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Not sure of the actual date, I believe it was wednesday, november 1, 2017. I went to the pnc branch in the stop and shop on rt 37 e toms river nj 08753, to cash a check drawn on pnc bank. (349.00) the check was made out in my maiden name. I had valid forms of identification (old & new drivers license, old & new ss card, debit card) and offered to get my marriage license. The teller (black gentlemen) proceeded to tell me that he could not cash the check from nj natural gas, drawn on pnc since I did not have and account and was not an established customer with pnc. He did mention something also about possibly having to pay a fee since I did not have and account. I said that was fine. The manager lorraine came over and asked what was up, and he explained to her what was going on. She also said that they could not cash the check. I said that makes no sense. If I had no account with any bank and had a check drawn on pnc account, that I should be able to cash the check with proper id and pay any fee if necessary to cash the check. She said go to your bank and deposit it there. I said I did not want to go to my bank and have to deposit the check and wait for the money.

Please understand that I normally do not write in complaints, and since I was away on vacation it took me 2 weeks to do this. But, lorraine was very rude and I do not feel that this was the proper way to handle this situation. Pnc customer or not, if a check is drawn on your bank and the person has proper id, and agrees to pay a fee as a none customer. You should cash the check.

Again, it was her rude and discourtesy treatment that I needed to address with this complaint.

I would appreciate a response back via email.

Mary p

Nov 16, 2017

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