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I have been a member of Pogo for 1 year. I recently won a prize and now Pogo is refusing to release it to me. They said that I was using an automated robot to play for me which is completely bogus. I have never used one. I dont even know where to get them and am terrified of downloading anything off the internet anyways for fear of getting a virus. They are lying just to get ou tof sending me my prize. They wont refund my whats left on my membership. They offered to cancel it with no refund and i forfeit all the time i have already paid them for. What good is that???


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  21st of Apr, 2008
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  27th of Mar, 2009
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I WENT TO GemsForPogo.com because someone in the game room said "you can get Gems for free just go to www.GemsForPogo.com, So I taught why not its free! when I got to the site. You have to complete two or more offerings So I COMPLETED TWO and they were suppose to give me 580 Gems for completed the offering. But all I got was the running around. They email me telling me that I have to email the customer support guy name daivd and give him my username and password to get my Gems. I had email them and my mail came back to me because there was no such email the one they gave me. So I guess I was scam too. It's so sad because you can't trust anyone even the ones you think are good are scams.

  1st of Apr, 2009
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I was in the Tripeacks game room, and a player by the name of Mary put and E-mail statingyou could get free pogo gems on this website: www.GemsForPogo.com Why do these scam artists always try to out scam pogo, with these so called websites. Something needs to be done about it. Pogo has a good reputation for safe playing on their game site. And try to protect their player memberships by protecting their players personal information. If anything can be futher done to stop these scams on Pogo, I hope these scams will stop. Sincerly, Lillian.
  2nd of Apr, 2009
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I have been a member of pogo for many years and continue to be one. I have long since given up on the concept of "winning" any jackpot since I had actually hit a jackpot spin in one of the slot games and was almost immediately booted out of the room. Upon returning to the very same room that I was in, people that I was playing with congratulated me and kept going on and on about my "luck". Needless to say, I never received a dime and when I contacted pogo they said that they had no record of my jackpot spin ever occurring. I still pay my membership fee as I enjoy the games and the comraderee and all of the wonderful friends that I have met over the years. As far as I am concerned that to me is well worth the amount that I pay but I do believe that pogo should be a little more truthful in their advertisement. I am sure that every once in a while someone does "hit" as it would be an absolute false advertisement. I have had some friends of mine trace back some of the non-members that supposedly hit and as far as they can tell they do not exist except for the one time wins. It is one thing to charge people for the enjoyment that they get out of the games that they play but come on pogo, lets keep it real...

  5th of Apr, 2009
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guess its true what my mama said...if it sounds too good to be true...it usually is.
  6th of Apr, 2009
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someone in room said i could get 350 gwms free pogo is MARY7233434
  6th of Apr, 2009
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its wrong
  6th of Apr, 2009
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its wrong to do that
  6th of Apr, 2009
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whats wrong with you guys
  6th of Apr, 2009
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very mad
  8th of Apr, 2009
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Hey Pogo I enjoy these games very much, but am wondering what your going to do about these complaints. I don't think it is right to just leave them hanging like you have. If they win give them what they win. Further more people have sued companies for false advertisement and someday it may happen to you and then what, all of us that love to play these games will be out just because you don't want to hold up your end of the deal... So what you going to do.

A player of the games
  9th of Mar, 2011
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also, just so you know... the poker in pogo is totally manipulated. I was told by there own tech's if you play fast it will raise a flag in there system !!! also if your rank gets above 1790, the system will bring you back down a min of 140 rank points. You will never see a more un natural poker game anywhere. When the system feels you should not be able to win game, it will just time you out, yet.. you can still chat as this happens... so its not a connection issue as they will try to tell you. Pogo poker is more like bingo and has no skill involved. I know they get many complaints about these issues but do nothing. also if you win more than a certain amount of tokens in a set time, this will also "raise a flag in there system, proving its manipulated. POGO SUCKS !!
  2nd of Mar, 2015
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password scam from with in... the password i have been using for years won't work and pogo will not send me another one just a tech support number to call where they tell me my network has been hacked by a network out of Russia witch may be true but i'm guessing they in on it since they told me they can fix it for 2hundo and 99 $$$ dollars but i told them i would have to think about it and i would get back to thm and within 20 minutes they was calling back trying to sell this service to me so bad it was odd i got to thinking it was a scam... Well it slipped me on the first call tht if it was the network i was on tht was so messed up tht i could go log on to a friends network or even the coffee shops down the roads network and change my password then... So i asked the guy just tht and thts when the nice tech man tht had a fix for everything wit a price tag of course so wit tht asked he turned sorta mad and demanding saying it is a must i just not go log on nowhere else and fix this problem seems to me pogo is a big scam and this is sad cause from wht i understand these are all mostly older people on fixed income paying the 39.99 a year just to play games and then get taken wit scams of fix this problem when really they just have a stop on the password till you fix a problem tht you don't even have pretty price to pay to have your'e password reset
  14th of Mar, 2016
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I was sent several months ago an email from an ea games team manager and told if i had any complaints i could call or email him anytime= when i did this maybe emailed him alot because my pogo slots was never working- now i get a threatening email from him telling me my membership will be suspended if i dont stop emailing him- pogo cant fix slots because they run a rigged game and they got mad when i called them on it- then i got threatened

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