Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen / i'd like to complain about the customer service from the employees towards the customer.

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This occured November 16, 2017 at Popeyes located at Yonge and Dundas, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (273 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B 1N8). I'd like to complain about an employees disturbing attitude towards me as a customer. Firstly, when i placed my order, I was not given a receipt by this employee. Secondly, once I ordered my food, I waited patiently by the pickup area for around 15-20 minutes but my order was not called out. Then I decided to sit back down at a close distance to the cashier and my order was still not called out. I went back up and waited right in the front and another cashier spotted me waiting for a long time and asked what my order was realizing it wasn't even told to the kitchen. I've had enough and sat back down realizing it would take a while, then about 5 minutes later I went to ask why its taking so long and the employee who took my order (in a blue shirt, not sure if this was the manager ) came up to me with the food and rudely said "I told you to wait at the cashier, I called your order up a long time ago, " then shoved my food at me, gave me an incredibly rude, disgusting look and walked away. However I know for a fact she didn't call my order because I was constantly standing up there, long enough for another employee to even notice it was an abnormal amount of time and had to ask my order again. Not only did they take over 25 minutes for my simple order of a sandwich, the employee (blue shirt) failed to give me a receipt, gave me attitude for patiently waiting for my food and asking merely once if my order was ready AND didn't even apologize for the delay or her rudeness. This occurred sometime between 4.45pm-5.20pm on November 16, 2017 at the Yonge and Dundas location. Please ensure to talk to this employee so future customers don't receive such disgusting attitude and customer service. Thank you.

Nov 16, 2017

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