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I feel for anyone who has tried to obtain a loan modification from PNC Mortgage! I looked everywhere and all I saw was "If You Are Having Trouble Making Your Mortgage Payments-Contact Your Lender" (including PNC Mortgage's website). What a joke! We contacted them in April, 2010 and told them we could no longer afford our monthly mortgage payment of $964. They sent us forms which we completed, faxed all the required back-up documents required. We were naturally sent to the government "MHAP" and we were denied. Our mortgage payment was less that the 31% of our GROSS income required by the program. HELLO-what about NET income Mr. Obama-this is what we have to make ends meet! Anyway we received our denial letter on June 25th and told that our file was being sent to the "in-house" loan modification program for review which took your NET monthly income minus your MONTHLY EXPENSES and then decided what an "AFFORDABLE" monthly mortgage payment should be. Sounded good to me! Anyway-after complying with all the requests from PNC Mortgage we received a foreclosure notice on August 24th!!! WOW!!! As of this date to my knowledge we have neither been accepted or denied by PNC for a loan modify. When we received the foreclosure notice we contacted NACA for help. That was another experience to say the least. When the "phone counselor" completed our budget, she informed me that we could afford $200 more per month than we are already paying! What a good laugh the mortgage company must have gotten when that was submitted!!! Never mind that after our monthly expenses versus net income we have approx. $700-$750 per month for a mortgage payment...Never mind had we known our home would have been foreclosed on we would have went to our local credit union and refinanced our home with a lower interest and monthly payment..forget that now...thanks to PNC Mortgage our credit is shot to H***!!!Never mind that our net income has been cut approximately $900 per month since we took this loan out...Never mind that due to being diagnosed with sleep apena, restless leg symdrome and COPD during the past yr. our medical expenses have increased tri-fold...We tried to do the right thing and now our home is in foreclosure mode!!! A rep of PNC Mortgage told me in June that if we caught our payments up we would no longer be eligible for a loan modification. I asked about the fact that if we didn't make our payments we might face a foreclosure and that was what we were trying to avoid by contacting PNC Mortgage. His advice to me was "Put the money you would use to make the mortgage payments in a savings acct. so you will have it when your need it"!!! So now that we have received a foreclosure notice from PNC Mortgage, told by NACA that they can't help us we have turned to an attorney who specializes in foreclosures and loan modifications to help us save our home! Did we have the money to hire an attorney?? Nope-we have had to take the money we have put back to pay our mortgage arrears (not all of it, mind you because we couldn't afford the monthly payments anymore) but a good chunk of the arrears and hire an attorney!!! We are not deadbeats, we are only asking for some help to get our mortgage payment down to a now affordable amount for us!! When we took out this mortgage in 2003 we got a fixed rate of 6.9%. Is this the going rate for a mortgage now with a good credit rating (until PNC decided to ignore our request for a loan modify and send us into foreclosure!)? Middle class America is getting the shaft from government and mortgage companies!!! Anyone else agree??? Please be thinking of us and hopefully the money we have paid this attorney will help us save our home and the "AMERICAN DREAM"...

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  • Al
      Oct 19, 2010

    Wow, I feel your pain! Our loan was sold to PNC recently after we had been trying to modify our loan with the original lender for two years. PNC pushed the foreclosure through right before announcing a national moratorium on 10/8/10. We received foreclosure documents on 10/5. We've invested over 100k into our house, including the down payment. Not deadbeats either. The banks purposefully delayed or made modifications like your $200 naca increase so that they could stagger foreclosures over several years. The only consolation is to save your payments, declare bankruptcy, and keep all your income instead of paying them back. In 7 years we'll have a clean slate. Not sure what else to do.

