PNC Bank / tampering with account

Louisville, KY, United States
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I have had the exact same pnc checking account for over 15 years now, this account was opened for the exclusive purpose of direct deposit... Which I have also had the exact same direct deposit order on this account for fifteen years as well. I have run approximately 40 to 50 thou thru this bank! For years and years it only took 24 hours, sometimes less for the deposit to register to my account... As of late for the past several months, it has been taking 3 to 4 days for the direct deposit to credit to my account... I complained about this matter, which pinc attempted to "blame" this issue on the source of the direct deposit... Which they should not have done as the source of my dd happens to be... Lol... The state of kentucky and no am not referring to welfare ayments either! When I checked with the state, I of course found that pnc lied on the state of kentucky!!! I turned in a consumer complaint over this... Now it takes anywhere from 5 days to a week for an electronic deposit to credit to my account after 15 years of service with this bank... On top of which there have been 2 seperate occurrances where I would go online to check my account... Money would be missing... The next day the money back in my account??? What the h pnc!!! Am thinking a good youtube stink or lawsuit at this point would cure this problem!!!

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