies...Think about it~
A  17th of Jul, 2010 by    +8 Votes
Go piss up a rope. I hardly think a credit card with a limit of $400 offered to a 19 year old college student in 1990 is breaking the back of this country. I payed on that card for 3 years before having financial difficulties, I probably payed the principle balance 3x over as I averaged payments of $35 dollars a month. So the first time I had to choose between rent and my payment I was charged a forty dollar late fee. I paid my $35 dollars but again the next month was late. This put me over the limit as I was charged $40 dollars again. Add to this an additional $40 over the limit fee. Now mind you this was a credit card with a limit of $4oo. For which I was charged in one month $100 additional dollars in interest and fees. I gave up trying to pay when my balance was something like $1200 after six months. This was charged off in 1996 as far as the principle balance I owed nothing. The company made their money, but I did not receive $1200 in goods and services. Now it is 2010 and PRA writes me to tell me that I owe $3790.00. I don't think so. So you and they are welcome to stick it where the sun don't shine. I have little pity for usurious practices that prey on the young and ill informed. I was recruited for this card at my school in the quad. This is common practice among credit companys who prey on young naive and desperate young people. Wah I took the debt? Well call the wahbulance the sharks took the risk. And of they were sharks, PDA are bottom feeders nibbling at the decaying remains of legally unenforceable detritus of finance charges and fees.
A  26th of Jul, 2010 by    +8 Votes
I think the Tiredofcrybabies is himself a collector and doesn't want the collection agencies be even more under scrutiny or he works for PRA himself and tries to save a company with the character of a parasite of the society be shut down by Federal Trade Commission and he would lose his job as a professional parasite.

I can't imaging anybody issuing a supportive statement for a third party who is trying to make money of a situation where the creditor or another agency has sold the debt to PRA and a guy buckling under a 35% interest rate. Yes if these greedy, crook credit card companies would not have charged these exorbitant interest rates probably we would all be able to pay them off and on time.
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You state in your last post " True you do have people that legitimately have a valid excuse to be in debt " Yes I aggree there are people that run up charge accounts with no intention of paying. That is totally wrong and in most states is considered fraud. That said; you continue to stereotype in your posts. Your rude and degrading comments made in your posts are not directed at the debtors that act irresonsibly and max out charge accounts "just because they had it " alone. Your posts attack all persons in debt regardless of the reason. Then there are those that have been wrongly sought out as debtor to which you stereotype as well and futhermore expect them to do excessive and exorbinant amounts of work to prove a collector wrong. It is the job of the agency to seek out the correct debtor not the wrongly accused.

Most of the people for these reasons have commented correctly as to your comments. Your comments as well as those of " Dravon 2010 " have not changed my thoughts as to your character or as to what you really are. The people that post here are not naive; they just have a good grasp on the entire situation including considering personal circumstances. We even know what you really are and that pisses you off to the point that you must make these rude and degrading comments. I believe you are a jerk raised in an upper class family who had everything handed to them. I also believe you are a collector and unhappy that you lack the skills to do anything else as a result of your upbringing. You are a self- righteous egotist that will never amount to anything but a peice of [censor] stuck to the sidewalk of life that the rest of us step on and kick around as we acheive the goals in life that you never will and wish you had. A word of advice, direct your comments to the appropriate goup of people before you comment and then comment accordingly or do not comment at all Jackass. The people that you wrongfully stereotyped, rudely degraded and offended do not need to here the self- righteous egotistic [censor] comments. It is tough enough to make ends meet in this economy and keep a positive attitude without having to here self- righteous egotisic [censor] comments that come from an [censor] like you.
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Tired of crybabies and anyone else that may listen.
Go to the origin of this post and carefully read it before making any more blanket comments about people. The person moved in 2004 to another area but was tagged with a "debt" that was from the original area that occurred in 2006. Obviously the debt was from someone else. "...crybabies" was totally off to even respond to this post. Evidently "portfolio recovery" is chasing illegitimate claims against people who are not in the wrong. They evidently harass people just because they feel they can. It is the collection agency's responsibility to find the correct person of debt, not to harass an innocent person just because they have a phone number or address that either belonged to someone before or after. The issue here is the illegitimate harassment which this company does.

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