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  • Vi
      Feb 02, 2011

    Unfortunately, PNC Mortgage actions are hidden behind the fake BBB Rating which is A+, According to the BBB the number of complaints are minimal compared to bank size. How unfair is that! Secondly, If you go to Wikipedia, PNC has a larger more organize group of investors, and to make matters worse, the holder of the original loan purposely move certain borrowers to servicing companies, who will not participate in any save your home programs, and despite a homeowner's effort to save their home; the dangerous, misleading, unethically, unfair, discriminating actions, which continue to haunt, and hurt. Many American homeowner's are in pain, suffering in their overpriced, underwater, household. Its a nightmare! Truly a shame! how so many families are breaking up, kids are affected, and most importantly, a homeowners health is the greatly affected, by the contaminated paper trail game. Instead of delaying paperwork already denied, a homeowner should be informed if they qualify once the loan number is given. I was denied 8 times, so I started my own investigation. My findings ; compared to others Worst blue collar C_____ ever.

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  • Bj
      Feb 08, 2011

    I have a mortgage with PNC Bank formerly National City Mortgage and have been up to date wit all payments bit fell into some financial difficulties and was trying to get a loan mod and contacted the lender and was switched the the in house loan modification which I though was harmless and wanted to see what they had to say.

    I was asked some questions and was told that I would qualify for the program that was instituted by President Obama, and one of the things that I would need to do was start a escrow account for the taxes and the insurance to be paid and kept up to date ( I pay my own taxes as well as the insurance on the house ).
    At this point I told the intake person that I was not interested in the program and I didn't want the papers sent to me I would look for different avenues.

    At the time the tax bill was due I didn't received a tax bill for the town I live in and went to the receiver of taxes and inquired about the bill and was notified that PNC Mortgage had paid the bill for the first ave if the bill.

    Upon hearing this when I got home I called PNC mortgage and told them that I did not authorize them to pay the tax bill an was told that I was under review for a loan-modification and since I was trying to get a loan-mod PNC started a escrow account for the taxes and I again stated that I was not interested in the program and not to pay any more of the taxes, well the second half of the taxes was also paid to the town against my wishes and at this point I notified the receiver of taxes that PNC Mortgage did not have authorization to pay the tax bill and was given papers from the clerk stopping PNC Mortgage from paying the taxes
    well now I am some 4, 000 plus in escrow to PNC and because of this I am being held up for a refinance with another company for the fact that I owe the escrow and need to take care of ir before we can proceed with the refi trying to get a hold of the people at PNC is worthless for the fact that every time I contact them when I do get through I am switched to the Loan modification dept

    I have seen people with problems worse than what I gave encountered with PNC and the Bank still continues to use tactics

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  • Md
      Feb 28, 2011

    from [protected]
    We have had our in house loan modification for nearly ayear and we just recieved notice on Feb 26 2011 that our home is going into forclosure March16 and we made all our payments on time. IS THERE ANYONE THAT CAN HELP?

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  • Fe
      Apr 05, 2011

    HELP HAS ARRIVED!!! PASS IT ON!!! This law firm is collecting info on people affected by PNC... CONTACT THEM REGARDING YOUR ISSUE TO BE INCLUDED!! Good luck to all of us!!
    Strange & Carpenter
    12100 Wilshire Boulevard
    Suite 1900
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
    Toll-free: [protected]
    Fax: [protected]

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  • Ma
      Jul 26, 2011

    I live in the PA. I was I'll and hospitalized and out of work for a few months. I was two months behind on my mortgage. I called them to see if there was anything they could do. Tried to give them one month but they wouldn't accept it. They advised me of this new Obama program, they set me up on a plan where I paid half of my mortgage til I was approved. Months go by every month I would call to check the status. Ever time they said they needed more information. This went back and forth for several months. To make a long story short, I was denied and was told I owed $28 000 in arears. I was never advised that I would have to repay the arrears if I was denied and this went on for almost a year. I started out two months late which I could have borrow if I was mislead by thinking they were helping me. Now I'm claiming bankruptcy and I'm going to lose the house and my $60k that I put down. Thank you [protected]@aol. Com

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  • Ma
      Jul 26, 2011

    I have lost everything because I trusted these people. I purchase my last two houses on a no doc loan and had great credit. Now I have to deal with a bankruptcy for the next 10 years. I put all my savings into this house as our down payment and now that's gone

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  • Ma
      Jul 26, 2011

    These standbys are all true and strong disagree with the way PNC misleads their clients

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  • Gd
      Jul 29, 2011

    In May, PNC Bank offered to move a loan payment on my mobile home to the end of the contract. I asked if we could do two, and they agreed. After that, I got one call and a woman told me it would take a long time to put the change through. Then silence. By July, they still had not put the transaction through. I was late with the July payment, and they POUNCED. They put in order of replevin with the court. It was a set up. Now I have to go to court and prove that they promised to move the two payments to the end of the contract. I may lose my home.

