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Joined recently. sat down on the bike and tried to tune in to tv. looked up and saw cnn. so I looked for fox news. nothing. they have cnn and msnbc (which is basically a loop of anti republican and pro obama propaganda).

So I asked why no fox news and they said "we have fox."

I said, "that's fox local not fox news." then she said well they only carry one station per company (i. e. fox news or fox broadcast). so the fox channel is judge judy, dr phil, etc.

I asked why the so-called nbc channel was tuned into msnbc and not local nbc, i. e. soap operas. and she finally admitted the owner is a democrat and dos not like fox news.

So they are cute they claim... 'oh we have fox...' but they don't. it's the local fox channel.

And I am not requesting they remove cnn or msnbc but give me a break. they have 12 tvs and they block the #1 news channel. please. they show lifetime, vh1, e!, discovery, etc.

Seems weird that a company that slogans itself "no judgement" yet is obviously very much so. discriminating against a majority of the country that is not liberal.

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  • Ce
      Aug 05, 2011

    You'd think JeffJerk could affort a more expensive (rich conservative) fitness center. Btw, Planet Fitness locations are independently owned and operated.

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  • Ko
      Oct 09, 2011

    I say good for the owner sticking to his/her beliefs and not wanting their clientele mislead by Faux news.

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  • Di
      Nov 22, 2017

    It's false advertising. They have a sign that says Fox News so that TV should play Fox News. Such disgusting behavior.

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