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This gym has racist rules.

No bandanas typically used to keep sweat out of one's face can not be worn for any reason. You can wear a bandana if you hide it with a baseball cap or a hoodie. Brilliant!

Le'ts be frank, usually, black people wear the bandanas. I have heard that the concern is that pf is afraid of gang activity. This is highly insulting but in case you don't care of the reasoning, understand that it is on everyone. To make this clear. If you are Jewish, no Yamaka, if you are muslim, same thing, no kufi cap and the list goes on. Reminder, you can hide it and sweat more if you wear a baseball cap or your hood.

Also, rules are only enforced when they feel like enforcing them

This combined with the lunk alarm, no grunting and inadequate equipment makes me long for the time to be over so I can leave this dump behind,

Stay away!

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