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  • La
      Jan 07, 2012

    My husband and I are under a chapter 13 bankruptcy and have had a claim to our home from the recent hurricane. When I sent in the insurance check to be endorsed, , it took 2 months to receive 1/2 of the check. and now that the repairs have been completed, i am getting the run around about having the remaining insurance money sent to me so i can pay my c ontractor. every time I call, i am given a different story on the length of time it should take for the inspector to contact me. and now my contractor is very upset. also i am being denied my escrow reimbursement because they screwed up my escrow analysis in the first place, telling me i need to bring my loan current in order to receive the reimbursement, but they are holding this money in an attempt to collect a debt, which is illegal because i am under chapter 13 protect from the past due status. PNC mortgage is a bunch of crooks!
    marilyn, norlina, nc

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  • Ob
      Apr 26, 2012

    PNC sucks..we have tried 2 times now to get a lower payment..the 1st time the payment went up...go figure the 2nd time it went down 100.00...sorry but neither are a real modification and they make me so sick. At this point just come take our house...I am over trying to make this work to keep a house that is sucking the LIFE out of me!!! PNC is horrible but CHASE is much worse!!!

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  • Je
      Aug 13, 2012

    Same situation! I have contacted Strange and Carpenter and hope mine ends well. Denied after one month and then put off for four months on a loan modificatoion, stating they didn't have all the documents and other run around. What a Scam. PNC has quite a few complaints on the internet and the BBB. I just filed one through the BBB. Funny how they sold my loan during all this process to another PNC company. I had spoke to an FHA advisor in November and he tried to contact PNC and they denied talking to him because it was a "recorded line". Don't we all get recorded when we call in? Something funny is going on here...Contacted another FHA counselor today and PNC didn't answer his call. Is there any hope for us trying to keep our American Dream? I hope we can get some help here. If the banks are failing because of foreclosures wouldn't it do them some good to help us out to where they keep their money coming in?

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  • Re
      Mar 09, 2013

    I am a brand new victim of PNCs loss mitigation dept scam and what took me six months and blindsided me last week, only took them one day for what has been happening to be active, a foreclosure and a collections attorney is up for his part in the scam. No one seems interested in the $3787 dollars I owe, after I was encouraged to NOT make a payment for six months. Like above another PNC now has my loan. I do not know what is going on, I have feel totally conned and trapped. Send help, the banks have found another way to steal from the honest and get some of that money back they were exposed and stopped in their tracks stealing. "President Obama, your loan modification program is a scam now for PNC, who forecloses on the properties backed by the VA, veterans like myself, and guaranteed payment from the govt. for all veteran loans. My one month late, the knowledge I was disabled and a veteran was too good to not take advantage of? Shame on PNC Mortgage and all involved in this scam!!! Shame on you! I wind up homeless, what does it matter to them? It matters lots to me and my two dogs and cat, we have no where to go and this has been our home for 12 years. I hope these attorneys wake up, expose you for all you are doing, and give the homeowners more than 2$ in the class action suit.

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  • St
      Jun 06, 2014

    America the Great? not so much...
    It never ceases to amaze me how this country can give away billions to other countries for political influence and the idiot membership of the Potomac River Country Club called Washington D.C. Yet, as a country, we can't even help our own when so many have been displaced by the actions of the greedy Wall Street ###. All of this HAMP, HARP, and other so called programs to help those of us that got caught up in the sham is simply window dressing to help the politicians sleep better and look in the mirror with at least one eye and not feel too guilty. Revolutions have been started for less...

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