Planet Fitness / access to gym

South Africa

Me and my son joined Planet fitness in Aurora in Durbanville Cape Town. When i joined i was told that i need to pay a R100-00 deposit per access disc which means i paid R200-00 deposit. We completed that contract and then my son joined the Planet fitness gym at Cobble centre Durbanville (3 year contract). The guy in charge (Tony) took in the old disc and told him that he would activate it so that he could get access to the gym. I have spoken to Tony on a couple of occasions and informed him that i am making payments but my son do not have access to the gym. When i made the first payment i noticed that they added another R100-00 to the account again for a deposit for a disc. I indicated to the person assisting me that Tony took the old disc and was suppose to activate it and that the should take off the R100-00. Again i spoke to Tony and indicated that if my son cannot have free access to the gym i will not be making any payments till the problem is sorted. Every time i phone the gym then i must hear all the problems Tony created and that they busy sorting it out. No one from planet fitness contacted me. This morning i get an sms to say i am handed over because i did not make any payments. How can i make payments if my son does not have free access to the gym. I was not contacted by any staff to make payments. I feel that Planet Fitness did not honour the agreement. And if so there staff committed irregularities, why must i be held accountable


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